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Mental Tips Needed to Throw a Deadly Sinker!

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If you can throw a 4 seam fastball, you can throw a sinker. Why do you think big league pitchers are switching over so fast?

It doesn’t take years, months or even days to learn it... With the right program, you can learn it in a few hours.

Don’t take my word for it... Here's an e-mail I just received from a high school coach:


I purchased your Advanced Sinker Training on the day of a game and watched the videos in my office at the end of the day prior to our bus leaving.

While our starting pitcher that day was doing his normal pre-game bullpen routine, I told him I wanted him to throw a few sinkers while he was getting loose.

He said, "I don't know how."

After going over the basic stuff you talk about in your training videos, he was throwing it. I went over a few of the thought patterns behind the pitch and who we might throw it against. 5 innings later, he had thrown his 1st career no-hitter and we had won 11-0.

All my guys are now throwing it to some extent.

Thank you for all you do for the game of baseball!

Win The Day,
Josh Hoyle
Head Varsity Baseball

5 Reasons the Sinker
is Easy to Learn

(and why it works so well)

#1) It’s in the fastball family.

You’re just going to make a tweak to your forearm, wrist and hand angle at release point. So, if you can throw a fastball, you can throw a sinker.

#2) You throw the heck out of it.

Pitchers hate the change-up because they think “slow” but with a sinker you can stay in fastball mode, fastball mindset and fastball body. Grip it and rip and watch that puppy dance. The hitter will read fastball and then….ooops! 😎

#3) Use it when you're behind in the count.

Don’t you hate having to serve up a fastball when you’re behind in the count because it’s the only pitch you can trust to keep in the zone? Not anymore! You can throw the sinker when it's 3-1, 2-0, 2-1 and 3-2... or anytime you need a strike.

Instead of just laying a fastball in there for them to tee off on, you’ll now have a filthy pitch with movement in the zone that forces weak contact or swings and misses.

#4) Use it as a put away pitch.

The same sinker you threw 3-1 is devastating when used 0-2, 1-2 and 2-2 as a put away pitch. All you have to do is adjust your target and boom! You now have another pitch you can throw anytime for strikes and a proven put away pitch anytime you need to close an at-bat.

#5) Use it on any hitter. 

Most hitters (even college and pro hitters) will never have seen a sinker before. REMEMBER: A hitter can only hit what he’s hit before.

(Why do you think big leaguers are adding the sinker so quickly? It's a launch angle killer.) 🤫

You’ll be the first pitcher in your area to throw a sinker.

Here’s a message I got from a Dad who’s son was the first in his league to throw a sinker!

My son Nick is the only kid in our league that throws a sinker for strikes... (It's deadly!) He has learned how to get guys out with pitches just off the plate, none of which would have been possible without your program. It sits square in the middle of our browser bookmarks, ready to click and review daily.


Get Advanced Sinker Training Now!

...and did I mention that the sinker is one of the safest pitches you can throw?!

Your arm pronates (turns palm out) on every pitch anyway. The sinker is setting that safe angle early.

It’s safe for any age pitcher to throw. You could be 7 years old and in your first year of kid pitch, or 27 years old in your 5th season in the bigs. It’s safe and effective. That’s why we call it the 'King of All Pitches'.

Who doesn't want a safe put away pitch that you can throw the heck out of to any hitter in any count? If you do, click here to get started today.

Some Bad News...

(but good for you!)

I’m no longer taking in-person pitching clients.

My schedule is just too packed. But, have no fear, I would never leave you hanging...

I’ve now packaged up everything I know (and you need to know) about throwing a deadly sinker into a tight, easily digestible, and fast to implement system called...

Advanced Sinker Training

Your Step-by-Step Guide To
Throwing A Filthy Sinker
That FrustATEs, DominATEs, and HumiliATEs Hitters

You're getting instant, complete, lifetime access to these 9 master training videos that you can watch anytime, anywhere:

It only takes these 9 sessions to learn the 3-6" of sink that will define the greatest moments of your pitching career.

Quick Recap

If you add up everything you’re getting inside the Advanced Sinker Training course, the tally would be a whopping $270, but I could not, in good faith, ever ask you to fork over that kind of dough.

If we ever run a special promotion for this course, we drop it by 64% down to $99 (which is ridiculous considering $99 is the average cost of a pitching lesson).

I can’t even ask you to part with that much. Because you're part of the family now, I want to give you some family type treatment and knock a massive 94% off for you, so that it makes this a complete no-brainer for you to get started today without any hesitation.

Please don’t sleep on this. I would be completely out of integrity and unfair to the other pitchers who jumped on this if I allowed this kind of discount to remain open indefinitely.


I’m so confident that you’ll master the sinker in the next 24 hours (or sooner) that I’m willing to make you a guarantee that no other coach would ever dare make.

Go through the course... (It doesn’t take long.) Go out and throw the sinker. 

If you don’t get the feel for the sinker within 24 hours, I want you to contact me at SuperSecretPaul [AT] (Don’t tell anyone about that email…It’s super secret.😄) and send me a video of you throwing your sinker and I’ll personally look and give you feedback.

Ok, if you're still not sure, let me offer you a second guarantee and completely shoulder all the risk…

Click the Add To Cart button below and try Advanced Sinker Training risk-free for 12 full months...

Test-Drive 365 Day Money Back Guarantee!

When you order today on this page, you get a 100% money back guarantee that is good for 365 days.

That means you have the entire off-season, spring training, the whole season, and each and every day in between to put Advanced Sinker Training to the test. If you don’t develop a trademark 3-6” drop every time you throw the sinker, you can get your money back.

In fact, you can get your money back for any reason (or absolutely no reason at all). All you have to do is ask. That’s the 365 day money back guarantee that comes with Advanced Sinker Training.

Don't Let This Happen To You!

The worst time to think about whether or not you should have picked up this course is not standing on the mound watching another hitter round the bases after teeing off on your 3-1 fastball, because you didn’t master the King Of All Pitches.

Don't look back on another pitching outing and realize that you could have struck out more hitters if you had a 3rd option in those 2 strike counts.

There’s the pride of discipline or the pain of regret.


P.S. Remember there is absolutely no risk for you. If you don’t master the sinker within 24 hours, I’ll personally coach you on how to lock it down.

P.P.S. AND….you’re protected by our ENTIRE SEASON guarantee as well. You can use this program for an entire year and you’re still protected by our “No-Questions Asked, Part As Friends” Guarantee.

P.P.P.S. The clock is ticking...

Click here to lock down your discounted copy of Advanced Sinker Training.

P.P.P.P.S. You’ll love this one! Here’s a testament to the power of a sinker:

Bartolo Colon is 45 years old and creeping closer to 300lbs and is STILL pitching in the Major Leagues... his 21st season!

Why? He throws nearly 60% sinkers! Imagine what it could do for you..

Don’t let Bartolo have all the fun. Start making hitters look foolish!

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