Here’s how the program works:

We’ll work together for the duration of your son’s recruiting process... from the start to the day he walks on campus.

We’ll start by meeting on Zoom for the Foundation Call. During this call, I’ll take your son through our PAT Profile. This identifies his Prime Athletic Triggers (PAT), Value System, and the Right Role position that helps him see where he would fit in a college program.

You’ll get a copy of the call and we’ll use this throughout your son's recruiting process.

Then we’ll work together to implement the following steps ...

  1. Identifying your son’s "Dream Come True" Schools
  2. Getting on those coaches watch lists (Players they track)
  3. Optimize visibility windows
  4. Standout showcase selection
  5. Mapping out the perfect 60 Second Showcase Video
  6. Crafting and delivering the World’s Greatest Recruiting Letter - This is the letter that will have coaches from his Dream Come True schools contacting your son.
  7. Organizing a non-official school visit
  8. Delivering the “We Mean Business” message to coaches
  9. Orchestrating the Wide Lens Showcase
  10. Evaluating opportunities
  11. Setting up your official visits with schools
  12. Receiving 3rd party recommendations and endorsements from other coaches
  13. Delivering the credibility and trust booster
  14. Game planning meeting with coach during official visit
  15. Reviewing offers
  16. Making school decision
  17. Informing other offering schools of your decision.

For players who are later in the process, this will move very fast. Players early in the process, there will be some time between steps. (If you’ve already started the process, no worries. We can pick up from where you are.)

We’ll work mostly over the phone. We’ll discuss each step, plan your next moves, craft your communications, and follow ups.

You’ll also getting access to a library of tutorials walking through each step of process, so you can reference them between our calls.

Tuition is $1000. (Payment plan options available on registration page.)

I’m planning to work with 8 players.

I’ll be with you through the entire process from the start to the successful completion of recruitment.

There’s no more other tuition due or future payments.

I’m going to be with you all the way.

If you’re in, click here to enroll.


Paul Reddick


I guarantee no results. I do guarantee I’ll teach you how to get in front of your "Dream Come True” schools and get a good look. What happens when you’re in front of them is up to you.

I’m not a recruiting service. 

I’m a baseball coach with 30 years of experience.
Scouted with the Pirates & Expos,
State Delegate for USA Baseball,
Resident speaker for Yogi Berra at his museum.
Co-Author of Picture Perfect Pitcher with Tom House.
Host of Baseball Dads podcast.
Founder, Baseball Education Center

Staff Officer, United States Coast Guard Aux

My passion is helping players.

This will be work. Your family will have to be laser-focused on every step of this process. That means leaving no stone unturned and taking advantage of every opportunity.

This is the most important decision of your son’s life. We’re not going to leave it to chance.

I will be brutally honest with you. 

There’s just no time for coddling.
There’s no points for style.
There’s no room for fantasies.

One slip up, one missed opportunity could
cost your son his chance.
This is a job we have to get done and done right.

I reserve the right to cut you from the team.
We’re planning to dominate this process. If at any time

I feel like you’re not 100% in, we’ll talk about it and get
back on track. If it becomes an ongoing issue, I will make some cuts.


If you decide to figure all this out on your own and we never work together, print this out and put it somewhere your family will see it every day.


This means, baseball talent being equal, that coach will look for something to tilt the scales and make a decision.

If you work with me and follow my instructions, we’ll give the coach about 100 reasons to choose you over the other player.

If you’re reading this far and still have questions, text me 201-323-0840.

Seriously. I return every text that's sent to me. (If you are under 18, please have your parents text me. I DO NOT speak to players without a parents permission.)