Your son’s hitting training may be all wrong?

When it comes to hitting training, please take this into your heart… Be an Athlete Who Plays Baseball – Athlete First. 

The mistake most people make is they think you have to be big to be strong. Jose Altuve has been mentioned by some to be one of the strongest players in all of baseball. 

How could that be?

First you need to understand that big does not equal strong.  

I have seen plenty of players who fit the category of big, but fail and actually being strong. 

Baseball Strength. 

Regardless of your height, and body weight the key for a baseball player is able to dominate his own body weight. 

If you are like Altuve and have a frame of 5-6 at 170 pounds, then it’s really simple. 

You need to figure out how to move 5-6, 170 pounds faster.   That’s called horsepower. 

You also need to train your body and the fast-twitch muscle fibers.  

I refer to this training inside the ATP-CP system.  

That system is system you use in the first 12 seconds of an exercise.   After 12 seconds, you run out of ATP-CP.   Some people refer to this as your jet fuel. 

✈️ Altuve taps into his jet fuel.   The ability to move as fast as possible in a short amount of time. 

I spend 95% of my training of athletes training the ATP-CP system. Why?  Baseball players only play in ATP-CP. 

? It takes less than a second to swing a bat.
? It takes less than 3 seconds to deliver a pitch. 
? The average play is done in less than 5 seconds. 

Even doubles are done in less than 10 seconds. 

Only extended run downs or inside the park home runs might get a player outside the ATP-CP system. 

In short, if you are playing a sport that requires ATP-CP all the time, why are you training so much outside the ATP-CP system?

Outside the system is anything past 12 seconds. 

When training, go fast.  

Sprint instead of jog.  ?‍♂️

Do strength work focusing on moving with good technique as fast as possible. ?

Simply put, if you move slow you become slow. 

If you move fast, you become fast. 

Focus on creating strength that will get you dominating your body weight.  

Then move that body as fast as possible in ways that relate to baseball.  

Baseball is a rotational sport. 

Baseball is about transferring energy from one leg to the other leg with lateral movements.  

One leg.  Rotational.  Power burst.  

Picture a ground ball hit to your left. 

You will need to take a step and dive.  

Then pop up and throw the runner out at first base in less than 5 seconds.  

That’s fast. 

The goal should be to dominate your body weight, and move it as fast as possible in ways that relate to baseball movements. 

✅Rotational, lateral, while driving energy from one leg to the other leg. 

Jose Altuve fits this category.  He moves remarkably fast. 

It’s not about size. It’s about how well you can move your size. 

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Hit the ball hard!
Coach Mike Ryan