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Now! A Way For Pitchers To Throw Harder, Become More Durable And Eliminate Risk Of Injury Without Long Training Programs, Risky Weighted Balls
Dangerous Crash Velocity Courses

OLD THINKING: Adding Velocity is hard, takes time, and often risky.

NEW THINKING: Adding Velocity is as easy as putting on a t-shirt.

Let me ask you a few questions:

Would you let your son go up to the plate to hit without a helmet?
Would you let a catcher get behind the plate with our protective gear?
Would you let your son field ground balls without wearing a cup?


Then why would we have our pitchers
throw without any protective device?

That would be enough for us to make our sons wear this device, but now add in the fact that the same device that protects there arm will also help them throw harder!!

You’ve already seen the amazing, proven results…now have the scientific proof, medical endorsements, and feedback from the games tops coaches!

THE TECHNOLOGY: The Perfect Arm is a protective sleeve that utilizes Muscle Web Technology™, the first engineered external assistance support system that mimics anatomic muscle function. The Muscle Web Technology™ embedded in the sleeve has be proven to reduce stress that leads to excess wear and tear associated with majority of elbow and shoulder injuries.

This unique patented design is flexible and adjustable to synchronize with any motion. The sleeve is designed to support the arm and absorb stress, without restricting motion. It offers an extra layer of protection to the arm by reinforcing and stabilizing joints during throwing mechanics. Giving athletes a workload management

The Perfect Arm has been tested in sports labs in the U.S. for over half a decade. All testing has been conducted with the highest standards of wearable 3D sensor technology. The data collected has been analyzed by both medical and research professionals. The reports and trial data conclude that wearing this sleeve will significantly decrease elbow torque and stress during throwing mechanics. Thus, making this the first arm stress reduction sleeve available to athletes.

Why The Best Coaches In The Game Are Making Their Pitchers
Wear The Perfect Arm...

“I Can’t Throw Anymore!"

I Had To Quit Baseball!

Before you click the order link and complete your order, I must tell you that speed is critical. We only have a limited quantity of discounted sleeves in stock, and the BEC community has a reputation clearing out warehouses! So, don’t hesitate for a single second... Click the button below and then choose if you want a right/left handed sleeve!

NOTE: The Perfect Arm size fits from about 5'5" 140lbs up to 6'3" 210lbs!

Discounted Sleeves Available.


Put it on and throw with it for a month, and if you don’t see an increase in velocity and an overall decrease in the feeling of stress on your arm, we’ll refund every single cent and part as friends.

Act Now! You have nothing to lose.
You’re backed by a rock-solid, throw harder, or don’t pay guarantee!

The Perfect Arm either makes your son better, or you don’t pay! Period.

P.S. This should scare the daylights out of you!

P.P.S. You’ve seen video proof with your own eyes of the velocity increases from pitchers using the Perfect Arm!

I hate it as much as you do, but the truth is that coaches, scouts, and recruiters look at velocity first and the pitcher second. That’s the reality of the game and the rules we all have to play by.

Just don’t let your son get overlooked because he left velocity on the table when there’s a device that will bring it out of him.

Discounted Sleeves Available.

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Our 12 Month Money Back Guarantee

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