?⚾️ The Truth About Velocity – Part 3

You can gain 2.7 mph doing these two things…see #5 & #6 below. 
Let’s continue with the Golden Nuggets from Mike Reinold’s 
Truth About Velocity Program. 
1️⃣ There’s 4 “buckets” every pitcher must fill. Pro pitchers are really good at filling all the buckets. Amateur pitchers, not so much. Check out the differences:
2️⃣Young pitchers should NOT go to a velocity program until they’ve set a foundation. It’s like frosting a cake before you bake it. ?
3️⃣There’s a two year standard deviation in maturity. That means you can have a 14 year old look like a 16 year old and vice versa. ? That’s why some pitchers may not throw as hard as pitchers the same age. 
4️⃣ The top two predictors of velocity gain are age and height!
5️⃣For every inch you grow, you’ll gain 1.5 MPH! ?
6️⃣For every year you age, you’ll gain 1.2 MPH! ?
All of these nuggets were taken from Mike’s Masterclass called The Truth About Velocity. If you want to get a copy, go here, and you can grab one at a 60% discount.