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Two Truths:

   1. You can’t maximize your velocity with bad arm action!

   2. You can’t stay injury-free without good arm action!

Spend any time around a baseball field, and you’ll hear:

“That kid has good arm action.”

“That kid has bad arm action.”

“He needs to work on his arm action.”

Problem is most can’t tell you:

  1. What creates good arm action.
  2. What causes bad arm action.
  3. Exactly how to improve arm action. 

A bigger problem is what coaches do to try and improve, or correct arm action is 100% wrong. I mean dead wrong and a waste of your sons time.

To end the frustration and confusion you have around getting High Velocity Arm Action, I created a jam-packed Mini-Master Class that gives you everything you need to:

  • Lay a foundation for high velocity arm action. This alone will fix any arm action issues they said you have.
  • Accelerate your arm action so you maximize your full velocity potential this way you won’t be leaving any velocity on the table when you’re out on the mound.
  • Enhance your arm speed through simple training methods that can be done in your backyard, garage, or living room.

The time your son has to make the most of his baseball career goes fast, please don’t waste time with the outdated and incomplete instruction that’s out there.

You don’t want to work hard trying to improve arm action only to end up right back where you started.

After watching the High Velocity Arm Action Master Class, you’ll be armed with the knowledge you need to maximize, improve and enhance your arm action for greater velocity and overall health for the rest of your career.

So, you can get this crucial information you need in just one sitting, I packed everything into a fast-paced 24 minutes and 30 seconds. 🙂


PLUS, In the class, I reveal 2 HUGE SURPRISE BONUSES I’m giving you so that you literally have everything you need to create High Velocity Arm Action for the rest of your career.

These bonuses are worth 30x your investment. You’ll be blown away.


Normally, a Master Class with this much hard-hitting info would go for at least $99, but, you won’t pay anywhere close to that.

Here’s my commitment to you and your son’s career.

You’re getting The High Velocity Arm Action Mini-Master Class
for just $17

That’s 83% off what it will go for when it goes back into our catalog.

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High Velocity Arm Action Mini-Masterclass

$99   $59   $17

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