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MLB Coach Of The Year Reveals...


Rare Video With Cincinnati Reds Pitching Coach Derek Johnson Reveals How, Using A Few Simple Drills, Any Pitcher Can Learn The Secrets To Throwing A Big League Breaking Ball…

(Even If He’s Never Thrown One Before!)


Some of the greatest minds in pitching today gather at an event called Pitch-A-Palooza. ⚾ It’s an annual gathering of pitchers and pitching coaches like no other, featuring workshops with a who’s who of the biggest names in pitching.

Value bombs are dropped all around and young pitchers like your son are transformed.

Here’s the deal:

The organizer of Pitch-A-Palooza, Lantz Wheeler, is a colleague and friend.

I twisted his arm a little (ok, A LOT) and got him to agree to release a very restricted quantity (only 108 copies) of a rare video from Pitch-A-Palooza featuring Coach Derek Johnson teaching an exclusive workshop:

"How to Develop An MLB Breaking Ball"

If you don’t know Coach Johnson, you’re in for a treat.

He’s been the pitching coach for the Cincinnati Reds since last year (previously with the Brewers), and he’s widely credited with turning around their entire pitching program.

At the end of June 2019, Forbes called the Reds pitching rotation “resurgent” and gave most of the credit to Coach Johnson.

A month earlier, The Cincinnati Enquirer called Coach Johnson the Reds “best offseason acquisition”, and gushed that he’s “turned the Ohio River water into wine”. 🍷👏

I think you see where I’m going with this.

Not only is Coach Johnson one of the top coaches in Major League Baseball right now, but…


And those who were there never forgot them!

It’s not an exaggeration to say this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to “eavesdrop” on one of the best coaches in the game doing his thing.

In the video, you’ll see Coach Johnson take a high-schooler who’s never thrown a breaking ball in his life and in less than 35 minutes show him how to create near-perfect spin.  This kid walked away with all the tools he’ll ever need to develop his breaking ball to a very high level.

You’ve never seen anything like it.

And outside of this video, you probably never will.

Best part?

Now, with this video, your son can learn these secrets too!

Secrets like…


  • 4 simple drills that let any pitcher quickly develop his breaking ball, even if he’s never thrown one before! (This is like having one of Major League Baseball’s premier pitching coaches work “hands on” with your son!)
  • A single, little-used secret that will forever change how you look at (and grip) the baseball!  (First taught to Derek by University of Missouri pitching coach Fred Corral, knowing this will let your son instantly create a better spin on the ball.) Starts at 5:14 in the video
  • Why most of the “conventional wisdom“ on the right age for a pitcher to start throwing a curveball is dead wrong and may be hurting your son’s career! 👎 (Also, how to manage his development for maximum results AND safety!)  8:33
  • The #1 mistake most amateur pitchers make when attempting the slider (Don’t let your son do this…instead tell him to grip the ball in the very specific way Coach Johnson shows at 6:46 of the video, and watch him leave hitters dumbfounded!)
  • The two things every coach needs to be looking for from his pitchers ✌️ (If your son gets nothing more than these two very simple things, not only will it let him win more today, but it’ll open the door for him to move to the next level tomorrow.)  4:28
  • The simple 3-pitch combination that almost instantly teaches a pitcher the feel of a big league breaking ball (All your son needs to do is work this combination together with a few simple drills and he’ll have the basics down his very first session!) 12:06
  • How to use two ordinary objects – probably sitting in your garage right now – to create a training tool that lets you quickly learn how to create spin (Putting a great spin on the ball is the #1 ingredient in being able to throw an effective breaking ball.  “Shape” is the second. Your son can use this tool as soon as today to almost instantly develop both.) 17:43
  • One thing you must never do when rotating or risk “deflating” all the power and tension in your throw (Simple – your son will quickly know how this feels and what to do to correct it) 37:20
  • A little-known way to use a hair elastic to build grip strength without changing your throw! (This secret technique will let your son learn how to stay “behind the ball” when he throws and give him a whole new dimension of power and control.)
  • Three almost unknown secrets to “locking in” the perfect grip (Great pitchers have a “claw-like” grip that lets them hit the same spots every time.  Just tell your son to hold the ball like this, and watch as his confidence and control go through the roof!) 15:40
  • How to use your catcher to help you develop your breaking ball even faster! (Cultivating the catcher-pitcher relationship is one of the keys to developing your pitcher.  Here Coach Johnson reveals a simple way to leverage that relationship for almost instant results!) 17:00
  • The #1 job of pitching coaches when it comes to developing their players (According to Coach Johnson, this one simple principle applies at every level of the game...and it has nothing to do with developing their breaking ball.  Great personal insights here.) 10:16
  • A simple progression – using items you can find at a sporting goods store for only a few dollars – that any pitcher can use to develop big league spin and shape starting as soon as their next practice (The best training tools don’t have to be anything fancy.  If you’ve ever wondered what tools an MLB pitching coach swears by, this is must-see TV!) 20:10
  • The critical mistake most amateur pitchers make with off-speed pitches that “tips off” the batter to what you’re throwing (Please…don’t let your son do this!  When hitters know what pitches are coming, it’s never a fun day on the mound.) 18:45
  • A weird – but highly effective way – to use silly putty to instantly know the best way to grip the ball (Your son only needs to do this ONCE, and the correct grip will be burned into his brain!) 44:25
  • The really juicy “radio tuner” secret that lets any pitcher quickly learn to throw a slider 📻 (Most young pitchers today are doing the opposite of this…an almost sure-fire way to make the ball land at the batter’s feet.  This tip alone can change your son’s delivery overnight.) 45:41
  • A special way to get instant feedback on how good your spin is, without needing a coach!  (In fact, none of these drills require a coach…and you can do all of them using simple tools that don’t cost much, and that you can easily find almost anywhere!)
  • An exclusive look into how Coach Johnson almost forces pitchers to put more spin on the ball by working on their lower half (You’ve heard about how important your son’s grip is to be being able to throw a great breaking ball…here’s a secret way for him to move his lower body to get the same effect that much faster)!
  • and much, much more!

That’s just a taste of what’s in Coach Johnson’s How To Develop An MLB Breaking Ball.

Listen, I’ve been involved in coaching pitchers at the highest levels of the game for more than two decades.

This is some of the best pitching instruction I’ve ever seen.

And I don’t say that lightly.


Ok, let’s get down to it...

Attendees of Pitch-A-Palooza have paid as much as $800 to attend these private sessions.

If you could get even ONE insight from Coach Johnson that helps your son’s career, what would it be worth to you?

The great news is, if you buy today, you don’t need to pay $800.

You don’t even need to pay $49.

If you are one of the first 108 who take action the video is just $49 $17.

You can’t afford to drag your heels on this either.

The owner of these videos, Lantz, wants to compile them and sell them as a set for a much higher price.  This next six days (or first 108 copies) was as long as we could get him to agree to do this offer.

This is a one-time deal, and it won’t come around again.

Either get yours NOW while copies are still available, or risk letting this simple information – that can help your son’s game as soon as today – slip through your fingers.

Every sincere Coach or Dad is going to want this.


Click the button below right now to get instant access to Coach Johnson’s video training:

You’ll be getting skill instruction, development drills, exercises, personal insights and instruction on every aspect of developing an MLB breaking ball from one of the game’s premier pitching coaches.

This is a rare “look inside” the art and science of pitching. ⚾

And it’s must-have info for any pitcher.

Finally, if you’re still on the fence (you shouldn’t be) keep in mind you have absolutely no risk thanks to our…


It’s simple.  We’re not jerks.  We stand behind everything we offer 100%.  If you don’t think the Coach Johnson’s video training is everything I’ve said it is for ANY reason, you shouldn’t have to pay.

Simply send us an email at any point within the next 12 months and we’ll send you a FULL and PROMPT refund.  Plus you can keep the video.

We honestly couldn’t make this any more of a no-brainer.

Click the button below to get the video right now while copies are still available.


P.S.  Do you really want to pass up this chance to learn from one of the leading minds in pitching today…all for less than the cost of buying your son lunch? 🤔

Until he learns to develop his breaking ball, your son will always have a ceiling on far he can go in the sport.

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