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  • Striking Hitters Out Report - How to get to two strikes and then put a hitter away, so you’ll take the mound with confidence backed by a plan to set up and strike out any hitter.
  • 3-1 Count Survival Guide - The easy way to escape a 3-1 count, turn the tables on the hitter, and get him out. (You’ll eliminate at least half of your walks and turn them into outs.)
  • 6 Sneaky Curveball Tricks Report - Use these tricks to turn your curveball into a dominant pitch that keeps hitters waving at pitches. Just a few adjustments in when you throw your curveball and the sequence of throwing it can transform this pitch into a weapon. PLUS: The one situation no hitter ever thinks you’re going to throw a curve. Hitters have an .069 batting average when you throw it in this situation.
  • Secrets Of The Non-Genetically Gifted Pitchers - Not all pitchers are born with a rocket for an arm or a 6'4" frame. That doesn’t mean you can’t pitch at high levels. We’ll expose the secrets of pitchers who thrived in the big leagues despite not having been “born with it”.
  • The Ugly Truth About Weighted Balls - Read this before you even touch a weighted ball and put your arm at risk. Almost every pitcher puts the arm at risk training with weighted balls. If you buy into the hype today, you’ll pay the price later. There’s a safe way to do it.
  • The Late Developers Blueprint - Early developers can get a lot of attention, but don’t worry late developers, we’ll teach you how to win when it counts. It’s actually an advantage to be a late developer, especially if you follow this blueprint. Don’t think you’ll be left behind. This is a game that’s won in the last few innings. Stay in the game.

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The Single Biggest Unfair Advantage Any
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The coming years will bring massive changes to baseball. Big data will change scouting and recruiting. Rules changes like the pitcher's speed clock and robotic umpires are on the way.

A player with hopes to play at higher levels will need every single advantage he can get. In working with thousands of Dads, coaches and players, we know what this single biggest advantage will be for players in the coming years and we want to share it in this new video.

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