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Get Your Baseball Product Everywhere, Instantly!

Finally Someone Who Gets Your Baseball Product The Attention, Respect And Profit It Deserves Without The Hassles Of Putting Websites Up, Learning Complicated Marketing Or Breaking The Bank With Expensive Advertising!

Do you have an awesome instructional product, book or video course?

Do you have a great service you offer the baseball community?

Do you have great instructional tool for baseball players?

Getting attention today is harder than hitting a Mariano Rivera cutter.

It’s noisy out there.

The baseball market place is flooded with cheap products and terrible services and they’re sucking up a lot of oxygen.

Until now, it’s been nearly impossible for good products and services to break through that noise and get the attention, respect and profit they deserve.

Not to mention how difficult it is to market your product with the 1000’s of different marketing channels out there today.

There are marketing firms out there that promise to get you the exposure you deserve, but they don’t know baseball and you wind up breaking the bank for a business plan that is disconnected and out of touch with the baseball world.

Clear your worries and let go of your frustrations.

I'm here to help…

I Know Baseball!

I Know Marketing!

I’ve created over 200 winning baseball products and services.

I’ve created 1000’s of baseball videos.

I still make and market my own products.

I’m in the game. Walking the walk, not just talking the talk.

My daily e-newsletter goes out to over 500,000 subscribers daily and growing.

My podcast has 4,000 daily listeners and growing daily.

My social media pages have a combined 50,000 followers and growing.

I’ve written a daily email to our subscriber list for over 19 years! (Over 7000 emails)

I’ve written over 100 winning sales pages.

There’s not a single person on earth with more experience marketing baseball products directly to consumers.

Put me and my team to work for you and get your product or service powerfully out into the baseball world!

You Stay An Expert.

We'll Get The Customers.

Here are four ways you can work with us:

Baseball Expert Marketing

Are you a baseball expert? Top level coach?

Do you have an idea or level of expertise you’d like to turn into a book, video course or product, but don’t know where to start?

We’ve got you.

We’ve guided dozens of experts through the process of creating books, video courses and products.

It doesn’t matter if you have an outline, a few ideas sketched out on a napkin or just something swimming in your head, we can pull it out of you and get it into a product that produces profits.

We can even ghost write the book for you.

(FACT: 75% of published books are ghost written. Every musician doesn’t write their songs...)

Already Have A Product?

Do you have a book, video course, training tool, invention or baseball service that you need to get out into the baseball world and up until now, have not found the right channels to get the word out?

No worries. It’s very common. You’re an expert, not a marketer.

We can take a look at what you have and create a plan to get your product selling and producing revenue.

Put Our Full Marketing Force Behind Your Product

Want a complete hands off solution? How about putting our entire team to work for you? We do everything. Build your brand. We help refine your voice. Write your copy. Set up your websites. Set up your product. Write your scripts. Do your promotion. Even handle customer service.

All you do is “write songs”. Our job is to put them on the radio. 

Get Your Product/Service Everywhere, Instantly

How about getting the word out about your product or service in the snap of a finger?

How about we craft an endorsed email to our membership list of over 640,000 daily email subscribers?

How about getting your word out to our 5,000 daily podcast listeners?

...or our 50,000 social media followers?

Are You My Ideal Client?

My ideal client…

- is an expert, coach or inventor with a passion.

- has an awesome product.

- wants to get out into the baseball world fast.

- is tough. Building a brand is not for babies.

- wants us to help them dominate the market.

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    We Work With The Best of The Best!

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    “Highest Sales To Date!”

    Perfect Pitch & Throw has been partnering with Paul Reddick and his Baseball Education Center throughout this year.  This has been a very successful partnership, and the promos they've done with us have produced some of our highest sales to date. Paul markets our product to his extensive following, and the results are almost immediate. One customer simply said, "if Paul Reddick is endorsing this, I'm buying it." The promos have been professionally done, with Paul personally taking the lead, getting what he needs to succeed, and following through during and after the promotion. Our successful partnerships have definitely added to the credibility of our brand, expanded our customer base, and provided countless opportunities with baseball people across the country and beyond.


    “Highly Recommend It”

    For the past several  years, we have joined forces with BEC on a number of marketing and promotion projects and have experienced a great deal of success. We highly recommend BEC -- Paul is a true professional, and someone who is extremely savvy and effective when it comes to business development. We highly recommend him.

    Alan Jaeger
    Jaeger Sports

    “Flawless From Start To Finish”

    Power Up Wedge has had the privilege to work with Paul and be part of the Baseball Education Center and couldn't be happier with our experience.  The partnership we undertook ran flawlessly from start to finish and we look forward to the next collaboration of The Power Up Wedge and the Baseball Education Center.

    Steve Gossett
    Power Up Wedge

    “Results Off The Charts”

    We partnered with Paul on Baseball Think Tank and Core Velocity Belt projects and we cannot say enough great things about the work Paul does. He’s honest and a top professional. The results of his marketing and promotion has been off the charts.

    Lantz Wheeler
    Baseball Think Tank and Core Velocity Belt

    “Thrilled With Results!”

    “We worked with Paul on several promotions over the last few years. We are thrilled with the results his company delivers. I wish every business relationship worked this well!”

    Charlie Nootbar
    Rotational Athlete Center

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    Let's Talk:

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