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Who's using The ROPE Trainer to add and reduce stress?

In the last 2 seasons, 5 of 8 College World Series teams put The ROPE Trainer to work for them. 🏆

13 of the NCAA top 25 are putting The ROPE Trainer to work for them.

21 MLB teams are using The ROPE Trainer... 👀

…and countless high school, college and travel teams.

Here's how they're using The Rope...

Colleges are using The ROPE Trainer to "replace" bullpen and warm up sessions throughout the season which saves throws for the game, when they count.  One team tracked all throws throughout the season - practices, game days, warm ups, live action and they reported a 30% decrease in the number of throws needed to get the same result!


Increased Pitch Counts Kill Careers! The ROPE Trainer is helping pitchers reduce the number of pitches they need to throw and they are getting the same results without the risk of blowing out their shoulders and shredding their elbows.

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