?⚾️ The Truth About Velocity – Part 2

Here’s how to reduce injury by up to 5x. ?
Here’s 9 more golden nuggets from Mike Reinold’s Truth About Velocity!
1️⃣ Decrease risk of injury by 3X by throwing less than 100 innings per year
2️⃣ Decrease risk of injury by 4X by averaging less than 80 pitches per outing 
3️⃣ Decrease risk of injury by 5x by pitching less than 8 months per year
4️⃣ Throwing a baseball is not good for you. Every time a pitcher pitches, he’s basically injuring his body. He must recover from that in between starts. 
5️⃣ YIKES! ? 
At ball release, your arm is trying to fly off your body at 1x bodyweight. That’s the amount of stress put on a pitchers’ arm. 
6️⃣ Overuse is not just quantity of throwing (# of pitches). It’s an equation of quantity and intensity. A soft thrower can pitch a lot more than a hard thrower. Mike points to Knuckleballer, Tim Wakefield, as an example. 
7️⃣ Mike encourages pitchers to play light catch every day. 
8️⃣ Training cannot be solely focused on velocity throwing programs. It has to take into account all aspects of preparing to pitch, pitching, and recovering from pitching. 
9️⃣ Most velocity programs stress the arm all year long. This puts pitchers at a significant risk of injury. 
All of these nuggets were taken from Mike’s Masterclass called The Truth About Velocity. If you want to get a copy, go here, and you can grab one at 60% discount.