Altuve hits .792 when he does this…

Jose Altuve has become as good as anyone putting balls in play with authority and hitting the ball with good flight. 

In one MLB season when Altuve hit balls at a 10 degree launch angle he batted .792.   

Yes, .7️⃣9️⃣2️⃣!

So many people make the mistake of thinking that Launch angle is simply hitting balls really high into the air. 

Every ball that is hit has some type of launch angle. Some are negative and some are positive. 

When Altuve launches at 10 degrees, he is on fire. ?

That is pretty much the norm for most MLB hitters, and applies to any level. 10 Degrees are balls launched over the infielders heads.  

So what is stopping your hitter from hitting the ball on a 10 degree launch angle?

What is stopping your hitter from hitting the ball harder?  

❓ Is it size?  
Most of my students are bigger than Jose Altuve.  

❓Is it strength?
The key is developing the strength to dominate your body weight as mentioned earlier. 

❓Is it practicing the right concepts?  
Charts like these are like knowing the answers to the test before you take the test. 

Seeing this, should clearly narrow your focus. 

Every hitter has the ability to hit the ball above the infielder’s heads on a 10 degree launch angle.  

Keep working at it and do it with authority. Hit it hard.  

❓Is it energy?  
❓Do you need to maximize your energy going through your system?  Swinging hard often get’s a bad wrap, but very few hitters or hitting coaches consider the importance of being high energy.   

The ability to be quick, swing fast, and accelerate your bat very quick in a short amount of time is huge. 

???The quicker you are, the longer you can wait for the pitch.  The quicker you are, gives you more time to lay off a bad pitch. 

???The quicker you are, the more power you can generate.  

Once again, when most players try to be quick they are most often met with failure. 

The natural reaction is to slow down, in order to look better on the next swing. The ego can’t take the short term failure. 

The quickest pitchers in the world are often the wildest pitchers when they are younger. They struggle controlling the ball until they have get more reps and more coordinated.  

Research Nolan Ryan and Sandy Koufax and history says they struggled at throwing strikes when they were young. 

For a hitter speed is often sacrificed just to make contact.  

Jose Altuve changed his mindset from making contact to trying to drive the ball.  The results have been great.

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Hit the ball hard!
Coach Mike Ryan