ATTENTION Hitters and Hitting Coaches!

Finally A Way For Your Son To Hit In A Game
The Way He Hits In Practice!

Why do two players have the same results in practice, yet perform differently in a game?

Is it technique?

Is it timing?

Is it mental?

Does one hitter want it more than the other?

No! It’s none of it.

The fact is even players who appear to hit really well in practice often fail when it comes to a game.

Why? They fail to properly train and prepare for the chaos they face in a game.

Your Son Needs 1000s Of Different Swings

I’m not talking about repetition.

Your son needs a swing that can adjust to:

  • different heights of pitches
  • different locations
  • different speeds
  • different types of pitches.

For those coaches who think technique alone is the answer, THEY’RE DEAD WRONG!

Those coaches rarely produce hitters with a GAME-READY swing ready to do damage!

To hit with success, your son will need these 4 things:

  1. An explosive swing.
  2. Swing speed.
  3. Swing adjustability.
  4. Great timing.

To seal the deal on a GAME READY swing, you need to train the eyes, the brain and the body for going into battle. You can’t leave any part out.

A hitter must practice with the same mindset, variations, and adjustments he must make in a game.

You Can’t Take Normal Batting Practice!

Normal batting practice will never produce the turbulence your son will face in a game.

When most hitters practice, they do drills like soft toss, front toss or batting tee and will spend 90% of the time hitting a pitch that is belt high.

You’ll only get the pitch 5% of the time in a game!

In batting practice, most hitters demand that almost every pitch is a strike and a good strike to hit. They spend no time using the brain like it is used in a game.

That’s Why Practice Results Don’t Show Up As Game Results

If your son has a good swing …great

…now he needs to swing faster

…if he has a good, fast swing,

…now he needs to become more adjustable.

Two things your son should care about …

  1. Hitting the ball hard
  2. Hitting with good ball flight

In this FREE DVD, I’m going to prepare your son to be a battle-tested and GAME-READY hitter that produces day in and day out. Nothing will ever phase him at the plate.

Here’s what we’ll cover: 

  • Bridging the gap between practice hitting and game hitting. Imagine what his career would look like if he were the same hitter in a game that he was in practice? I’ll get him there. 
  • Chaos Training. Did you know? Your son’s brain adapts to practice training differently than a game situation. We change that by making his practice chaos driven.
  • The 50/50 drill you should use every time your son takes BP. I use this with my little leaguers and my MLB clients.
  • How to keep your son aggressive and attacking at the plate, so he’s always making solid contact with high exit velocity.
  • The only decision your son has to make when in the box. I’ll show him how to clear out everything else so he can focus.
  • Why you never want your son to be an “I don’t know” hitter. This alone puts your son in a better mental mindset to hit.
  • Why “STOP” is the most important word your hitter needs to know. Actually, it’s the ONLY word a hitter needs to know.
  • The “Pitch Hunt” drill that keeps your son focused on driving good pitches, making solid contact, and creating optimal launch angle.
  • Why every hitter must know when to “Sit soft” and wait for the right pitch to lift.
  • The strange drill that prepares your son for pitchers with weird deliveries. This way he’ll never be caught off guard and have a distinct advantage over hitters who have not trained this way.
  • The one type of pitch your hitter should NEVER work on in practice.
  • How to turn on a “plus” fastball and deposit it over the outfield fence for a dinger!
  • Never get beat on an elevated fastball again. I’ll show you how to train to hit this pitch with authority.
  • What Dominican hitters know about hitting that every American hitter should start doing today.
  • Why a walk is NOT as good as a hit.
  • …and much, much more!

My name is Mike Ryan. I’m the hitting coach called upon to create hitters with 100mph Exit Speed. Now you should listen to me (or any coach) for only one reason:  The results I’ve gotten for my players. You can read them below.

If you need some career credentials…I spent 16 years scouting with the Seattle Mariners, and for the last 15 years, I’ve owned the midwest’s premier baseball training facility, Fastball USA.

Players travel from all over the world to train with us.

Here’s a few players I’ve had the privilege to help…


I had coached nearly 30 years without winning a high school state title.

It is no coincidence that the year I implemented Mike Ryan's hitting methods our team won it all.  State Champs!

That intense focus allowed us to double the number of extra base hits we had from the previous year. 

In the last four games of our championship run, we averaged 9.5 runs a game against the best pitching in the state. It's simple, if you want a lineup stacked with ferocious hitters then get with Coach Ryan's program."

Thanks again Mike!

Dave Savino
Glenn Allen HS
4A State Champs!


I have been coaching for 13 years and like any good coach you want to find the best possible methods to train your athletes. 

I honestly cant say enough about coach Ryan and what he has done for the Development of my sons hitting or my coaching and dealings with my son. 

My son Devin was hitting a little under .350 and very inconsistent. 

After getting learning from Coach Ryan it is like an alien has snatched up my son and replaced him with a different kid. 

Thanks coach Ryan the proof is definitely in the pudding my man!

David McComas


We drove six hours one way for both the Mike Ryan's Training and WILL do  again If you are wondering if it is worth the investment my answer is ABSOLUTELY, 100%.

Thank you Mike Ryan

John Stahl 

Son Nate named 2019 High School 2nd team All American and now at Indiana University 


I chose Coach Ryan because I wanted something different.  When I first started training  My exit speed was 80mph and now it's 90mph.   Coach Ryan is the way to go if you want to take your game to the next level!!!!

Thanks Coach Mike!

John Thomas


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You might ask why I am making you such an incredible offer.

Here’s why: I’m hoping that this DVD changes your hitting career and that it will be such a game-changer for you that maybe you think about coming to one of our camps.

Call me crazy, but I’m old school. I was taught to give before you get, provide value, and invest in people. So, that’s what I’m doing.

Free DVDs Remaining

Yours in baseball,
Mike Ryan