? STOP underhand tossing!

I’ve gotta get this one off my chest…

This is gonna be a mess you don’t want to clean up.

Almost every coach and instructor is doing this with their players.

I’m pull my hair out… well, when there was hair 🙂

It’s an absolutely ridiculous drill and a complete waste of time (and money, if your paying for a lesson where this drill is being taught).

If you’re a coach or instructor and are doing this, I just ask that you be open minded and hear me out.

DADS: You are the ones paying to have your sons play on these teams, get the lessons, attend the clinics, etc…

I don’t want to say that you’re being ripped off, but you deserve to know whether you are getting your money’s worth and whether or not you are being misinformed or your son is getting mis-instructed…

So, what’s the drill that should be eradicated from baseball?

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