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IMPORTANT! Read below to learn
The Amazing 8 Word Email That Puts Your Son On A Coach’s Watch List! 👀

Finally! A Proven Way To Get
On A College Coaches Radar 
Without Having To Waste Thousands
On Showcases or Recruiting Services!

Your son is living at the best time in history to be recruited. There has never been a better opportunity to get attention from college coaches than right at this very moment.


Plus, given the power to directly communicate with coaches, it’s never been easier to get recruited.


It doesn’t matter where you’re starting…

- If your son is in the middle of the recruiting process, this is perfect timing because he’ll be able to use the 8-Word email, immediately.

- If your son hasn’t started (or is just starting the recruiting process), this is the best tactic to arm him with because he’ll be ready to use it and get on a coaches watch list the second the recruiting process starts.

Getting A College Coaches Attention!

The top 3 question I get from parents are:

💬 “How do I get my son noticed by coaches?”
💬 “What do college coaches look for?”
💬 “Where do we start?”

If you’re not sure how to get your son noticed, what coaches look for or where to start, I guarantee it has nothing to do with you, your son, or his ability.

The recruiting process is at best confusing and at worst costly. By costly, I don’t just mean money. Making the wrong moves can be more costly, as your son could miss out on big opportunities.

The Real Reason Your Son
Is Not Getting The Attention He Wants
From College Coaches

QUESTION 1: How do I get my son noticed by coaches?

In recruiting, the name of the game is attention AND players are not taught the right way to get attention. They’re taught what showcases and recruiting services want them to believe about getting attention.

A college coach only has so much attention to give and the window for him to see your son is small, so your timing has to be perfect.

Because name of the game is attention, you must effectively use the single most powerful tool available to you. Note: I said effective, not efficient.

When used correctly, Email is the most powerful and effective communication tool in recruiting.

PRO TIP: Don’t make first contact on social media.
You’ll see why in a minute.

If your son has tried to contact to coaches and hasn’t received the response he hoped for it’s because of three things …

1. He sent an IGNORABLE message
2. Sent the wrong info or too much info
3. The email never got to the coach

FATAL MISTAKE: Getting the first contact wrong. It’s almost impossible to turn around that bad first impression.

The first contact is critical and most players get it wrong.

Players send emails like this…. 🙄

This is an ignorable email.

If your communication with coaches looks and sounds like every other players, how will he stand out?

But, when you get that first contact right, it opens up a “portal” that puts you on a college coaches watch list.

⚠️ WARNING: ⚠️
Did You Get A Letter From The Coach After You Contacted Him?

Please don’t make the mistake of thinking that because you got a letter back from a college coach that your email worked.

NO! In fact, it probably backfired. You probably got sent to recruiting purgatory. THE CAMP LIST! That’s recruiting Purgatory. It means someone saw your email and filed it under “Little interest.”



Coaches can get 12-50 emails per day from high school players. 


Some coaches have a volunteer assistant sort their inbox, so your email may not have been received by the coach.


Sometimes the label “recruiting coordinator” just means
that’s where they want the mail to go. “Recruiting Coordinator” doesn’t mean “Recruiting Decision Maker”.

For years, I’ve used an 8-word email to break through a coaches inbox, bypass any screeners, and get the direct attention of the head coach.
Just imagine sending a few words in an email to a coach and having them start recruiting your son.

Your son will go from trying to impress coaches to having them chasing him. Your son will be the prize…. Coaches will be trying to win your son over not the other way around.

I call this being HYPER-RECRUITABLE and that answers question #2

QUESTION 2: What do college coaches look for?

They look for Hyper-Recruitable players.

Being Hyper-Recruitable comes down to five things:

1. The player is good enough to play for the school
2. The player has the grades to be accepted
3. The player wants to live in the area
4. The player likes the size, social aspects, and culture of school
5. They can work with the player on financial part.

To become HYPER-RECRUITABLE you have to show a coach that you check off all those boxes. Then he’ll start chasing your son.

The HYPER-RECRUITABLE formula hasn't gotten results one or two times.

Nor ten or twenty times.
Nor fifty or sixty times.
But hundreds of times.

QUESTION 3: Where do we start the recruiting process?

Get on a coaches watch list.

Get on a coaches watch list!


The 8-Word Magic email does that for you.

Over the last three decades (We used to mail letters) I’ve had countless players get responses from D1 Powers to JUCO’s.

The best part is that every player I’ve taught to use this email has gotten a response from college coaches, sometimes it happens in seconds

Pay Close Attention Because I’m About To Reveal How This Magic Email Makes Your Son Hyper-Recruitalbe…

This Is The Email That Makes
Coaches Think…
“I Want That Kid In My Program!”

Here’s the 3 Biggest Benefit Of Being On The Watch List …
(if you can, get on this list as early as the 8th grade)

1. KEEPING TABS - A coach will keep tabs on watch list players and track how they progress. This is an obvious one, but if you’re not on the list you're invisible to the coach. The longer you’re on the list and the more visible you are, the more of your skills and development he can see.

2. BLOCK BOOKING - A college coaches schedule is crazy. They don’t have much time, so they have to maximize time however they can. One way they do that is block booking. When they go to scout players, they want to see as many players as they can. So, let’s say they are going to watch a player at South High School and you play for North High School. Because, you’re on the watch list, they might see when South plays North, this way they can see two players in one game.

BUT, If you’re not on the watch list, you’ll miss that chance to be seen.

3. COACHES TALK - Coaches at all levels talk WAY more than people think. College coaches maintain a network of relationship throughout lower levels of baseball. When they call around, they might ask about you. It could be one thing that another coach says about you that could tip the scales in your favor.

PRO TIP: Make sure you keep your nose clean.
Always play as if there are college
coaches watching you. You don’t want
another coach saying something negative about you.

Don't Let Another Player
Push Your Son Out Of Line!

That will never happen to your son if he has an effective communication strategy.

Let’s make sure your son’s 8-word email actually gets to the coach…

The most important part is understanding “the coach” who is receiving the email. A lot of emails are ignored because the player didn’t understand who he was sending it to.

A college coach is crazy busy. They have practice, games, travel, recruiting, NCAA rules and regulations, monitoring grades, players behavior, player injury, and on and on. Plus, they probably have a family they like to spend time with.


Most college coaches are not full time. They usually have another duty inside the school. Even the ones that are full time, are usually the only full time coach in the baseball department.

Your Email Was Not On
Their To-Do List Today.

How do we break through all that noise and get your email to the top of his list?

We all sort email on our phones. We scan through and check the emails that are to be deleted from those to be read.

Remember when we used to sort our physical mail? We’d do it over the trash can and sort A pile from B pile mail. A pile is personal, bills, cards, etc. B pile is ads, flyers, junk, etc. We trash the B pile mail and read the A pile.

We read and reply to the personal stuff first and then file the bills to be paid later.

Email works the same way.

We look at subject line and sender. If we recognize the sender or the subject line grabs us, we read it or save it to read later.


There are some emails that cause us to open immediately.
What is it about them? Think about that.


What would cause a college coach to open an email?
What would cause a college coach to immediately reply to your email?


What causes a coach to delete, ignore, or file away and email?

That’s and easy one. He sees it as “B-Pile” email…

If a coach receives 12-50 emails a day from high school players, 99.9% look like “B-Pile” mail. Using the 8-word email will make your email stand out from every other message in his inbox. Almost as if it were highlighted.


When a coach receives your email is critical

IMPORTANT NOTE: there are times a coach is restricted by rules from contacting you.

LOOP HOLE: the 8-Word email does not fall into that category)

When you send your email plays a huge factor in the attention it gets. An email sent at the wrong time, will be missed or ignored. Although it’s almost impossible that the 8-word email is ever ignored.

So, you obviously don’t want to send it when the coach is traveling or playing a weekend full of games.

You want to send it in
“high response” windows of time.

Lastly, what does the email say.
I teach players to use the Starbucks test.

Imagine you’re in Starbucks and you see the coach walking passed you. Would you stop him and read that email to him?

No way. You’d look like a lunatic.
You want your email to the coach to be conversational.
Nobody will talk to him that way.

The best part of the conversational approach is that conversations are back and forth, so when done right, you’ll get a response.

Just Cut And Paste This
8-Word Email!

I’ve written every word. Tested. Tweaked.
I’ve helped players send thousands of these emails.

You literally just cut and paste.

Don’t edit.
Don’t change a single character.
Don’t add anything.
Don’t attach anything.

⚠️ Serious Warning! ⚠️

The 8-word is a powerful tactic. If you send this email to the wrong coach it will absolutely backfire. No coach wants their time wasted.
Use anything I teach you the wrong way and it will backfire.
I’ll trust that you would never do that.

You DO NOT want to become Hyper-Recruitable to the wrong coach. Remember, coaches talk. If you jerk around a coach, it could ruin your reputation.

You must promise to only send the 8-word email to 5-Star schools. Period.

I’m A Humble Guy, But,
Make No Mistake,
I'm The Best Person To Help You!

I know baseball and I KNOW email.

My baseball resume in 10 seconds…
Scouted for Pittsburgh, Camp Director For Yogi Berra, State Delegate, USA Baseball, Co-authored book with Tom House, Founded Baseball Education Center, Host Baseball Dads Podcast.

That baseball stuff is great, but given that email is the most powerful tool in recruiting, here’s why you should REALLY follow my lead…

I know email. Like, I REALLY KNOW EMAIL!
My daily newsletter goes to 740,000 players, parents, and coaches.
That’s over 250,000,000 emails per year.
Can you imagine how much data we’ve collected?
Can you image what I know about how people open and respond to emails?

You’re putting all of that experience to work for you.

I Want To Give You The 8-Word Email, But, In Good Faith, I Can't, Because...

Players Have Reported

    ...and that leads to…


        …which is when a coach responds to his 8-word email!


        Now what??

        What does he say?

        How does he respond?

        Ahhh….ummmm….wait….ah..ok….hold on….


        You Have The Coaches Attention!
        There’s Not A Second To Waste.

        There’s Dozens Of Players In
        His Inbox Competing For His Attention!

        Don’t worry, I also have your response pre-written for you, and it
        just 5 lines, but it makes your son HYPER-RECRUITABLE!

        Here’s what’s going to happen:

        1. You’ll send the 8-word email.
        2. The coach will respond.
        3. You’ll send the 5 line response.
        4. The coach will start to recruit you.

        Just giving you with the 8-word email, is like training your son for combat but only sending him to the battle field with one bullet.

        After he fires that one bullet, what will he do next?
        He’ll be left out in the cold.

        …There's Good News!

        You’re Getting MUCH MORE Than
        Just The 8-Word Email!

        By now you’ve seen how powerful the 8-word email is, what if I told you I have 16 other tools just was effective. In some ways even more effective.

        The 8-word email opens the portal…then

        We’ll deploy a full arsenal of tactics that positions your son as a HYPER-RECRUITABLE, dream come true recruit for his 5-star schools and walks him step by step through the other16 phases of the recruiting process, like a pro.

        The 17 Steps Of the Recruiting Process

        1. The 8-Word Email That Get Him On A Coaches Watch List

        2. Attention From Your "Dream ComeTrue" Schools

        3. Optimize visibility windows

        4. Standout showcase selection

        5. Mapping out the perfect 60 Second Showcase Video

        6. Delivering the World’s Greatest Recruiting Letter

        7. Organizing a non-official school visit

        8. Delivering the “We Mean Business” message to coaches

        9. Orchestrating the Wide Lens Showcase

        10. Evaluating opportunities

        11. Setting up your official visits with schools

        12. Receiving recommendations and endorsements

        13. Delivering the credibility and trust booster

        14. Game planning meeting with coach during official visit

        15. Reviewing offers

        16. Making school decision

        17. Informing other offering schools of your decision.

        My A-Z system goes from first contact with the coach all the way up to signing day!

        The Complete

        You’ll learn…

        • Value Shifting - Once a player makes this shift in thinking, he’ll understand how to attract coaches and he’ll have as many as 5 schools chasing him and making offers. (Sometimes up to 10 schools).

        • The big mistake players make when starting the recruiting process that puts them in front of the wrong schools and wastes crucial recruiting time.

        • BE SELFISH! - Weird to say, but the more selfish your son is in the recruiting process, the easier he is to recruit. Coaches actually love a player who’s selfish in this way. (Not being a selfish player, but a selfish recruit)

        • How to size up the offers you get from schools.

        • How social media can be a powerful branding tool for your son. Properly used, college coaches eat it up because, when a your son posts the right info, it allows coaches to easily follow his development.

        • The $1 Million Dollar Difference - Could a program actually make your son a million dollar offer? Yes, yes, and yes. (Not talking about NIL)

        • Optimizing the window of visibility for your son, so a coach get’s a chance to see the very best parts of your son.

        • What to send to coaches during the recruiting process to keep the coach interested, informed and engaged. Send too much, too often and you’ll go from welcomed guest to annoying pest.

        • You’ll be contacted by lots of schools, and you should treat every one of them like a 5-star school even if you have no interest in going there. This can pay huge dividends for your son down the road.

        • How to anticipate what every coach is looking for next at each stage of recruiting. You’ll be almost reading his mind, your son will look like a player who gets it and a coach will respect your son for that.

        • Why every coach wants you to be yourself. There’s no style points in the recruiting process. Players who try and look too cool turn off a college coach and miss opportunities, but players who are genuine attract college coaches like a magnet. They can small it.

        • STOP: If your son says this you need to have a grown up conversation with him: “I want a school that wants me”. No. NO. NO!!! We all want to be wanted, but this isn’t about being wanted, this is about his future.

        • PARENTS!!! Avoid saying these things to a college coach:
          - “My son works so hard”

          - “My son loves the game”
          - “My son is such a good kid”
          - “This is his dream”
          - “He went 3-4 again a kid who went to Vandy”
          - “He was All-Conference last year.
          - “He was MVP of his 14u tournament
          - Every coach says he’s the most talented player they ever coached”
          - “We went to Cooperstown and he won the home run derby”

        • Multiple Touch Method - You’ll learn how to send a variety of different communications to college coaches that will keep their attention fixed on your son.

        • Do You Know When A Coach Will Make His Final Decision On Players? If you don’t, you could lose valuable time wondering. A coach is not obligated to contact recruits and tell them he’s done recruiting and they should move on.

        • The Worlds Greatest Recruiting Letter! Quite honestly a coach would rather receive this letter than a stack of $100 bills. Send this to a coach and you’ll be a “dream come true” recruit.

        • The fool-proof follow up tactic that college coaches absolutely love and immediately sets you son apart from all other recruits.

        • The recruiting service that makes you look like an amateur to a college coach.

        • EXPECT CALLS! Coaches are going to call your son. Coaches often call at odd times to catch your son off guard. I’ll give your son the perfect script so he’s prepared to blow a college coach away on the phone. WITH THESE SCRIPTS, NO PLAYER WILL HANDLE CALLS BETTER THAN YOUR SON.

        • TURN OVER A CARD: A simple way to get the coach to tell your son exactly how his recruiting process works.

          DID YOU KNOW?

          Each coach must maintain a certain
          GPA / Graduation rate for his players
          So, sometimes a coach is recruiting
          GPA as much as talent.

          • The Non-Official Visit - No the player will do this, or if they do, they’ll do it wrong. You’ll organize a visit that will signal to a college coach that you mean business and your kid is not like the others, and will be a perfect recruit for that coaches school. I’ll show you exactly how to set up it up, where to go, and then how to follow up

          • IMAGINE THIS SCENARIO - A coach comes up to your son after a tournament and says “I like what I saw out there, tell me about yourself”. If your son says starts talking about baseball, he’s blowing it. I’ll tell you what to say.

          • Making the Perfect Showcase video on your iPhone.

          • Here’s a few showcase video tips:
            - No music
            - No intro
            - No highlights
            - No slick editing
            - Contact Info throughout
            - Don’t send as an attachment
            - Put your grad year in the title

          • Standout Showcase selection - Only showcase for schools that will compete over yours son. You’ll know which showcases to attend and which to stay away from. Plus, How to stand out before you even get to the showcase.

          • How to make sure your son’s intangibles are not missed

            DID YOU KNOW?

            Coaches will recruit intangibles over talent in certain situations, but a coach must see them to truly value them…can’t be told about them.

            • OFFICIAL VISITS: Let’s get the offer and sign the letter of intent.
              I’ve planned every single moment of an official visit for you…
              - How To Secure An Official Visit
              - What to wear
              - When to show up
              - Who to bring
              - A parents role
              - A players role
              - How to ask PRO questions …
              - Here are the death questions
              - Here’s one …Coach I know playing time is earned
            • OFFER STACKING - What you must deliver to the coach a few days before your visit, that will alter the offer you get from a coach.

            • The Godfather Offer you’ll make to a college coach that will stack the offer

            • SAYING NO - You’ll have to break at least 4 other coaches hearts, I’ll show you how to let the down easy and…

            • How to develop life long relationships with those coaches. Trust me, this will pay big for your son down the road and provide and insurance policy against any changes that might happen at his school of choice (coach is replaced, fired, leaves, etc.)

            When You Reserve Being
            HYPER-RECRUITABLE Today
            You’re Getting These 3 Bonuses

            BONUS: Truth About Scholarships - The baseball scholarship system is a mess. It’s literally different at each school. In this class, I’ll show which schools have the money to give, how much you can expect, and where most players get the biggest scholarship dollars.
            BONUS: Recruiting Stoppers The Surprise Even The Most Prepared Parents - If a coach decides to stop the recruiting process, he doesn’t have to notify you. He just crosses your son’s name off the list and moves on. Most of the time, players and parents don’t even know they did something to stop the recruiting process. These are often very innocent mistakes.
            BONUS: 24 Unbreakable Rules Of Recruiting - If you’re going to lay the game you must know the rules. These are the guiding principles that will take you through the recruiting process with ease.

            Best Of All You Can Get Started Now
            AND The First Step Is Sending
            The 8-Word Email

            Hyper-Recruitable is delivered to you in convenient audio classes, this way you can stream from the member site or download them to any device to listen anywhere. Plus, you can also play it at faster speeds to breeze through the HYPER-RECRUITABLE formula.

            ((( Honestly, this is a no-brainer… is there really a price you can put on this…)))

            Your getting instant access to the HYPER-RECRUITABLE Core Program which also includes lifetime access.

            Tuition is just $199

            Hyper-Recruitable Core Program


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            Don't You Lump Me In 
            With The Other Guys!

            Heres why this is different from other courses or services:

            First, I’m a real person, you’ll only be working with me. You won’t be handed off to some salesman disguised as an “advisor” or “coach”.

            My cell phone number is: 201-323-0840
            My direct email is:

            You can text or email me and see how I respond.

            This is not just a polished up version of information available on a dozen other websites. These are the battle-tested, proven methods from my own playbook developed over 31 years.

            I’ll actually deliver on every promise I make. No hype.

            This is NOT for a parent or a player who’s…

            ❌ Looking for someone to do it for them

            ❌ Thinks college coaches will come to them

            ❌ Is going to take a passive approach and miss their chance.

            Too cool to do the work.

            This may be out of line, but if youre scared of this process, youll get run over.

            If you think a showcase camp or recruiting service is going to help your son, youre a sucker and theyre going to take you to the cleaners.

            If you think your son’s coach or someone else is going to make all this happen for you, you’re putting your son’s future in the hands of someone else. That’s insane.

            This IS for…

            Families who understand whats really at stake

            ✅ Is grounded in reality, but also willing to go for it.

            ✅ Who’s not willing to not do everything.

            ✅ Will not allow their son’s future to be screwed around with or put in the hands of someone else and their motives.


            • Is this too early for my son? No. The recruiting process is starting early every year. There’s phases to the process. You want to start the discovery phases as early as you can. The earlier you start to prepare, the more opportunities your son will have.

            • Is this too late for my son? No. I won’t lie and say it’s not better to be early, it is. But, the steps are the same no matter where you start. The best time to start the process was yesterday. The next best time is today!

            • How do I know my son is sending emails to the right schools? You’ll be guided through the 5-star selection process that easily identities the schools that your son will he HYPER-RECRUITABLE to.
            My Triple Guarantee!

            1. WE’LL PLAN TO DOMINATE! We won’t miss a single opportunity. Evert single step of this process is laid out for you. We’ll be like water on concrete, we’re going to get every crack and every crevice. The tools are here the limit is your desire to help your son.

            2. DID ONLY HALF - Honestly, if you just did half of what I lay out you’ll be miles ahead of the competition and your son will get to his dream school and thrive.

            3. NEVER HAD FRIEND LIKE ME - Text me and we’ll set up a time to discuss. No sales pitch or anything. Let me tell you what I think about your son and his career.

            Take Full Advantage Of This Deal, But Head This Rule Of Recruiting…

            It Will Come Down To A Coach Choosing Between Your Son and Another Player

            Using this plan, we’ll make the coaches decision easy because we’ll have given him dozens of reasons to select your son over another players.

            MAKE ME A PROMISE
            If you’re not ready to step up now, please don’t take a passive approach to the recruiting process.

            No matter what you do, please keep these things in mind…

            1. You have a limited amount of time in the recruiting process. Don’t waste it.

            2. You get one shot. Be careful where you spend your time and invest. There’s no learning curve.

            3. A wrong move can cost your son for life. There’s no do-overs.

            A delayed move can limit his chances.
            Time is crucial.
            You want to be swift in your actions.

            Doing nothing can cause your son to miss out on the chance of a lifetime. Whatever you do, don’t do nothing. There’s always a move to be made.

            The worst feeling in the world is not losing. It’s losing and being in the locker room after the game knowing you could’ve played harder.

            LET’S GO GET ‘EM!,

            Paul Reddick

            Cell: 201-323-0840
            Direct Email:

            Hyper-Recruitable Core Program


            Retail: $299.99

            Yours Today For Just $199

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            Dad. Mom…come here.

            Before you enroll, we need to have a grown up talk.

            Let me be very blunt.

            There’s no time to be naive about this process.
            Please don’t think the showcase camps, recruiting services or your sons High School / travel coach will do this for you or that somehow your son will be discovered. It doesn’t happen that way.

            Here’s the hard truth about each…

            Q: Does my son need to attend showcase camps? If so, when should he start and which ones should he attend?

            A: It depends. I would never advise showcasing for anything less than a 4-star school.

            Showcases camps are a business. A big business. A shady business. They want you to think the only way to get recruited is to attend event after event. You can easily get tangled in their “sales funnel”.

            The goal is for your son to stand out
            and get attention from the right college coaches.

            If your son plays in the system, he’ll get “system” results. If he showcases in the herd, he’ll be judged and compared to the herd. Your son can’t stand out in a herd, no player can.

            DID YOU KNOW?

            Showcase camps pay coaches and scouts to attend?


            They pay a stipend just for showing up.
            Some will scribble on the sign in sheet,
            take their check, and leave.
            The camp just wants the signature for
            marketing the next event.

            DID YOU ALSO KNOW?

            An extensive survey just revealed that 12% of college coaches consider showcase camps useless.

            Q: Does my son need a recruiting service

            A: An emphatic NO!

            Recruiting services want you to think the key to getting attention is setting up a profile on their service, and getting your name “out there”. So they sell themselves as a “bridge” to college coaches. It’s almost like they still think it’s 1996.

              DID YOU KNOW?

              97% of college coaches delete emails
              from recruiting services.

              DID YOU ALSO KNOW?

              98% don’t use recruiting services.

              Q: What about my son’s coaches? Shouldn’t they help?

              A: Obligated to help? No.

              It’s nice if they help, but it’s not in their job description to help players to get to college. I also have to question if they’re the best help for your son.

                DID YOU KNOW?

                Coaches sometimes puff up kids.
                One dad took the “puffed” up advice of his HS coach and blew $7000 on camps.

                DID YOU ALSO KNOW?

                Coaches will push players to schools
                that benefit them the most.

                So, instead of pushing an average D1 player to a D1 school, they’ll push them to a D2 or D3
                where they’ll be a stud.

                Now the coach is a hero to the D2/D3 coach.

                Q: Won’t My Son Get Discovered By A Coach?

                A: It’s not impossible, but highly unlikely.

                I think it’s very human to have a fantasy about someone discovering us and wishing us off to a better life, but it just doesn’t work that way.

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