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2020 SEASON ALERT: Baseball Season Restarting Soon! 🚨

Your Son’s Chance To
Blow Past Other Pitchers!

Have Your Son Jump Right Into The Season
And Watch Him Become The Go-To, Star Pitcher On His Team

Here’s the problem every pitcher is facing…

Your son, like every other pitcher, has been cooped up at home doing his best to stay sharp and game ready for when the season gets going again. But, ugh!! Let’s face facts: it’s a hard task without a coach, team or even a field.

How can any pitcher be expected to stay gameready and sharp under these terrible conditions?


Sad to say, during the shutdown, it’s also been pretty tempting for pitchers to get caught up in the trap of Netflix, YouTube and Xbox. 🕹

Also, it’s totally understandable to miss a few backyard practice sessions, raid the fridge and even get a little depressed cause we lost the spring season.


If your son got caught up in some of that it, don’t sweat it for a second. Not only can he be ready for the 2020 season, but he can set himself up now to blow past the others pitchers, who won’t be ready.

In most cases talent will always win out, but this is one of the rare situations where the talented pitchers who are not ready for the season will get smoked by the pitchers who stepped up and prepared.

What’s awesome is that it won’t even take your son long to get back into mid-season form.

We can get him ready, primed and in mid-season form in no time flat.

But, if he’s gonna make his mark on 2020, he’s gonna need the right program to follow so that when you get the call that it’s time to go play, your son is the pitcher that’s ready and his team can count on.


I hate saying this, but the pitchers who fail to prepare will get swallowed up by the 2020 season in one gulp….and maybe skipped over and left behind for good. There’s gonna be no time for players who are not ready to go when the call comes.

I want you to think ahead to the end of summer. You CANNOT be one of those Dads that didn’t get their son what he needed to make 2020 his year.


We tapped Coach Clayton Voechting to carefully craft a 21-day on ramp program that will have your son ready to go and stepping up to grab the ball when other pitchers are still trying to get their arm in shape.

You’ll get an easy-to-follow PDF together with a series of short videos.

The program is laid out step by step for your son. Just push play and follow along.

  • Just minutes a day.
  • No crazy equipment needed. ⚾️
  • Can be done with minimal space. 🏡
  • Can be scaled up or down for pitchers of any age. 🔥

It’s BOTH a throwing program and a workout plan.

Watch him quickly get his body and arm into shape with a daily shoulder routine and daily ramp up throwing routine…


In a matter of days, he’ll start to feel it click again just like he’s in mid-season form. I promise when he feels that ball fly out of his hand, it’ll be the best feeling he’s had in a while.



The best part is going to be the looks on your teammates’ faces and the other dads when it’s your son who has put the right program to work for him and is now reaping the benefits. Also, it’s the feeling of pride you’ll have knowing that you’re a step ahead and leading the pack and that you got your son on the right program when it mattered the most. 👊

There’s nothing like making the right move as a parent.


Coach Clayton is an in-the-trenches coach who knows what it takes to put winning pitchers on the mound. He’s been proving it for years with his own teams and 1-on-1 clients.

A former 4-year starting pitcher in college, Coach Clayton played two seasons professionally. He went on to become Varsity High School, winning the conference in his first season. These days he coaches players of all ages and has a great track record for success with young athletes.

So, working with Coach Clayton you’re getting the hardcore, tried-and-true training that your son needs right now. Not philosophy or off the shelf drills copied from social media.


  •  All he needs to do is follow along with the program, so there’s absolutely no guess work on your son’s part. Just plug and play. Every throw, every drill, every exercise 100% mapped out.

  •  It’s a Game-Ready protocol: this way your son is firing on all cylinders when he’s handed the ball for the first time.

  • Your Son can train anywhere so you never have anything standing in your way of training and preparing the right way.

  • You won’t need a ton of equipment so you can literally get started on this program just a few minutes from now.

  • All the thinking has been done for you, this way you’re not even giving a second thought to whether or not your son is getting the right training for this crucial time in his career.


“Can’t say enough about what a great coach he is to my son.”
"Clayton is a passionate coach who loves the game. He currently coaches my 11 year old son who was struggling with pitching. My son has overall improved thanks to all the time and dedication Clayton has put into my son. Clayton has patience, great techniques, and really knows how to work with kids. My son always looks forward to his practices. I can't say enough about what a great coach and mentor he is to my son." - Albert
“I’ve seen the difference in just two sessions.”
"I have taken my 14 year old son to see Coach Clayton for pitching lessons and have seen the difference in just two sessions. You can tell that Coach Clayton enjoys what he does by seeing his motivation to teach. The most important thing about Coach Clayton is that he is very knowledgeable and is flexible with his schedule. I asked my son what he liked about Coach Clayton and he stated that it was his ability to explain things, his patience, and his positive feedback.” - Cesar

“Best decision I’ve made as a Dad for my
son’s growth in Baseball.”

"My son is 7 years old and he has been working with Coach Clayton for some time now on pitching and hitting. Coach Clayton has tremendous knowledge of the game and a great approach to teaching hitting and pitching mechanics, especially to younger players. What he has been able to do to help my son develop has been nothing short of amazing. Coach Clayton has a unique ability to not only teach baseball fundamentals but also instill a sense of work ethic all while having a ton of fun and passing on his love of baseball. My son can’t wait to see Coach Clayton and gets excited to work hard and get better every week. We feel very fortunate that we found Coach Clayton and this has been the best decision I have made as a dad for my son's development and growth in baseball. We hope to have a long relationship working with Coach Clayton and look forward to what the future has in store for our son." – Sean
“Teaches the essential skills for my son to succeed.”
"Great coach for baseball lessons! My 9 year old son is taking batting, fielding and pitching lessons from Clayton. Clayton is patient and teaches the essential skills for my son to succeed in travel ball and little league.” –Mike
“Increasing confidence with each lesson.”

“I am writing this testimony on behalf of my son and I who have engaged Clayton Voechting for pitching lessons during the past 6mos. I have been amazed by the amount of growth and focus in my son’s ability to not only locate his pitches with proper technique, but also in adding new pitches to his arsenal. This has come through the instruction of Coach Clayton and the high level of expertise he brings to each lesson. No two lessons are ever the same and we learn something new every time. We have built a foundation that will take my son through his high school days and beyond hopefully.

What’s most important, is the increasing confidence my son has gained with each lesson. I would recommend Clayton and his overall approach to anyone interested in wanting to take their kid’s performance to the next level. He is passionate about pitching, loves working with us, and is a big step up from everyone we have tried.”

We’re calling Coach Clayton’s program The 21 Day Pitching On Ramp Program.

And for a limited time you can get the entire 21-day, step-by-step game-ready pitchers training program at absolutely no risk.



Look, you can’t afford to make a single mistake during this time, so we make sure you have every question answered and know exactly what to do, Coach Clayton will be holding a Live Zoom call to answer any and every question you have about making the absolute most of your training, so you don’t waste a single second.

To train with Coach Clayton in person (which we obviously can’t do right now) you’d be looking at $300 per month, and quite frankly with what’s at stake for your son and the quality of the instruction inside, I think he could easily charge his normal $300 (or more) for this program.

But, you won’t pay anywhere near that to ensure your son is ready. We negotiate hard with our authors to get them to bring you the best programs and the best possible value.

So, you’re getting:

  • The 21 Day On-Ramp Throwing Program ⚾️ (a $99 Value)
  • The 21 Day On-Ramp Pitchers Workout Program 💪(a $99 Value)
  • The Video Catalog for your son to easily follow along 🎥 (a $49 Value)
  • The Bonus Zoom Call with Coach Clayton to get your questions answered live 💻 (a $29 Value)

A total value of $176...

Now the BAD NEWS!

There IS a catch.

We’re only able to make 108 copies available at this low price and it’s first come, first serve.

But you can grab your copy today knowing that you’re 100% protected with our…

“Mound-Ready” Guarantee! 😯

Let your son use the game-prep secrets inside the program and if at ANY TIME in the next 60 days you aren’t 100% convinced that it’s EXACTLY what he needs to get the jump on this season…if he isn’t feeling stronger, more confident, and more in control after just a few days…if when the season starts other Dads aren’t asking you what the heck you did to have your son so ready to throw…then simply email and we’ll issue you a full and prompt refund… no hassles… and no questions asked.


The clock is ticking and every second that ticks by another pitcher is doing the work. ⌛️

Now is really the time, the season will be short. Almost every minute counts.

Coach Paul Reddick

P.S. Some pitchers will be left behind this year. Just promise your son he won’t be one of them.

P.P.S. With fewer games, every game, every inning, every pitch is going to count more this year. Your son cannot afford to miss this moment. You have the program in front of you that will enable him to blow past other pitchers in 2020! 💨

…and it’s less than 10 bucks.

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