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Monday, February 24th
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Most athletes are caught between two stories.

The first story is the visible story of their performance.

It’s what everyone knows about them…

  • what team they play for...
  • what school they go to...
  • what position they play...
  • how they perform on the field...

Also contained in the first story are the labels and limitations put on players by coaches.

The second story is something that’s inside of every player waiting to be let out.

✨ The second story represents the invisible story of their potential.

Every players knows their second story because they’ve caught glimpses of it. They’ve had moments, games or even streaks where they were able to tap into what they know is their true potential.

A great coach enters the space between a player's first story and second story and removes everything that stands in the way of that player UNLEASHING their full potential and playing into their second story.

👉 In this FREE Unleashed Webinar, you’ll learn:

  • the 2 minute exercise that will give you the combination to unlock real motivation on-demand 💥

  • the 5 questions that every player must answer that determines the position on the team that gets them to shine ⚾️

  • how to obliterate every label and limitation put on a player 👊

  • and much more...

(This is one webinar that I guarantee you do not want to miss.)

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