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The Combat Pitcher Part 1 & 2

Ron Wolforth 2h 1m

The Combat Pitcher is one of the most influential pitching programs ever created. Watching Ron demonstrate the aspects of The Combat Pitcher live is priceless. It's a one of a kind opportunity. Luckily for you this was recorded and now available as part of this “Best Of” Package. This will change your mindset on pitching, as it did for me.

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Downright Filthy - Effective Velocity Part 1 & 2

Perry Husband 1h 48m

Very rarely in baseball is there something that comes along that completely changes the way we think about the game. Perry Husband's Effective Velocity program, is one of those programs. It completely change the way that pitchers think about velocity, placement and what really gets hitters out. It’s a revolutionary approach that Coastal Carolina credited with helping them win the national championship last year.

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Movement Control And Pelvic Loading

Brent Strom 1h 52m

When Brent Strom talks, everyone listens. Brent Strom is probably the most knowledgeable pitching coach in the history of baseball. He’s been a major league pitching coach, a major league pitching coordinator and a major league pitcher. There are very few people on the face of the earth that have the pitching experience on all levels that Brent Strom has. That’s why when he opens his mouth, the house is usually packed.

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Everything You Need To Know About The Shoulder

Dr. Phil Donnelly 2h 6m

Watching Dr. Donnelly speak about 10 years ago completely changed the way that I think about how pitching affects the shoulder. You MUST watch this presentation because every single pitcher will have the issues that Dr. Donnelly is going to discuss. You can ignore them at your own risk, but they’re going to happen. If you’re pitching a baseball you’re going to have these issues. You need to know how to address them. This presentation is crucial and mandatory.

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Creating A Dominant Mindset

Dr. Tom Hanson 2h 8m

I’ve known Dr. Tom Hanson for over 20 years and there’s no one in the game better at understanding the mind of a baseball player. He’s interviewed Henry Aaron, Ted Williams, worked with Derek Jeter and the Yankees, coached and played at the collegiate level; not to mention he’s a psychologist. Adding all those factors in, what you can learn from Dr. Tom Hanson in a short presentation can change your career.

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Super Bonus – Live Demonstrations

Ron Wolforth & Brent Strom 1hr 47m

This is Ron Wolforth, Brent Strom and their team is at their very best. Taking everything they are teaching at this seminar and putting it into practice right in front of the players and the coaches in attendance.

Its one thing to talk about. Its another thing to put it all into play…live!

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