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LESSON #1: Why Your Son Throws Great In Lessons, But Not The Same In A Game
  • How adding one drill to his pitching training will transform practice performance into game performance, so he’s at his best when it matters the most.
  • The one thing you CANNOT allow your pitching coach to do to your son while instructing your son. Just eliminating this will change his pitching.
LESSON #2: MLB Pitchers Ditching 4-Seam Fastball For This Pitch..
  • TRUE STORY: One pitcher learned it in the bullpen and threw a 1-hitter the same day.
  • Throw it any count to any hitter... This way you’ll never have to retreat back to a belt-high fast ball in a jam.
  • “Freaky moment!” -Father of College Pitcher
LESSON #3: Do Hitters Know What You’re Throwing?
  • Most pitchers are giving away their pitches and don’t even know it.
  • Did you get rocked because the hitter knew what you were throwing? How to make sure self hack-proof, so hitters never know what’s coming...
LESSON #4: The back foot trick that unlocks up to 8MPH of hidden velocity
  • So simple a 10 year old used this trick to add 8mph to his fastball!
  • Start using it today. Takes 30 seconds to learn.
  • WARNING: The additional velocity may affect control of the first few throws.
      • How to clear your head and get in the zone instantly without all the “rah-rah” nonsense
      • Why pump ups and “motivation” are actually HURTING your son's chances for peak performance and what you should do instead.

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      • The Curveball Trick: How To Make Your Curve Drop Off the Table
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