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Think of this as your “early warning alert”.

I’m about to let you in on some common traps that await your son -- unless you take action to protect him today.

If you’re like many of the baseball dads I talk to, you’re frustrated there are so many conflicting sources around on how to train for velocity…

You’re uneasy about how ultra-competitive baseball is today…

And you’re determined to help your son succeed and not be a victim of bad or overly pushy coaching.

IT SUCKS TO SAY THIS, but it’s true:

There’s more “advice” out there than ever…

But most of it simply isn’t any good!

Common Pitfalls Dads Like You Must
Look Out For Today:

Dangerous, risky advice…. your son goes to a camp or training program where they use radar boards to show results.  Trouble is, to get the result, they shortcut his natural development and do risky things.  The easy way is never the SAFE way!

You can “easily” get bigger and stronger if you take steroids…but it is safe?

Coaches who are behind the times…. These coaches haven’t kept up with the latest methods and don’t really know how pitchers throw harder.

Coaches who only think they know what to do…. In many ways, the worst kind! 

Because this coach walks and talks like he knows his stuff, he’s convincing.  More often than not, these coaches just know a bunch of theories and will either make your son do a lot of stuff that won’t help…or make it too simple…like ‘just get stronger and you’ll throw harder’.

Programs whose only priority is winning….  Kids sign up and are mandated to train with the team.  But the coach wants to win games this year…and he’s not concerned with his players’ long-term development.

Before You Do Anything

Before you spend money on risky programs…

Before you get caught up with a coach who can talk a good game, but who’s just gonna get you to do a bunch of stuff at random with no real plan…

Before you sign up your son for the “best” team in town…

You need these 17 questions answered.

Then, and only then, will you have the peace of mind of knowing that your son is not getting the short end of the stick.

17 Burning Velocity Questions…Answered!

You could spend years asking different coaches and trainers these questions, or trying to figure out the answers on your own, but by then it would already be too late to help your son.

I’ve recorded detailed answers to each of them you can access in the next few minutes, if you choose.

These answers are instantly available to listen to on ALL devices.

And each is based on simple, straightforward advice any coach or parent can use starting today to help their son throw harder and take back control of his development as a player.

Knowing these answers…

Puts YOU At The Steering Wheel!


You will have the information you need to make smart choices for your son. 

Then, you can either decide to take the reins and develop your son on your own, or use this information to choose the right coach, and the right timeframe for real velocity development.

Bottom line:

You will be getting 100% unbiased, “insider” information that you simply won’t hear anywhere else…at any price. 

It’s nothing but me with a microphone and a digital recorder, answering your most pressing velocity questions - as a neutral third party without a horse in the race.

In fact, I’m ONLY charging you for the advice – so it better be good!

Your Son Will Throw Harder
As Soon As Today

The Champions Chat 📝

This “Champions Chat” was strictly a result of thinking…

“How can I guarantee results with this?”

So here’s what I did.

I had one of our most trusted advisors – a guy who’s HIGHLY trained in both the art and science of how to do research and learn the secret inner psychology of people – to interview me about the Champion’s Chart and this champion’s secret.

But I asked him not to stop there.

I wanted him to grill me…even try to STUMP me…and leave no stone unturned to make sure we glean every last drop of everything I know about this subject from 30 years of coaching players.

If there’s even a part of you that still doesn’t “get it” after listening to The Champion’s Chat , this interview will answer all of your questions for you.

I’m also going to send you this Champion’s Chat recording absolutely FREE with your order.

To recap, you’re getting the Champion’s Chart x2, the Champion’s Chart Master Class, the Champion’s Chat recording. – all FREE!.

You’ll instantly feel better too.

Imagine having the exact tools you need RIGHT NOW to maximize his skills and develop him through each level of the sport.

You’ll be armed with the right information to know what coaches and experts to listen to.  And you’ll be protected… like wearing a suit of armor against bad advice.

But I’ll be holding nothing back to bring you, uncensored, all of my best secrets.

In The 17 Burning Velocity Questions
You Will Learn:

How Do I Increase Velocity Safely?

Does Long Toss Help With Gaining Velocity? (Find out the real reason long toss gets a bad name…and what is probably the #1 mistake most dads make that could put your son’s playing career at risk!)

Is There A Specific Trick To Gaining Velocity?

What is the key to safely adding 5+ mph of velocity (and what workout program do you recommend for pitchers that are position players)?

How Do I Develop Effortless Velocity?

Do You Have Any Tricks To Increase Velocity Fast? (Spoiler Alert: you’ll learn how to instantly add 1-2 miles per hour…the ball will leave his hand better than it ever has…but only if you do this first)

When Should My Son Start to Push Off The Rubber?

  • What’s The Best Exercise To Add Velocity For Younger Kids? (Warning: You’re asking for trouble trying to add velocity in young players unless you understand this first)
  • What Kinds Of Grips Help A Pitcher Increase Velocity? 
  • What do you do when everything you try doesn't work, i.e. the 90+ program, velocity belt, driveline… When you’ve tried them all with no success, and been working on velocity for 2 years with no gains?  (You’ll hear the surprising reason why more coaching may not be the answer…instead, try this simple tip, which you can use as soon as today, to help your son break through almost any velocity plateau)
  • What Are The Best Off-Season Programs To Safely Increase Velocity?
  • I have a kid who is on the small side. He hits spots and commands 4 pitches. Mechanics are great. How can I maximize his velo? (A simple “mental shift” that lets players excel faster….and the no holds barred truth about what your son MUST do to be successful as a pitcher!)
  • My son is sitting at 82-84 mph. He wants to hit 90. How do we get there?
  • How Do I Increase Velocity While Still Hitting My Spots? (One thing you must never do if your goal is to help him throw harder, and for longer…plus, little-known velocity drills that let your son throw harder with better control)
  • My son is constantly chasing more velocity. What, in your view, are the safest and most effective ways to do that?
  • What is your #1 recommendation for pitchers who struggle with velocity but want to play at the next level? (The one-and-only proven way for your son to shine as a pitcher…and the hidden dangers of how baseball is organized today)
  • I am a 12u and I’m trying to gain velocity.  My dad says I don't use my legs so what advice could you give me?
  • What would your #1 offseason drill/workout be for a pitcher to add velocity?
  • What is the biggest thing that a young pitcher can do at home during the winter that will help gain velocity?
  • Can Taking A Longer Stride Help Me Throw Harder? 
  • What’s The Best Way To Gain Velocity Using Weighted Balls?
  • Can’t Maintain Velocity Throughout The Game, What Can I Do? (Two simple ways to “diagnose” any stamina problems…also, what you can learn from watching a boxing match that lets you instantly know where he needs work…you’ll never look at the way he plays the same again!)

Here’s What You’re Getting:

17 Velocity Questions Answered by Paul Reddick

It’s like the ultimate “B.S.” filter. 

Nothing but straight talk that is both unbiased and unedited. 

There is no “theory” in any of these answers either.  You can expect only the hardcore, proven, exclusive insider secrets that will let your son throw harder as soon as today.

You simply won’t find this kind of impartial advice anywhere else.

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P.S. Do NOT make a move until you hear these answers.  Most dads find out way too late that many information sources out there only seem reliable…yet don’t truly have your son’s best interests at heart.

P.P.S. I guarantee my answers to these 17 Velocity Questions are not the “same old, same old” junk you can see recycled forever on social media.

You will be getting only my best-kept secrets…the concrete ‘how-to’s’ and real-world information that will actually help your son throw harder.

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