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Former New York Mets coach and strength and conditioning expert Jeff Cavaliere is spilling all the insider secrets behind the success of some of the MLB’s most legendary players.

This includes players Jeff worked with during his career with the Mets, players who spent years developing their off-season training regimens, understanding which drills and exercises worked (and which ones didn’t), and taking the time to fine tune their training as an exact science.

For many players (and even many coaches) it takes years of experience to understand how the off-season effects in season performance.

For you, that’s not going to be the case because…

Today You Have The Opportunity To Ethically Steal Straight From The Training Playbook Of The MLB’s Biggest Stars!

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Right now, former Mets coach Jeff Cavaliere is ready to share with you the off-season training secrets of MLB’s most successful pros, in a format that you can adapt at absolutely any level of play.

You’re about to uncover…

  • The exact training schedule of the New York Mets including their work out guidelines, testing guidelines, exercises, and the strategies behind their success…
  • Drills and specific workouts for pitching, hitting, running, long toss, and more all adaptable to any level of play (you don’t need to be a Pro to follow this program)…
  • Eating Plans, advice and what to eat and what not to eat and the professional strategies for maximizing recovery so that you can train longer and harder…
  • Flexibility exercises, recovery and injury prevention strategies, and ancillary preventatives powerful enough to keep you healthy and strong through an entire MLB season…
  • Core training ideas, specific workouts, and power transfer exercises designed to maximize every ounce of power you have in your body…
  • Step-by-step and day by day training programs for hitters and pitchers that include specific exercises as well as running in general conditioning protocols…
  • All this and much, much more in a complete step-by-step guide to the training  behind some of baseball’s biggest stars!

This is one of the first times the doors have been opened and all of the strategies behind and MLB Off-season training have been made available to any player, parent, or coach interested in discovering the training innovations the pros use to get ahead.

And the practical details that you’re about to discover aren’t even half of it. You’re also going to get access to individual player training logs. That’s right…

Now You Can Get An Inside Look Straight Into The Training Logs Of The New York Mets!

Included in the program you’re about to discover are the day by day training logs of everyone on the team from position players to pitchers.

You’ll discover exactly what pros are doing in the off-season to build the strength they need and improve their technique.

From Position Players To Pitchers, It’s All Revealed In…
Major League Insider Training

Start Today And 2021 Will Be Your Breakthrough Season

Here’s What’s Included In Major League Insider Training

  • An inside look at the active warm-up that will have you primed and ready to play at your best.
  • Flexibility drills and dynamic and static stretches the will keep you loose and injury free.
  • Field testing guidelines to determine how you stack up against the pros, this way you know where you stand.
  • 3 core strengthening programs that improve power transfer…
  • Hip strengthening band program you can do anywhere to keep your hips strong and stable for greater power production.
  • Conditioning principles to build endurance so you play the last inning at the same level you play the first.
  • Day by day training logs for position players and pitchers. Everything laid out for you step by step.
  • Foam roller stretching programs to work out and stiff or sore muscle areas.
  • Rotator cuff strengthening guidelines to maximize stability and prevent injury.
  • Armament deceleration training. You can’t speed up what you can’t slow down.
  • An “In The Strike Zone” throwing program to maximize command of the plate.
  • Long toss protocols to enhance velocity and endurance.
  • Nutrition and supplementation guidelines, so your body is fueld for maximum performance.
  • Plate forearm series for hitters that creates iron-like grip and forearm strength.
  • Specific “rice bucket training” for throwers and pitchers…
  • A complete look at and MLB off-season training program…
  • And much, much more!

Here’s What New York Mets Legend, David Wright Says About Major League Insider Training

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