Your Son’s Baseball Success Comes Down To One Thing…


There’s an old baseball saying… “Little hinges swing big doors”. 🚪

🏆 Everyone is baseball knows, short term and long term success comes
down to your son making a commitment to the little things that add up to a big career.

But, we don’t often spell those out for players.

Not anymore!

💪 Finally! A tool that lays gets our kids to commit to the little things that will guarantee a great career without having to constantly remind them.

The Player's Pledge

Copies of The Player's Pledge Remaining...

Have your son step up, commit, lead, have the best season of his career.

👌 Values that are talked about = Ok

👍 Values that are written = Good

🥉 Values that are written and agreed upon = Better

🥈 Values that are written, agreed upon, and posted = Even better

🥇 Values that are written, agreed upon, posted, and signed = PRICELESS

😲 I want to send one directly to your doorstep 100% FREE.
No strings attached. Just pitch in for printing and shipping and tell me where to send it.

🛑 WAIT! Let me double your order.

I’ll actually send you two, just so you have an extra to give to a teammate, friend or just keep to re-commit for next year.

Limited Supply!

I had 1000 Players Pledges printed. I’m keeping one for myself and giving one to a friend, so I only have 998 to send out FREE!

😎 I’m so pumped for you to get this.

📫 Where should I send it?

The Champions Chat 📝

This “Champions Chat” was strictly a result of thinking…

“How can I guarantee results with this?”

So here’s what I did.

I had one of our most trusted advisors – a guy who’s HIGHLY trained in both the art and science of how to do research and learn the secret inner psychology of people – to interview me about the Champion’s Chart and this champion’s secret.

But I asked him not to stop there.

I wanted him to grill me…even try to STUMP me…and leave no stone unturned to make sure we glean every last drop of everything I know about this subject from 30 years of coaching players.

If there’s even a part of you that still doesn’t “get it” after listening to The Champion’s Chat , this interview will answer all of your questions for you.

I’m also going to send you this Champion’s Chat recording absolutely FREE with your order.

To recap, you’re getting the Champion’s Chart x2, the Champion’s Chart Master Class, the Champion’s Chat recording. – all FREE!.

Our 12 Month Money Back Guarantee

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You can relax knowing that you're completely protected by our One Year 100% Money Back Guarantee.

We’re not jerks. If you’re not happy, we’ll make it right. If our product doesn’t deliver as promised, let us know. You’ll get your money back on the spot and you can keep the program.

There’s no risk. It’s all on us. You can feel secure hitting the Add to Cart button knowing you’re fully protected and we’re going to take good care of you.

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