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Did you know that most pitching coaches teach things that kill velocity? 

Have you ever wondered why some small, skinny pitchers throw hard?

Are you stuck at a velocity level because the instruction you’re getting is incomplete and ineffective?


It’s not your fault. You get all kinds of bad instruction and opinions hurled your way every day. It can be confusing and frustrating to figure out how to throw harder!

Here’s what I know…


Most pitchers would go to the end of the earth to pack 5mph, because adding 5mph would change your career, wouldn’t it?

You could go to lessons, camps, clinics, read books, watch videos and try everything under the sun and never see the velocity gain you need.


You could put the 4 Velocity Activators to work for you and with 4 simple shifts increase velocity as much as 11mph.

In fact, any one of the Velocity Activators alone could add 3mph to your fastball.

This is not fluff information of complicated theory. Each one of the Velocity Activators is simple to understand and easy to apply.

Here what you’ll learn in this FREE report:

  • Why hard work is not the answer to gaining velocity!
  • Why you should NEVER let a coach change your mechanics!
  • How a middle school pitcher added 7mph in 3 weeks
  • The types of coaches you keep your son from playing for
  • The mechanics that add velocity
  • The mechanics that kill velocity.
  • How one pitcher added 12 mph to his fastball and ended up getting drafted!
  • 3 Principles you must understand to throw a hard heavy fastball.
  • Why most of the “flaws” pitching coaches try to fix are a waste of time and it’s not what will add velocity.
  • How to instantly make your fastball look 3mph faster to the hitter.
  • How a Doctor used the Velocity Activators to transform his son to an opening day starter.
  • Why the balance point is killing your velocity!
  • The muscles you must train to throw harder (HINT: It’s not the ones you think or have been told are important.)
  • How your other pitches are making your fastball look slower.


I don’t blame you. With all the non-sense thrown around these days about velocity development, how could you know who to trust?

I won’t ask you to trust me.

Make me prove it to you… on my dime.

The Velocity Activators Report normally goes for $29.99, but I’m not going to ask you to invest a single cent.

You’re getting a FREE, "No-Strings Attached" copy of the Velocity Activators Report today. All I ask is that you pitch in a few bucks for us to print it, pack it and ship it your doorstep.

This report will knock out the confusion or frustration about unlocking up to 3mph to 11mph of hidden velocity on your fastball.


While you wait for your report to arrive…

I want to give you instant access to one of the most effective Velocity Hacks so you can start to add some MPH’s today!

It’s a small tweak with your back foot during the delivery. Its super simple, but super effective and you can start putting it to work for you within minutes.

Here’s an email I got from a Dad who taught this foot trick to his son:

Thank you for your system. My son (age 10) used your back foot trick on the pitching rubber, as you can see in the photo. These two components alone changed his velocity from 54 mph to 62 mph. So far in this little league season he has pitched 11 innings and has 29 K’s with only 5 walks. The amazing thing is that he hasn’t even played for 2 years yet and is able to power past others who have played for 4-5 years. He is dedicated to your system and is already looking forward to where it will take his pitching by next year.

People all over the ballpark are starting to really take notice of him.

Thanks Again,

-Dr. Mark

I’m willing to bet you’re gonna run out to your back yard and try it in a few minutes.


Here’s why:

We're not adding velocity.

The velocity is inside you right now!

We’re going to teach you how to unlock it.

That’s why pitchers who apply the 4 Velocity Activators see big velocity gains fast.

Why waste time with long, complicated, risky or dangerous programs when you can quickly activate the velocity you already have?

Start unlocking your hidden velocity today!

P.S. WARNING: Don’t start a risky, dangerous velocity program before reading this report.

The worst emails I get are from Dads who winged it and trusted the wrong coaches and their kids end up not reaching their potential... or worse, end up on the shelf with an injury.

There’s no reason this should ever happen. Especially since we’re giving you this report FREE!

P.P.S. Remember you’re getting the 4 Velocity Activators Report (a $29.99 value absolutely FREE. No strings attached. You never owe us another cent. We’ll send this directly to your house.


The FREE Weird Foot Trick Bonus which you’ll start using today to add MPH to your fastball.

Here’s some pitchers who put the Velocity Activators to work for them…

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