Give Me 2 Minutes And I’ll Pull The Greatness Out Of Your Son!
The Only Measure Of An Athlete Is Heart!

Your son’s athletic career has two stories:

    Story One: The visible story of his performance.

    Story Two: The invisible story of his potential.

Everyone can see how your son performs.

There’s results, stats and level of play.

But, not many people can see his potential.

But, you know it’s there because you’ve caught glimpses of it.

Up until now, you’ve not found a coach who can pull out your son’s full potential.

Great Athletes Are Not Head Guys... They're Heart Guys!

Your son will never win from the low levels of logic.

He’s going to have to tap into the high levels of his heart.

If he’s going to win, he’s going to win with heart.

    Heart is what will keep him going when he wants to quit.

    Heart is what will keep him in the game.

    Heart is what will get him up when he’s knocked down.

    Heart will give him an advantage over more talented players.

The Bad News:

If your son does not tap into his heart, he’ll never unleash his full potential.

The Good News:

Everything great ever achieved in sports was achieved by athletes who combined talent with heart.

The Unleashed Profile™

I understand how tough it is to see the potential in your son and not be able to help him unleash it.

The greatest gift I could give you and your son is to unleash his full potential.

That’s why I created the only tool that taps into a players heart: The Unleashed Profile™

Your son (and every athlete) has three intrinsic motivators. These motivators are keys that will unlock his full potential. It’s in him. You just need a coach who can see it and bring it out. I will hand you the keys to those motivators.

Once you know his intrinsic motivators, you’ll have a motivated man for life. You won’t have to pump him up or motivate him to work hard. You’ll be able to say a few words to him and trigger his inner drive and focus. You’ll also be able to see in advance situations that your son will thrive in and which you need to protect him from.

These intrinsic motivators are your son’s factory settings. They will be true about him for the rest of his life. He’ll use them on the field, in school, in his career and in his relationships.

The Unleashed Profile™ is different for every player. I work one one one with every athlete. There’s no way to automate an Unleashed Profile™. It’s like their finger print or eye color. No two are the same.

I will show you the greatest part of your son, the part of him that’s the most true, his highest potential and then give you the keys to reach that part of him anytime you need to and hold him to his highest potential.


Most players never have a coach who can see the highest level of their ability, reveal it to them and then hold him to that level.

For most players, it’s the first time any coach will have taken the time to understand what truly motivates them. I had a man tell me after I did his Unleashed Profile™ that it was like I gave him the lyrics to a tune he’s been hearing in his head all his life.

If you deliver to me a player with potential and commitment, I will hand you back a player that is completely unleashed and ready to turn potential into performance.

The first step is to tell me about your son and see if the Unleashed Profile™ is right for him.

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Paul Reddick

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