Important Message for Motivated Baseball Dads

“The Real Secrets & Proven
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After 3 Years and 1701 Conversations with Baseball Dads, and My Own Success in Coaching, I’m Now Revealing The Secrets That Get Your Son To The Next Level!

“This Is The Absolute Best Time To Help Get Your Son 
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As a loving and caring baseball dad, you only want the very best for your son. And when it comes to baseball, you want to help him go as far as he can in the sport he loves. Your son can’t make this leap to the next level without your guidance and support.

With that being said, it begs these important questions…

WHAT are the right moves you need to make to move your son up the rankings?

WHAT are the wrong moves and mistakes you simply need to avoid during this process?

HOW do you “push” and motivate your son the right way, without being too strong or too soft?

These are very important and critical questions you probably struggle with as a baseball dad on a regular basis, and ones in which no Dad really has clear answers to.

As you know, your son has a small window to make the most of his career and every day that window closes a little. You only have a short amount of time to “get things right” if you want to make sure he maximizes his baseball talent, in order to get as far as he wants to in the game.

This puts a lot of pressure on you as a baseball dad.

- The fear of making the wrong moves or giving bad advice and having your son miss his chance.

- The fear of pushing them too hard or not hard enough and maybe they miss realizing their potential.

- The fear of not giving them the best opportunities possible and risking them not getting seen by the right people.

- The fear of jeopardizing your own relationship with your son over baseball because you pushed too hard or didn’t push enough. (it happens more than you think)

These fears are real, and many baseball dads just like yourself are facing these same fears every single day.

But here’s the good news for you…

I’ve seen baseball dads who got it all wrong and their son paid the price and those who get it right and their son enjoyed the rewards. These differences can be absolutely CRITICAL when it comes to how their own son moves up to the next level.

It almost always comes down to a few moments.

I’ve personally talked with 1701 dads and found out where they messed up, where they got it right, and just about every aspect in between.

What I’ve learned is EXACTLY what dads like yourself can do in order to not “screw things up” for their own son when it comes to helping their son move up the baseball ranks, and do it in a natural and very progressive way.

I’ve now taken all of this knowledge, vital insights and tips, and much more and packed it into a comprehensive 1-hour Masterclass created specifically for baseball dads just like yourself.

I’ve called it simply…


Inside this 1-hour Masterclass video program, you’re going to discover…

  •  The 7 common “denominators” of how parents of young baseball players can take their own son to the next level the right way (and what to avoid!)  This way you’ll be making the right move at every moment.
  • The real truths you need to face when helping move your son up the baseball rankings. The more you can understand this, the better off you and your son will be and the farther he’ll go in his career. This one alone takes all the pressure off so he can perform at his best.
  • How certain aspects about your own son’s game and physical nature can ‘make or break’ their own chances for moving up to a more elite baseball level! PLUS! How to find out exactly how good your son is and how far he can go.
  • “_______Makes the Major Leaguers”. When you understand this, it’ll make everything easier! In fact, this is the secret most dads flat out miss. They go for too much and end up hurting their kids chances of ever making it.
  • Why the number 23 is a critical metric and why it’s vital for baseball dads like yourself to fully understand. Keeping your eye on this measurement will always keep your son on track and will give him a huge advantage over other players down the road.
  • What to do if your son is already more physically advanced than his fellow baseball players or possesses that special athletic “DNA”. I’ll show you how most dads go wrong in this situation and how you can get it right.
  • The core 7 steps of getting your son to the next level. I’ll cover each one in detail, so you know exactly what you need to do to help maximize your son’s baseball potential every step of the way.
  • Is it ok to give your son a break from baseball? Is it ok if they play other sports as well? I’ll discuss how variety and balance can play a crucial role in the baseball success of your son! ….AND you’ll see how the right sports can give him a competitive advantage over players who just focus on baseball.
  • PLAY UP? Understand why letting your son play at the right level is critical. This means dancing the fine line between being challenged, but also not getting in over their head. Mess this one up and you’ll drive your son out of the game and wreck his confidence.
  • The critical difference between short term thinking (and short terms wins) vs. the “Big Picture” success and how you should navigate BOTH. Doing this right will make life much easier for you as a dad and will set your son up for long term success in the game.

Here’s How You Can Get INSTANT ACCESS To This Exclusive 1-Hour Masterclass Right Now…

Remember, this masterclass has been created specifically for baseball dads just like yourself. In this Masterclass,  I’ll give you the “blueprint” thats gets your son to the next level.

And the cost?

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Nothing more.

If you consider the costs associated with baseball lessons, baseball camps, and investing in baseball equipment – it can literally add up very quickly to hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

And on top of that, there’s the emotional expense and stress you can feel as a dad trying to figure out what to do and what not to do when it comes to helping your son excel in the game of baseball.

Now you’ll get all proven tactics for success and the confidence to avoid the danger  (and guidance) you need, but without breaking your bank account. And best of all, you can watch this 1-hour masterclass video from the comfort of your own home, anytime you wish.

But please be sure to act soon…

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See you inside the Masterclass!

Paul Reddick 👊

P.S. Remember: This Masterclass is based on the thousands of collective years of baseball experience from the 1701 Dads I’ve spoken to so far. This is not theory or fluffy information. These are hard facts about what works and what doesn’t work. There’s no other place you can get access to this kind of information to help your son get to the next level of baseball.

P.P.S. WARNING! Don’t wing it. Some Dads wait til it’s too late to start to plan on getting their son to the next level. The door closes fast and it's usually a surprise when it does.

Don’t risk your son's career because you didn’t have the right information. Especially when it’s right here for you to grab.

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