Former Yankees Mental Toughness Consultant Reveals...


Even Under Pressure…And After Failure!

Exclusive Masterclass with Mental Toughness consultant Dr. Tom Hanson
shows your son how to instantly play with more confidence, and breeze past failure…
even if he struggles with consistency now!


What are the chances your player will have to battle failure, doubt, confusion, anger, loss of confidence, or choking this season?

Do you worry that he’ll struggle with hitting slumps, or negative thoughts at the plate?

What do you talk about before the game (or after) to help your player to deal with that?

Do you know parents who lose their cool and wind up acting like a jerk?

Warning…Don’t Be This Parent! 🤦‍♂️

We’ve all seen them.

Dads at the ballpark who “flip” and lose it on umpires or the other team’s dugout -- even scold their own sons when the game doesn’t go his way.

Maybe you’ve lost your cool at times and regretted it later.

But let’s face it:

Frustration and disappointment are part of baseball.

And even well-meaning dads often lack the tools to prepare their sons for everything the game might throw at them….


They lack the perspective they need to help their sons through it in a way that both increases his level of play and enjoyment – and positively impacts who he’s becoming as a man.

Instantly Take The “Sting” Out Of Failure, Frustration...Or Fear!

Dr. Tom Hanson is the former NY Yankees’ mental game coach and one of the leading sports psychology experts in the game.

Recently, we got Dr. Tom to record a series of short tutorials on how to use one of his most transformational “mental game” processes.

We call it…

The Mission by Dr. Tom Hanson

In this exclusive masterclass, Dr. Tom takes you through, step-by-step, how to develop your clear, simple system for playing the game so you’re NEVER caught unprepared.

No matter what you encounter.

(And for you as a parent, how to create the best possible baseball experience for your son.)

You’ll get fill-in-the-blanks, easy-to-follow examples that let you hone in on the mission, values and process that will free your son to be laser-focused on his goals, and enjoy his playing career to the fullest.

These are the exact templates that Tom’s high-profile MLB clients and corporate executives pay him thousands to teach their teams.

Your son will instantly compete with more confidence, consistency, and poise – while also enjoying the game like never before.

And you, as a parent, will finally be more relaxed and able to savor the time you have in baseball.

Most players…most parents…even most Major Leaguers…will never know these secrets.

In fact, you could read every “mental game” book out there and you still wouldn’t come close to the simple wisdom in this masterclass.  Dr. Tom is one of the best-known sports psychology coaches in baseball with over 30 years of study and experience...and…

Over 150,000 Players Helped!

That’s not an exaggeration either.

The whole process takes 30 minutes to 60 minutes, max.

And it couldn’t be easier.

You answer simple questions (for best results, the less “thinking”, the better) and use easy-to-follow templates with the examples provided to quickly create and refine your son’s Mission – and yours too!

Your son will perform better THE SAME DAY as he is clear on his Mission.

And you’ll instantly feel better having discovered your recipe to peace of mind as a baseball parent…and, really, to life…

(That’s right, this tool can ALSO help you live a more fulfilled life.)

One dad recently thanked Dr. Tom for saving his relationship with his son.  This process woke him from the rapid-fire world of travel baseball that, if you’re not careful, can hypnotize you into being an idiot.

Your Son At His Best…Every Game!

The Champions Chat 📝

This “Champions Chat” was strictly a result of thinking…

“How can I guarantee results with this?”

So here’s what I did.

I had one of our most trusted advisors – a guy who’s HIGHLY trained in both the art and science of how to do research and learn the secret inner psychology of people – to interview me about the Champion’s Chart and this champion’s secret.

But I asked him not to stop there.

I wanted him to grill me…even try to STUMP me…and leave no stone unturned to make sure we glean every last drop of everything I know about this subject from 30 years of coaching players.

If there’s even a part of you that still doesn’t “get it” after listening to The Champion’s Chat , this interview will answer all of your questions for you.

I’m also going to send you this Champion’s Chat recording absolutely FREE with your order.

To recap, you’re getting the Champion’s Chart x2, the Champion’s Chart Master Class, the Champion’s Chat recording. – all FREE!.

Imagine your son just days from now…

How well will he play when he shows up with…

✅ Confidence: “I know I can go out and execute my simple plan… no matter how nervous or frustrated or angry I may be.”

✅ Focus: “I have a clear plan for each pitch… and that plan frees me to play my best.”

✅ Consistency: “I show up ready to play each day because I know how to get my mind right before I show up to the park…”

And how much easier will it be to support him when you are the parent who "has it all together"... not the one who "loses it" when things get hot!

With a Ph.D. in sports psychology, Dr. Tom Hanson has coached baseball players from Little League to Big League World Champions, and executives from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies.

His cutting edge approach to performance has made him the "go-to guy" for athletes and others chasing big dreams. His client list includes the New York Yankees, Texas Rangers, Microsoft, and Verizon.

In a moment, I’ll show you how you can learn these secrets at ZERO RISK, but first…

Here’s What You’ll Learn In
Dr. Tom’s Masterclass:

  • Develop your clear and simple system for playing the game! (The best players have a system they follow to consistently play at or near their best – even under pressure, and even after failure.  The Mission takes you through, step-by-step, how to create your own)!
  • Enjoy a better relationship with your son (Create a better playing experience for him…and more satisfaction for you as a parent.  Also, apply this simple formula to the rest of your life for a calm, centered focus in everything you do)!
  • Play with confidence…. every time! (Watch as your son stays more even keel…and calm even under pressure)
  • Instantly gift yourself the two hidden superpowers of the best baseball parents!  (You’ll finally be able to relax and enjoy your precious time instead of running around like a mascot with its head cut off)
  • The #1 thing every player MUST have total clarity about ….before he steps up to the plate! (This one secret alone has the power to transform your son into a “clutch” player who comes through for his team when it counts)!
  • Beat a hitting slump and prepare for an at bat (He’ll instantly have more focus at the plate and eliminate those nagging thoughts)
  • Simple tools to deal with the frustration that is unavoidable in baseball (Knowing these all but guarantees he’ll maximize his potential and play at his best on a daily basis)
  • The single, critical key to enjoying baseball and becoming the best player you can be! (Imagine having the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’re keeping your son’s experience “in perspective” while also setting him up for success)!
  • Learn the secret of slowing down time and staying fully present (The “baseball years” will go fast -- instead of racing through them in a panic, you’ll be able to appreciate one pitch at a time.)
  • The absolute BEST antidote to being a jerk parent! (Just like players choke under pressure… parents choke too!  They yell at the umpires, the other team, and, of course, their own sons.  Here’s how to keep from getting swept up…and regretting it later!)

There is no theory or “psychobabble” in this masterclass..

Every second is chock full with proven secrets that will make every aspect of coaching and raising your son through his baseball career A LOT easier and more fun.

If You Agree “Mental Game” Is Huge In Baseball…

How much does The Mission with Dr. Tom Hanson cost?

Big corporations pay Tom THOUSANDS to teach their players and executives these secrets.

You will be getting techniques he has spent a lifetime proving and refining, and access to the exact tools Dr. Tom uses with his clients as well.


Copies Remaining..

If You Agree “Mental Game” Is
Huge In Baseball…

How much would it be worth to you help your son train this all-important aspect?

We could easily charge a few hundred dollars for this course and still give you a great deal -- especially when you consider how much value your family will get out of it.

But you don’t have to pay $200, or even $100.

If we hear from you TODAY – you’ll get your copy of The Mission for just $100 $19!

That’s a drop in the bucket compared to what you might expect to pay.

You’ll get instant access on any computer or device so you can be using these secrets just minutes from now, if you want.

However, you can’t afford to drag your heels on this.

We are ONLY releasing 1,000 copies at the special price and every dad is going to want one!

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“Straight-Shooter Guarantee”

The deal is simple:

Baseball Education Center stands behind all of our products 100%.

Let your son play ONE FULL YEAR using The Mission…and if it doesn’t completely transform the way he plays…if you don’t feel closer to him and more fulfilled…if within the first few weeks other parents aren’t asking you what’s your secret for always having it ‘all together’…

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We’ll Give You A Full And Prompt Refund!

You can even keep the worksheets for your trouble.

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We are only releasing 1,000 copies and they will go FAST.

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P.S. Regret… ☹️

You can’t simply go back and start over with your son’s baseball career. 

Once any damage is done, it’s done.  Yes, you can do a great job from where you are – but you never get back lost time.  How good would it feel to look back at the baseball years and say, “I have no regrets”?

P.P.S. Failure, fear, and frustration are part of the game.  Your son needs the right tools to quickly move past them.  This takes more than the standard mental game fare served up in thousands of books, blogs, and on social media.

In Dr. Tom Hanson’s The Mission, you will be learning from the guy who basically “wrote the book” on mental game in baseball.

And with our one-year straight-shooter guarantee you have nothing to lose.

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