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Unshakeable Confidence

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Dear Baseball Dad,

Imagine this:

Title game.

Two outs.

Bottom of the 9th.

Tying run on third.

Winning run on second.

Your son is right smack dab in the middle of the most stressful, pressure packed, nerve wracking situation in baseball.

(I also know the pressure is worse on you watching him, right? 🙂

Your son's ability to come through in this situation will not be the baseball lessons he went to, the strength training he did or the coaches of his team.

There’s only once place a son get that high level of  UNSHAKEABLE CONFIDENCE….


You're going to be the reason he succeeds.

Read this twice.

The Words From A Father To A Son Are The Most Powerful Force In The Universe!

That’s not entirely true.

You know what beats spoken words?

A father’s written words to his son.

You know what beats that?

A father’s words written to his son that are visible and re-read.

Those words stay forever. Your words will stay forever.

Let’s face it. We love our sons so much sometimes it’s hard to express that without getting choked up.

TRUTH: It’s easier for a Dad to write what’s in his heart than to say it. That why we’re giving these to you FREE!

Here’s How To Use These Magic Little Sticky Notes!

1. You see your son doing something good. Say he gets a big hit, pitches a great game, or even just hustles out an easy ground ball out...

2. You write what you saw him do on one of your magic yellow sticky notes that we're going to send you FREE!

3. Post it somewhere your son will see it. Dads love to post these next to their bed or on the back of the bedroom door (if you want it more private between you and him).

4. Imagine the look on your son's face when he reads the note from you recognizing him for the good things he’s done.

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(just cover $3.95 S/H)

As his dad, you feel in your heart now how your son will feel when he sees the special note you wrote for him acknowledging him.

When your son reads the notes you’ve written him your son will:

  • Know you’re proud of him. Imagine how your son will feel when he knows exactly how proud you are of him. Your son will gain confidence that carries over into his baseball, his school work and his friendships.
  • Know you’re watching him! Kids spell love: A-T-T-E-N-T-I-O-N. When your son knows his Dad is paying attention that attention is translated to love. FACT: Kids who feel loved play better, are more respectful to people and have better friendships.
  • Know you’re picking up the little things. How do you think he’s going to perform when he knows you’re seeing all the little things he’s doing right? If he takes care of the little things, watch how the big things fall in place.

And today it's yours FREE! (just cover $3.95 S/H). No strings attached. Our gift to you.

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(just cover $3.95 S/H)

Don’t let another moment slip by without letting your son knowing that his father loves him, is watching him, and is proud of him.

Be honest. Don’t you kinda wish someone did this for you when you were a boy?

Click the button below to claim yours now before they are all gone.

-Paul Reddick

Host, Baseball Dads Show

P.S. This will happen: Every time your son sees a new note he will stop everything he’s doing and read the note from you. He’ll stop the video game. He’ll ignore the TV. He’ll drop the phone and immediately read your words. There is no more powerful force in the universe.

P.P.S. Your son will keep these notes for the rest of his life.

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(just cover $3.95 S/H)

P.P.P.S. Guess what? When your son grows up, he’s going to do this for his son, your grandson.

That's the legacy you're creating.

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