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Here what you’ll learn in this FREE report:
  • Why hard work is not the answer to gaining velocity!
  • Why you should NEVER let a coach change your mechanics!
  • How a middle school pitcher added 7mph in 3 weeks
  • The types of coaches you keep your son from playing for
  • The mechanics that add velocity
  • The mechanics that kill velocity.
  • How one pitcher added 12 mph to his fastball and ended up getting drafted!
  • 3 Principles you must understand to throw a hard heavy fastball.
  • Why most of the “flaws” pitching coaches try to fix are a waste of time and it’s not what will add velocity.
  • How to instantly make your fastball look 3mph faster to the hitter.
  • How a Doctor used the Velocity Activators to transform his son to an opening day starter.
  • Why the balance point is killing your velocity!
  • The muscles you must train to throw harder (HINT: It’s not the ones you think or have been told are important.)
  • How your other pitches are making your fastball look slower.

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