Why Players Get Cut!

Here’s a little more about the ways I can help your son (and you):

1) UNLEASH Your Son’s Full Potential. In the UNLEASHED Profile™, I’ll work with your son to uncover his three intrinsic motivators. These are the best parts of your son. The parts of him that speak to his potential that you know is inside of him. I’ll unlock this part of him and then hand you the keys to be able to create focus, drive and motivation on demand.

After an UNLEASHED Profile™, your son will never play the same. 

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2. I’ll Be Your Son’s Pitching Coach and Your Trusted Baseball Advisor. Technology now allows me to coach your son as if I was in the room with him. I’ll help your son maximize the next phase of his career whether he needs to throw harder, add pitches or get stronger, you’ll work with me and my team of medical and health professionals on a plan for immediate success and long term health and durability that maximizes his full potential.

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3. Take The Guardian Masterclass. It’s the only course specifically made for baseball dads to help your son, through the game of baseball, become the man, husband, father and leader of tomorrow. This course contains everything I teach my players, the dads I coach and my own sons!

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4. DAD, I’ll Coach You! Here’s what I know about men: When a man struggles with something, he will try and figure out the solution to that issue before anyone figures out he has a problem. Men suffer in this isolation. I’ve dedicated the last 10 years of my life to coaching men to step into the man, husband father and leader their family needs.

It’s never been harder to be a dad than it is today. I’d love to coach you.

Our coaching may be about becoming a father, husband leader or business owner/professional. 

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