Attention Dads! Get This For Mom!

Attention Moms! There’s Something You Can Teach Your Son
About Baseball That Dad CAN’T...

44 Crucial Questions Every Baseball Mom MUST Ask Her Son To Unlock His Greatness!

In 20 Minutes Flat, You Can Tap Into Your Son’s Greatness And Have Him Play The Way ONLY MOM Knows He Can!

Dear Mom,

Your son steps on the field.

Your heart sinks to your stomach, right?

It’s hard to even watch when all eyes are on your son, isn’t it?

You’re probably more nervous than he is, correct?
You probably want him to succeed more than he does, don’t you?

When he fails, you feel it, can’t you?

Whether he’s going bad…you want to hug him and tell him everything will be ok (because he’s your baby), but you also know he needs to get back out there and fight (because he’s also going to become a man).

You know why?

You Know There’s Something Special
In Your Son.

Something NO coach could ever see in him.

Something NO teammate will ever understand.

Something, NOT even his Dad can never fully bring out of him.

You know what else?

You wouldn’t think of sending him back on the field again if you didn’t KNOW he had it in him.

Your maternal instincts would protect him if you thought he didn’t have it in him, but YOU KNOW HE DOES HAVE IT IN HIM, Don’t you?

They Can Take Away
Your Son’s Confidence!

How many times has your son come home and said…

“Coach said this…” or
“A kid on the other team called me…” or
“So and so thinks I can’t…”

Mom, you’re up against other people’s “You are’s”.

Here’s what I mean:

When they say to your son…

You are not good enough to be in the lineup.
You are not a player who can play on this level.
You are not a pitcher who competes.
You are making too many mistakes.

When your son hears this, he believes it, he internalizes it. It becomes a part of him. They will become his “I AM’S.”

Internally, he will say…

I AM not good enough.
I AM not a player who can play on this level.
I AM not a pitcher who can compete.
I AM a player who makes mistakes.

Your Son’s Gonna Believe This Garbage
Unless You Step Up And Counter It.


Are you really going to allow your son to think this way?

Are you really going to allow your son’s future to be dictated by his critics?

Are you really going to allow your son to be defined by a few dumb coaches?

Are you really going to allow the potential you know your son has to be squashed?

…His hopes dashed?
…His spirit flattened?
…His confidence crushed?

You’ve known him the longest.
You Have To Step Up For Your Son!

If I could show you how to obliterate the “You Are’s” put on him by other people, would you want to know how?

What if I told you in less than 20 minutes flat YOU COULD BE THE HERO of your son’s baseball career by simply asking him the 44 questions that gets him to tap into his that greatness?

This isn’t some pump-up or pep-talk. This is getting down into the heart of your son and pulling out the greatness you know is in him, making him resilient, making him confident in who he is as a student, as a player, and as a man.


If you don’t help him get there, he’ll believe what others say about him, and he’ll l miss his chance, not because he didn’t have the talent, because nobody stepped up to bring it out of him.

I’ve made this so easy for you.

You just have to sit him down and ask him these questions.
That’s it.

All the heavy lifting has been done.

This is decades of experience mentoring with 100’s of players put into 44 easy questions.


Actually, not so different to you, right? In less than 20 minutes, you’ll see the part of him you’ve always known come back to life. You’ll see the gift that your son is come out. It will be like clearing the cobwebs off, and there will be the man you gave birth to, and he’ll light up.

You might even be surprised to see that there’s even more to him than even you thought.

All in less than 20 minutes.

“((( HUG ))) Thanks, Mom!”

Whether he’s just playing a local game or he’s in the Big Leagues, your son’s always gonna know who did this for him.

He’s gonna know that you were able to pull something out of him nobody ever saw, let alone could unlock.

He might look for that wink from Dad, but he’s gonna give you the hug, and I’ll bet when you bring him in for that hug, he’s gonna say, “Thanks, Mom.” He’ll try and be cool about it, but you and he will have an understanding.

Is there anyone in the world that will ever understand your son better than you will?
Nope! Never!

Mom, You’ll Be The Hero.

Moms never get the credit they deserve. I know you don’t need credit,
you’re just doing your job, You just want your son to reach his potential
You’ve been on this job since the moment you laid on eyes on him.

…but, you will be the hero.


There’s lots of good “baseball” reasons to listen to me, but more importantly, you should listen to what I’m saying because there is not a single human being on the planet that communicates with more parents and players than I do. I have had over 2000 personal consultations with baseball parents, my podcast for baseball parents was downloaded over 1,000,000 times last year, and my daily newsletter is read by nearly 700,000 parents.

Through this massive experience, I know what parents need to do to help their sons succeed.

With these 44 Questions, you’ll…
  • Unlock your son’s motivational triggers so that you can tap into an unlimited source of motivation.
  • Get your son out of his head and into his heart so he can play all out when other players want to quit.
  • Eliminate fear by showing him a place to play where fear doesn’t exist, this way he’ll come up big when other players are afraid.
  • How to handle criticism/critics so he never allows someone's limiting the option of him to define his game.



Just 44 questions...

Less than 20 minutes...

The greatness pulled out of your son...

I’ll hand you everything you need to get started.

You’re getting 5 “Fill In The Blank” Worksheets to download immediately.

Just ask the questions and write down your son’s answers.

You’re also getting a step-by-step video walkthrough - I’ll walk you through everything you need to know to get started and ask questions. It’s super easy, but I’ll walk you through it anyway, so we don’t miss a thing.

To hire me, you’d have to join a mentoring program, and they start at $300. Trying to figure this out on your own, you can put in the 30 years of hard work, or you can take this shortcut.

I could easily charge $100 and sleep like a baby tonight.

But, because I’m committed to your son as much as you are and I know what can be done here…


If You Don’t See An Immediate Change,
I’ll Work With Your Son Personally!

If you don’t see a complete change in your son after you take him through the questions, but send me a pic of the sheets, I’ll look at them, and then we’ll set up a time to meet on Zoom and walk you and your son through the questions.

That’s how much I believe in these questions and the impact they’ll have on your son’s career.

You’re In The Game, Mom!
Time To Step Up For Your Son!

There’s nothing in your way.
Now is the time for you to the hero, Mom!

Paul Reddick

P.S. I have to push you a little. If you don’t step up, you’re leaving the door open for someone else to do it for you.

What will they say to your son?

What will he believe about himself?

Are you willing to let someone else get in your baby’s head?

P.P.S. DADS REMINDER! If you’re a Dad reading this, get this for Mom and tell her to do it. Step back Dad and let Mom work her magic.

You’ll also be kinda of a hero cause you’ll be the catalyst for making this happen.

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