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ATTENTION: ⚾️ Players Graduating in 2021-2025 (and their parents)...
The Ultimate College Baseball Scholarship Roadmap 🗺
Don’t Let Your Son Get Blindsided By The New World Of College Recruiting... Here's How Your Son Can Still Get The Attention Of Recruiters Without Getting Lost In The Shuffle!

Is your son is graduating in…


You had better stop everything you’re doing, close the door, and read every single word on this page. Because of COVID-19, the world of college recruiting has massively shifted and you need to be prepared to protect your son’s dream of playing in college.

Players who have already started the recruiting process will be the most affected, but the ripple effect of this shift will be felt by players graduating in 2025!! 😧

There’s No Room For Error So We Went Straight To The Coaches!

The moves you make for your son now are crucial and the time you have to execute is short. 

There has never been a better time to get on a college coach's radar than right now!

Get this wrong and your son will get lost in the shuffle, over looked and miss his chance.

This is your insiders track to the most up to date information on the new world of recruiting so your son doesn’t get un-recruited.

Once armed with this info, it will be easy for your son to stay on track, get the attention from coaches and set himself up for success.

The Ultimate College Baseball Scholarship Roadmap

We brought in Steve Olson from Elite Baseball Prospect to bring you everything that you need about the new world of college recruiting.

This has everything you need to make sure your son doesn’t miss his chance or get over looked as college coaches navigate this new world of recruiting.

Below is just a taste of what you'll learn...


In this opening video, we give an overview of Recruiting 101: Making Sense of the Recruiting Process.

Each of the videos cover a specific topic that relates directly to a successful recruiting plan being built. We then lay the foundation for a college recruits recruiting plan by Discussing the Four Pillars of a Successful Journey.

We talk through in detail:

  • Importance of attending college for the right reason (to get an outstanding education!)
  • the social and geographical impact on what size of college and how far a student-athlete wants to be from home
  • the critical key to being realistic as to the level of play and what division should a player be focused on. [Get that wrong and it will be a disaster!]

When should you begin the College Recruiting Process is the focus of this module... Key takeaways are:

  • How to start early in gaining knowledge and understanding of the process and what is all involved...
  • the NCAA Recruiting Rules that are relevant to you and a complete understanding of the academic requirements to be eligible!
  • the calendar and checklist of actions to stay on point.
  • how to effectively create the target list of colleges that fit the 4 Pillars
  • strategies for being proactive in coach communication early on to develop the right relationships

All the Recruiting Myths that exist and the "real" Pain Points for both players and parents are revealed in this module...

  • Does getting emails mean you're being recruited?
  • Do you need to be a 5 Star Player to play in college?
  • If my HS/Travel Coach has a bunch of connections, am I set?
  • How much do GRADES matter?
  • Can I wait until I am a senior to talk to College Coaches? Will they talk to parents?

In this Module, you'll learn more about...

  • what a player/parent needs for support during the recruiting process
  • what role does your High School and Travel Team Coach play (plus: the risk of relying on them to handle everything!)
  • Why is it important to gain credible advice from an experienced Recruiting Advisor
  • having an entire team of support to guide the family through every phase and to ensure the player achieves his goal and dream of playing college baseball.
  • real life examples of hiring a realtor to sell your home versus doing on it your own.
  • What are the positives and negatives of Recruiting Services

Direct comments shared by several college coaches about what TO DO and what NOT TO DO as a college recruit and as a parent! Coaches share their advice on being proactive, attending college prospect camps and other tidbits on what he looks for in a college recruit.

  • Why coaches need to see a player multiple times during the recruitment process
  • how to give a coach the initial assessment of skills and idea of growth potential and skill development.
  • why parents should not be yelling at an umpire, coaching through the fence or being negative
  • Coaches want to see a concise Player Profile with all the necessary information on academics, video and contact information!
  • why you should NEVER send mass emails to college coaches (They get deleted.)

Time is here to start and NOW what?

This module outlines:

  • the actions that you need to take place to execute a solid recruiting plan
  • how to have a family meeting to agree on and gain 100% commitment from their son
  • how to finish your Personalized Player Profile
  • the multi-platform communication strategy college coaches love seeing to let them know your level of interest in their program!
  • and much more...
Don't take our word for it. Here's what others are saying about Steve Olson and The Ultimate College Baseball Scholarship Roadmap...

“This Transformed Interest Into Offers!”

"I had straightforward guidance and a personalized path to transforming interest into offers. I was able to choose the correct camps that I needed to attend, and I was prepared to perform at a high level while in front of those respective coaches on their campus. I am a rising sophomore at a nationally ranked Division 2 program and am prepared to earn a starting role this year. I would not be at this school if it weren’t for the impact made on me through the Elite Baseball Prospect player profile page and the experienced advisory staff."

-2018 Division 2 Catcher

“Received Emails From Coaches After 2 Days!”

"I am a 2019 high school graduate with an athletic scholarship to a southeast Division 1 program as a right handed pitcher. The best part of the process for me was the organization of a personalized plan. I knew what I needed to do in order to improve my skills and get exposure to the right schools. The player profile landing page was especially helpful, as I received email communications within 2 days of sending out my profile. I really appreciated the honest feedback from college coaches, and I was prepared for college camps and campus visits due to the insight I gained from my recruiting advisors and the webinars that they presented. I would highly recommend this to anyone who is interested in playing college baseball."

-2019 Division 1 Pitcher

“Got On Campus Visits!”

"My son entered his senior year of high school with a lifelong goal of playing college baseball. We had attended several showcases in his junior summer but did not have a lot of interest from college coaches. With a new timeline and priority list in place, my son began receiving communications from colleges that were a good fit for him based on his skill set and academic history. He got on campus at several schools in the fall and performed well. He committed to play at a winning junior college that has a reputation of providing positive mentorship, structure, and daily organization within their team. He has never been more motivated to train and work every single day. We have enjoyed the journey and look forward to the next step in his journey."

-2019 Parent of a Junior College Commit (Infielder)

We wanted to make sure that this was an absolute no-brainer and gives you literally everything you need to be ready to get recruited so we negotiated a very special...

Your Own Personalized Player Profile

You're going to get a dedicated webpage and a customized URL so that you can begin communicating directly with college coaches!

This player profile will include:

  • Your Scouting Report​
  • Your Baseball Video
  • Your Baseball Skills and Metrics
  • Your Contact Information
  • Your Parent and Coach Contact Details
  • Your Key Academic Achievements
  • Your Academic Transcript
  • Your Standardized Test Scores
  • A Personal Statement Highlighting Who You Are Both On and Off The Field

As you can probably understand, building out your own webpage for you (and they are going to turn this around FAST... like within a day or two...) requires some serious work so we can't do this for everyone...

This FREE bonus (a $297 value) is limited to the first 25 next 6 who pick up The Ultimate College Baseball Scholarship Roadmap.

FREE Player Profiles Remaining

Honestly, we can’t put a value on something like your son’s college education and baseball future.

The closest we could come to assigning a value would to ask you a question.

What’s the cost of getting this all the wrong for your son?

Let’s recap...

You’re getting The Ultimate College Baseball Scholarship Roadmap 6-Module Online Course PLUS Your Own Personalized Player Profile!

Because we know how crucial this is, we’re going to do something absolutely crazy.

Steve could easily sell this package for 500-1000 bucks. Getting your own website and URL these days can cost you an arm and a leg in itself.

We twisted his arm and got him to slash 90% off.


We guarantee the info you’re getting is the most up to date and complete info available on navigating the new world of recruiting available anywhere.

Now is the time. If you even blink, it could cost your son a chance to get attention from college coach and to prepare him for this new world of recruiting. 

Coach Paul Reddick

P.S. A lot of great players will get blindsided by the new world of recruiting.

Protect your son's dreams and his future. Don’t allow him to be one of the players who will be blindsided.

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