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URGENT: Co-Vid 19 Recruiting Update!
Don’t Let Your Son Get Blindsided By The New World Of College Recruiting!
How Your Son Can Still Get The Attention Of Recruiters Without Getting Lost In The Shuffle!

Is your son is graduating in…


You had better stop everything you’re doing, close the door, and read every single word on this page because of COVID-19, the world of college recruiting has massively shifted and you need to be prepared to protect your son’s dream of playing in college.

Players who have already started the recruiting process will be the most affected, but the ripple effect of this shift will be felt by players graduating in 2025!!

There’s No Room For Error! We Went Straight To The College Coaches!

The moves you make for your son now are crucial and the time you have to execute is short. So, because there is no room for error, we went right to two active college coaches who are knee deep in this new world of recruiting to give you a fact-based plan for your son’s college recruitment. 


There has never been a better time to get on a college coach's radar than right now!


Get this wrong and your son will get lost in the shuffle, over looked and miss his chance.

These coaches held nothing back.

They came with:

  • Raw Truth about the new realities of recruiting
  • Tough Love about how players might miss their chance, and
  • Cold Facts about what the next 3 to 5 years of college baseball recruiting will look like.

This is your insiders track to the most up to date information on the new world of recruiting so your son doesn’t get un-recruited.

Once armed with this info, it will be easy for your son to stay on track, get the attention from coaches and set himself up for success.


Introducing A NEW Masterclass
The New World Of Baseball Recruiting

We brought in Steve Olson from Elite Baseball Prospect to track down two college coaches who are giving you the crucial information you need about the new world of college recruiting.

This masterclass has everything you need to make sure your son doesn’t miss his chance or get over looked as college coaches navigate this new world of recruiting.

Steve secured no-holds barred interviews with…

Here’s what you’ll learn in this Masterclass…

  • The number one thing every player must focus on to get an advantage in this new world of recruiting
  • The simple instructional base every player should build during the shutdown… Every college coach is going to be looking for this once the shutdown is over.
  • NOT every player will fall behind. It’s your choice and college coaches are going to be looking for players making this choice.
  • The things your son must do every day during the shutdown... Every day your son doesn’t do this, he’s actually falling 3 to 4 days behind other players who do.
  • Why choosing the right summer camps will be crucial for all future recruiting
  • Why coaches prefer seeing players in a camp over a tournament or showcase.
  • How coaches are going to pair down their prospect lists before the shutdown ends and how to make sure your son doesn’t get cut from the list
  • How your son should contact college coaches during the shutdown (and from now on).
  • A secret way to get a college coach to pick up the phone and call YOU!
  • What you must include in every email you send to a college coach... Failure to do this could get your son's email to be missed.
  • The email no parent should NEVER send a college coach.
  • The research your should be doing for you son on every teams roster with the new NCAA rules taking effect next year. 
  • How will the shutdown and the new NCAA rule changes will affect transfers thus year, and every year going forward.
  • Mistakes a parent can make that will get your son Un-Recruited
  • Did your son change teams? Why moving your son from team to team is a bad sign to college coaches and what they’d rather see you do instead.
  • An innocent mistake parents make during games that could cost your son his chance
  • What questions the parent must ask and what questions the player must ask… Screw this up and you’ll kill your sons chances.
  • What would make a coach say “I don’t want anything to do with this kid?”
  • Social media and your son… College coaches are scouring and googling your son’s social media, you’ll learn what they are looking for… Knowing this could save your son’s chances.

CoVid-19 Recruiting Briefing

Steve Olson is the ultimate insider when it comes to the recruiting game. Steve sat down to give you an up-to-date briefing on:

  • NCAA rule changes that will affect all upcoming recruits.
  • How the extra year granted to 2020 seniors will alter your son’s chances of playing in college.
  • What to do now during the shutdown
  • Why this is the best chance to get your son looked at by a college coach and how to do it.
  • …and more.

          Honestly, we can’t put a value on something like your son’s college education and baseball future.

          The closest we could come to assigning a value would to ask you a question.

          What’s the cost of getting this all the wrong for your son?

          Let’s recap.

          You’re getting:

          • The complete unedited interview with Coach Trey Fowler
          • The complete, unedited interview with Coach Sean McSheffrey
          • FREE BONUS! COVID-19 Recruiting Briefing with Steve Olson

              All YOURS FOR JUST $1 🤯

              Because we know how crucial this is we’re going to do something absolutely crazy.

              Steve could easily sell this package for 100 bucks.

              But, instead, we twisted his arm and got him to slash 99% off.

              And hand you this information for instant and immediate download for just $1...

              OUR PROMISE TO YOU!

              We guarantee the info you’re getting is the most up to date and complete info available on navigating the new world of recruiting available anywhere.

              Now is the time. If you even blink it could cost your son a chance to get attention from college coach and to prepare him for this new world of recruiting. 

              YES, YOU CAN!

              P.S. A lot of great players will get blindsided by the new world of recruiting.

              Protect your son's dreams and his future. Don’t allow him to be one of the players who will be blindsided.

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