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⚾️🔥 The 5MPH Guarantee 🔥⚾️
Pitching Workshop

with Paul Reddick
What would an additional 5mph to your do to your career? 🚀
Would it take you from:

Being cut to a spot on the team?
Begging for innings to a top in the rotation starter?
From being overlooked to getting attention from the right coaches?

🔥🔥 Adding 5mph To Your Fastball Transforms Your Career! 🔥🔥

❌ MISTAKE: When pitchers try to add MPH to their fastball, they usually look to…

⏳ Long-term solutions like strength training, olympic lifting or long toss.

⚠️ Dangerous and risky options like crazy velo programs or weighted balls.

🤦 Incomplete programs like just working your shoulder, legs, or core.

😲 What if I told you that you had 5mph of hidden velocity inside of you right now waiting to be unlocked? …. and it could come quickly, was safe, and a program you could trust for your entire career? (Used by over 50,000 pitchers)

💪 VELOCITY FACT: Every amateur pitcher has at least 5mph of velocity inside them waiting to come out if they just make a few tweaks to how they throw and a few adjustments to how they approach training.

I’m willing to bet you’ve:

✅ Been to Camps, clinics, and lessons
✅ Signed up for courses, read books, and searched online
✅ Probably tried a bunch of stuff you’ve seen on Social media.
✅ Maybe even sought out an “expert.”

All good behaviors… if you’ve taken the right steps but don’t have the results, you were taught the wrong things, and you’re doing the wrong things right.

Nothing wrong with you. You just need the right information. 👍


Too dramatic? Nope!

AM I PUSHING TOO HARD? Damn right I am.
I’m a coach, that’s part of what I do, but here’s the real reason I’m pushing:

If you don’t have this foundational understanding of pitching

- ⚠️ You’re a mark for some snot nosed kid with a computer and an instagram account who wants to live out his dream of being Billy Beane (the Brad Pitt version, not the real one)

- ☣️ You’ll be at the mercy of some washed up scrub playing Daddy ball and wants to use your son to live out his unfulfilled dreams and play a supporting role in his sons career.

- ⛔️ Your son will be used by a business man disguised as a coach who will use your sons success to build his business

- You cannot protect your sons career, hopes, and dreams without the foundational knowledge of who to trust, who to walk away from, and at least who to manage diffusely.


So, yes, I’m pushing you and I’ll put my time, energy, and money where my mouth is to give you the foundational knowledge that will protect your son.

I want your son to realize the full potential of his career, not just the next six months. A great career, not just a good year. 🏆

If you don’t walk away from this workshop thinking twice about your son’s training, I’ll give you back every penny your paid, let you keep the recording, and I’ll even send you my phone number to have in case you have any questions in the future because either way, I’m your coach and I’ll be there for my players and parents.

Don’t wonder…

Maybe you’ll walk away saying “Paul, I disagree with everything you said”.
Fine, at least you’ll know. That’s better than a few years down the road and your son missing his chance and you having to wonder.

I like to live by this thought…
“I don’t want to be in the locker room wishing I’d played harder.” 🤦

Unlock 5mph of hidden velocity, protect your sons career and get the foundational knowledge you need! ⚾️ 🔥


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