A Special Letter For T-Ball Parents and Coaches…


Learn How You Can Teach Any T-Ball Player – at any level or at any age – How To Effectively Hit The Ball, Throw A Great Pitch, Field Grounders and Pop Flys With The Ease & Confidence Of A Seasoned Youth Player…

Imagine your young player going from beginners to advanced T-Ball in a matter of weeks!

Imagine your kids mastering the fundamentals of baseball – all while keeping it fun, exciting and interesting for each and every player (regardless of their skill level)

Enjoy watching your kids make real plays – on the baseball field together… as a team!

Discover how you can make practicing fun, but with a real purpose!

Give your son a solid foundation he’ll pull on forever – and a love of the game – that they will carry with them for the rest of their lives.

Let me ask you just one question…

Does your player really look forward to practices… and really learn how to become better baseball players at your practices?

If you are laughing at this question and shaking your head “NO”, then keep reading.

I Have The Solution That Will Completely Turn Your T-Ball Training 
And Your Games Around… in a few, short weeks.

From: Ron Wolforth

To: T-Ball Coaches and Parents

I know that coaching T-Ball can be frustrating at times.

You are working with 5 and 6 year old kids (even 4 year olds now). They have short attention spans. They are more interested in iPads and Xbox’s than winning a baseball game. Some of them might not even want to listen to what you (or anyone else) has to say.

And the biggest challenge is that most of them have never played real baseball before their first day of practice with you.

But I can speak from experience and tell you that these young boys are capable of learning real baseball fundamentals – and playing great games… more than most coaches and parents ever realize.

Kids – Even 5 and 6 Year Olds – Can Do Incredible Things On The Field With The Right Coaching!

Have you ever seen – or heard about – a T-ball team that was just unbelievable?

The kind of team where every kid knows how to really hit the ball and knows how to really make plays.

Do you think these coaches just got lucky and happened to get a team full of superstars?


These coaches started off with the exact same kind of team that you have right now.

The only difference between these winning T-ball teams and every other team out there is that the Dads or coaches simply know how to teach the kids to play great baseball AND make it fun.

And really, that’s the most important part…

You have such an amazing opportunity right now to make baseball fun for your players. You have the rare chance to instill a life-time love of baseball in these kids.

    And as soon as you make it fun, exciting and challenging for them, you will have their attention… and you will get them to give it their
best at practice and at games.

    The KEY to unlocking the joy of the game of baseball is at practice…not at the game itself.

    Hello, my name is Coach Ron Wolforth and I’m the founder of the Texas Baseball Ranch. I coached at the University of Nebraska, I have had teams in the College World Series and I have consulted for 3 Major League Organizations, 19 Baseball Academies and 27 NCAA Division I, II, III programs throughout the United States.

    I’ve helped over 100 players throw 90mph or harder, had dozens drafted and even more secure D1 scholarships.

    But, truth be told, my true love is coaching T-ball.

    The Problem Is That I’ve Started To Notice That T-Ball Has Become Boring and Monotonous.

    (for the kids, the parents AND the coaches)

    And you probably feel that way too!

    But I’m Here To Tell You That It Doesn’t HAVE To Be That Way!

    With the right drills and the right methods you can make your kids – and their parents – LOVE to come to practice.

    Wouldn’t you love it if every kid on your team couldn’t WAIT to come to practice and to show-up at games?

    Wouldn’t your job be a lot easier if you discovered how to take your team from complete beginners to advanced T-ball players?

    Most coaches feel that with T-ball you either have 2 choices…

    1. You can either let the kids have fun…


    2. You can get strict and teach the kids how to play real baseball.

    But the truth is that you don’t have to choose between the two. You actually HAVE to make it fun for these kids so that they WANT to learn and play great baseball.

    It’s all about having fun with a purpose.

    And if you keep reading I am going to give you the drills, the methods and my complete coaching system that will allow you to inspire your team, have fun with your kids AND take them all from beginners to REAL BASEBALL PLAYERS!

    Teaching Advanced T-Ball!

    You might be wondering, “What exactly IS Advanced T-Ball? I just need to teach my team regular T-Ball!”

    But it’s not my methods that are advanced… and it’s not about coaching for elite-level players.

    The secret to becoming a great T-ball coach is to create systems and drills that help your kids:

    1. Become more consistent and…

    2. Help them understand the goal of each swing, pitch and play and…

    3. Show them how to have fun while they learn the game and improve their skills…

    Really, it’s not just about teaching these kids the basics of baseball.

    Believe me, you don’t have to wait until these kids are old to teach them the correct way to swing a bat, make a play or throw a ball.

    These kids can do amazing things – even at age 5 and 6!

    And you don’t have to suck all the fun out of it…

    And you don’t have to become mean, yell or be some big disciplinarian…

    And you don’t have to push these kids too far…

    All you need to do is teach your young athletes how to develop athletic and repeatable moves that they will still be able to perform during the duress of a game.

    And with my system I take all those complex, advanced baseball moves and fundamentals… and I make them A LOT more simple. (and most importantly… I make them FUN!)

    Stop Struggling With Players and Start Seeing Real Results

    With my program, Teaching Advanced T-Ball, you are going to receive 6 packed videos.

    In this program, I’m not just going to talk about coaching baseball… I’m actually going to COACH!

    I show myself in action – coaching and walking through the drills with 6-year old T-ball players.

    I explain how you can use these basic drills to teach you kids how to become more advanced at hitting and throwing balls.

    Teaching Advanced T-Ball is broken down 
into 3 different sections:

    ADVANCED T-Ball Section #1: Introduction

    In this section it really is just me, sitting down talking about coaching T-ball. I explain my methods and my coaching program. I tell you exactly what to expect, and I explain the benefits you can expect to receive. This just gives you a good, solid overview of the entire program.

    ADVANCED T-Ball Section #2: Hitting

    In the hitting section, I will walk through the drills that I use when coaching T-ball players… and I show you the little tricks and tactics that I use to make it fun, interesting and exciting for them (and make them strive to get better with each and every practice).

    ADVANCED T-Ball Section #3: Throwing

    In the throwing section, I explain – and demonstrate – the drills and the tools that I use to help 5 and 6 year old kids throw a ball 30MPH with amazing accuracy (and no, these are not incredibly talented kids… they are just really well coached!)

    Don’t let the name, “Teaching Advanced T-Ball” fool you… this program is simple, basic and easy to implement and easy for the kids to understand.

    But in T-ball… it’s really all about the basics.

    The key is just simply in finding the right drills and methods that get kids interested, excited and make it fun.

    Then, once your young athletes get the basics down (and some will faster than others)… then my system will show you how to steadily help the child improve their skill level and continually increase his or her skill level.

    After you have established the basics, I will reveal how you can take the basic skills your athletes have already learned – and flawlessly integrate them into game-type situations.

    It’s time for you to approach T-ball in a whole new way.

    In a way that will makes your job of coaching and teaching a LOT easier…

    In a way that will get your kids excited about coming to each practice (and make them want to pay attention to you)…

    In a way that turns your T-ball team into a WINNING team and instills a lifetime of love for the game…

    And with my program, Teaching Advanced T-Ball, that is exactly what you are going to get.

    I have used this same program and these same exact methods to teach thousands of young kids the basics and the fundamentals of baseball.

    I have used these same tricks and little-known secrets to turn average 5 and 6 years into phenomenal players.

    And I have invested my entire life learning what works (and discovering what doesn’t work).

    I have already done the trial and error for you…

    I have already gone through all the frustration for you…

    I have taken the time and the effort to create a perfect system to teach T-ball players how to become ADVANCED, successful athletes.

    I am confident in this program simply because I have seen the results it can produce.

    I know – first hand – that this program is the most effective and most enjoyable coaching program any T-ball coach or parent could ever use.

    But the best part is that the results are almost immediate.

    And I am willing to put my money where my mouth is…

    Turn Your Players Into A REAL Baseball Team That Can Hit, Throw and Field Every Ball!

    If you are ready to have a lot of fun with your kids…

    If you are ready to teach them the real, solid fundamentals of baseball…

    If you are ready to watch kids who used to be clueless turn into confident kids making big plays…

    Then you need to order my Teaching Advanced T-Ball program.

    Your success is guaranteed and you accept no risk by ordering today.

    All you have to do is hit the order button and go through the 2-minute order process right now.


    I’ll make this even an easier no-brainer for you.

    The Advanced T-Ball training course usually goes for $199, but I can’t ask you to fork over that much dough. I know what you’ve already invested in cleats, bats and gloves.

    As part of this special promotion I’ll knock a whopping 87% of the normal retail price and hand it to you at a missive discount for just $27.

    Yours in baseball,
    Ron Wolforth

    P.S. When you start using my Teaching Advanced T-Ball program, you can expect your kids to improve almost overnight.

    You can expect the parents to be amazed at the progress you have made…

    and you can expect your young athletes to start winning games and working as a team!

    P.P.S. Your results are guaranteed.

    You risk nothing by ordering Teaching Advanced T-Ball program today. If you decide that this training program just isn’t for you… you don’t have to jump through any hoops because there is no fine print.

    You really don’t have any excuses NOT to order right now… this is the most effective, most enlightening coaching program on the market today!

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