?⚾️ The Truth About Velocity – Part 1

?‍?Here’s the smartest coach in baseball today:
His name is Mike Reinold. 
He’s worked for the Red Sox, Dr. Andrews, and more pitchers than any one of us can count. 
This week I’m going to be bringing you the Golden Nuggets I’ve learned from Mike Reinold’s Truth About Velocity Program.  ☑️
Here we go: 
1. Baseball injuries are up 37% in MLB since 2008 despite the advances in technology, recovery, and strength training. ?
2. Youth injuries have increased 10x over the same period. 10X!!!!!! ?
3. Tommy John surgery has seen increased by 193%. (It’s not uncommon for players to have two TJ surgery’s now.) ?
4. Why is this so? Here’s why: The baseball world is overly focused on velocity. 
As Mike points out, go to any showcase, and you’ll see this: 
5. ?The increase velocity directly correlates to the increase in injuries. 
There’s no doubt about the trend. 
Look at the chart Mike shows during his presentations showing how the rise in velocity matches the rise in injuries.  ?
6. Mike points out that this may be the injury era of baseball, not the velocity era!
7. When parents tell Mike their kid needs to throw hard to get noticed, he argues the velocity will always be important, but because of the injury trend, velocity will not be the only thing that scouts evaluate. ❤️
8. Mike points out that pitchers with the top 20 W.A.R. in baseball threw 93mph. That’s nothing to sneeze at, but it’s not 99mph. ?
9. Velocity plays a part in injury but what about all the other factors like…
Baseball has made arguments that these all contribute to injury, but through Mike’s research, he’s concluded that the #1 reason for injury is overuse. ??
All of these nuggets were taken from Mike’s Masterclass called The Truth About Velocity. If you want to get a copy, go here, and you can grab one at 60% discount.