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The clock is ticking on every pitcher's career. The pressure to add velocity, improve control and develop your pitches is felt by every pitcher. With each passing year, that pressure increases. It’s unfair to young pitchers, but it is the reality of the game today.

Time lost or squandered by a pitcher can never be regained. Most pitchers miss their moment to shine because they didn’t make the most of their training time. The absolute key to pitching success is to make sure that every minute available is spent on training, drills and tactics that add MPH to your fastball, increase command of the plate and make you stand out.

👀 Every pitcher I come across wants to work hard, but far too many pitchers waste crucial time on irrelevant training, dangerous training or simply wasting time with redundant training.

The Engineering The Superhuman Pitching Machine trilogy gives you the proven blueprint you need to target your training to work specifically on the items that will give you the best return on the time you invest and gives you the results where it matters… on the radar gun, on the field, and in the minds of coaches scouts and recruiters.

Today, you’re getting access as I unveil our entire blueprint in Engineering The Super Human Pitching Machine...

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Volume 1: Build a Pitcher Specific Power Motor 💪
By engaging in this 5 day workout plan, you’ll be able to transform your body into a superhuman “Beast Mode” pitching athlete that lights up the radar gun, gets hitters out and peaks the attention of scouts and recruiter.

Volume 2: Conduct a World Class Assessment 📝
In Volume 2, we show you how to conduct a thorough head-to-toe assessment right in your living room so you can identify specific physical and movement pattern constraints. These constraints prevent you from playing at your best.

Removing these contracts allow velocity that is already inside of you to come pouring out. Once you know what to work on, the plan is simple and the process is laser-focused on just getting you better and not wasting any time.

Volume 3: Take Action. Target Your Training. 🎯
Volume 3 completes the process and allows you to specifically target your training to ensure the fastest and most reliable velocity results. Each item on the assessment is matched with 3-5 corrective drills and exercises that can be done in your living room, basement or back yard.

👉 Every pitcher with a good plan, a boat load of desire, and perseverance can learn to throw a baseball 90 mph or more with outstanding command and durability. I believe greatness is a choice and that once the decision is made to pursue a goal, no matter what the cost, the job is done. Once you truly commit to a goal, identify obstructive barriers, and design a targeted training plan, that goal is all but accomplished. All that’s left is to fill in the blanks necessary to get it done.

We live and breathe this process every day, and our athletes are reaping the rewards of their efforts. 🔥

Thank you for entrusting us and for allowing us to guide you through the system!

Randy Sullivan is the pitching genius behind over 300 pitchers breaking the 90mph barrier and players who have signed over $10 million of college scholarships and $14 million in professional baseball signing bonuses.

Randy is the most qualified coach in baseball today. He’s a world renowned pitching coach, physical therapist and strength coach. There is no one in baseball that can boost Randy’s credentials and success resume.

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