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ATTENTION: Pitchers Who Want More Power, Command, and Durability on the Mound! 💪


“Miracle” Mini-Band PLUS Workout Poster

The easy-to-use, “anywhere” training tool elite pitchers never leave home without!

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✅ You know your pitcher needs to keep his arm and shoulder strong

❌ But he doesn’t always have time to train or access to a gym.

✅ You know to he needs to warm up…

❌ But most pitchers don’t get into the rhythm of the game until the second inning or later in the first because they're not warmed up enough.

Maybe he’s not sure how to train to prevent arm injuries.

Well, guess what?


Let me tell you about the FREE Mini-Band and Workout Poster I want to send you today.

The Mini-Band is super lightweight.

It's 100% portable.

(You can even stick it in your pocket.)

And with the poster, we’re keying in on areas in the shoulder that pitchers need to strengthen.

The sets, reps, and exercises are all laid out for you.  And the workout is 100% safe and recommended for pitchers of all ages.

Never again will your son wonder what to do to…


I can hear it already:

“Coach, c’mon…Mini-Bands…really?”

Easy there, Tiger.

Don't underestimate its power by how small it is or how light it is.

This little guy provides a pretty intense workout. 

You’ll see.


Straight up:

A stronger shoulder = a more durable shoulder.

That means a lower risk of injury.

PLUS, with a more durable shoulder, your pitcher will be able to throw longer AND to throw harder.

Not only does your free Mini-Band and workout poster let you build the arm strength you need to throw smoke...SAFELY...more consistently...and for longer…


Use it as a warm up any time you’re throwing.

Game or practice.

The day you warm up with these exercises, your shoulder will feel loose, strong and ready to throw.  Right out of the gate you’ll bring the flow it usually takes you almost all of the first inning to find.

In fact, I’d bet my bottom dollar that once you warm up this way…


That’s not just hype either.

Every single legitimate college and professional pitcher has a Mini Band.

Like, on them.

Every day.

And uses it on the regular.

Think back over your son’s last season.  Would he have been a different pitcher, gotten more playing time (maybe more W’s), and HAD MORE FUN if his arm felt loose, strong, and he could quickly find his flow?

Imagine seeing your pitcher at the mound in a big situation and watching him throw with power AND confidence, knowing he could trust his arm when it mattered.

  • A surprisingly killer workout that’s also crazy effective (Not only will your son’s arm will be stronger and recover faster, but it’ll be almost “injury proof”!)
  • Do it in your garage, your basement, on the field…even in a hotel room!  (With this there's never, ever an excuse to not get in a shoulder/arm workout)
  • Get your shoulder workout in…even when you don’t have time! (No joke…as little as 10-15 minutes is all it takes!)
  • Guarantees a great warm up every time (Your shoulder will feel loose, strong and ready to throw.  That’s why there isn’t a single high-level college or professional pitcher who doesn’t own and use one.)
  • Done-For-You: the sets, reps and exercises are all on your free poster (All your son needs to do is just put it on and go).
  • Great for multi-sport players that maybe also play basketball or hockey or wrestle in the winter (this is the all-purpose tool that makes your son an all-around better athlete.
  • Easy to build into your everyday routine (Tell your son to do this daily and watch what happens to his power and control in every pitch)!
  • Perfect for lower body and hip exercises too! (The poster we’re going to send you keys in on the shoulder, but the mini band can easily be used for a total body blast to help your son get stronger…even if he doesn’t have access to a gym!)

Elite pitchers are right now enjoying all these benefits and more, why shouldn’t your son?


We’ll send you your mini band and the workout poster that shows your pitcher exactly what to do absolutely FREE.  No strings attached. Nothing up my sleeve. You just pitch in the cost of shipping.

Call it a perk of being one of my VIP subscribers. 🙂 

There is one small catch.

We could only get 108 bands.

We went to bat hard for you to bring you the best possible deal because we believe the mini band is a “must-have” tool for any pitcher. 

We can’t keep giving them away free forever.

Pitchers absolutely love these mini bands.

Any serious pitcher, or concerned dad/coach is going to want one.

Click the button below to order yours RIGHT NOW while supplies last.

P.S.  The actions you didn’t take are always the ones you regret…

Do you really want to pass up your chance to get this FREE, and instead see the other team’s pitcher warming up with this mini band and workout?

P.P.S.  Now when your son steps up to the mound, his arm will be loose, strong and ready to throw.

You’re gonna love seeing the change in him…more power, command and ability to stay in the game longer…and he’ll recover faster between games and practices.

Best part:

It’s FREE!

Don’t wait, click the button below to get yours now.

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