At the start of the pandemic, I put together this workbook for my pitchers. I designed it to help the build velocity while stuck at home. I called it the MAX VELOCITY PROGRAM (MVP). 

It's just a 30-day program, but I was surprised by our pitchers' results in such a short timeframe (even the guys who were already throwing hard)...

I've been meaning to make this available to you.

 The other day I got this text message that snapped me into action. Here it is…

Breaking the 90mph barrier will be one of the greatest days of your son’s career.

Imagine The Difference Adding 3 to 5mph Would Make This Season?

Once I saw this text, I knew I had to get the MAX VELOCITY Program out to you because it’s based on the exact same program and I know every pitcher has between 3 and 5 MPH of hidden velocity waiting to be unlocked. 

We're not talking about building velocity with long-term, dangerous, or risky programs. This is untapped velocity you have inside of you right now.. That's why it comes quickly. 

Your Son Is NOT The Issue…

If you haven't seen the velocity increases you know your son is capable of, I promise you it has nothing to do with him or his ability. NOTHING! 

It usually one of three issues…

  1. The right instruction. 
  2. Training the right way. 
  3. Following the right program. 

Was Your Son Taught The Wrong Things About Velocity? 

When it comes to velocity, pitchers are taught the wrong things. So, even if they do the wrong things right, it's still wrong. This can be frustrating to a pitcher who's willing to work hard. 

The MAX VELOCITY PROGRAM comes with proven instruction that's already worked for over 65,000 pitchers (see below).

Was Your Son Taught The Wrong Velocity Training? 

Some coaches believe long or intense training is the right way to go. But we know that consistency always beats intensity. The best program is the one a pitcher can be consistent with day in and day out.

The MAX VELOCITY Program is based on the principle of the "Minimum Effective Dose" this means your son will train exactly as hard and as long as he needs to and not a second longer. Train too hard, and he'll burn out, train too little, and he won't see results. 

Your son doesn't need to put in hours and hours. He can see results in short daily training sessions. 

Does Your Son Have Trouble With Consistency?

Does your son struggle staying motivated or following a program? It's not him. It's the plan he's following. Most programs are boring and repetitive, have no start and end date, and weren't built for this generation. This is uninspiring to a pitcher who thrives on a challenge.

The MAX VELOCITY PROGRAM was built on the principle of "Gamification." Our pitchers were away from the game, so I needed to keep them competitive. Each day is designed like a 9 inning game. Studies have proven that gamification increases focus, motivation, and consistency. 


No special equipment is needed. My pitchers were stuck at home, away from their teams and facilities. They had no equipment.

Safe for all pitchers and can be modified for younger pitchers.

Train anywhere. All exercises can be done in living room and all drills can be done in your backyard or a park.

You're getting: 

  • 30 Day MAX VELOCITY PROGRAM workbook delivered to your doorstep.
  • Tutorials that take you by the hand and guide you through the entire program.
  • Demonstrations and breakdowns of each exercise and drill.
  • Accessible on any device.
  • FREE Shipping!
Just Open The Book And Let The Program Work For You!

HEADS UP: This is not for pitchers looking for the next flashy program. This is real, long-term, pitching training that will set the foundation for you to throw hard for your entire career

My Quadruple “People Will Take Notice” Guarantee

Guarantee #1: In the next 30 days, just follow the program, and you’ll see at least a 3MPH increase (probably like 7MPH). This is a no-brainer, slam dunk for me to guarantee. Over 70,000 pitchers can’t be wrong.

Guarantee #2: Someone will take notice of your new found velocity and make a comment about how hard you are throwing. You can share your secret if you’d like…up to you. Some parents will comment as well. They’ll also be “peanut butter and jealous” that you throw harder than their kid.

Guarantee #3: You’ll feel a ball just sizzle from your hand. It will jump out like never before. That’s the best feeling ever. Watch the look on your throwing partners face! 🙂

Guarantee #4: If none of this happens, I insist that you cancel your order by sending an email to You’ll get every penny back on the spot and you keep the videos as our penalty. This way, there is no risk. Try getting this type of deal from any other guru or a local trainer. I know you’ve probably got the raw end of the deal with some other gurus or with clinics, lessons, books and DVD’s and that burns me up.

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Max Velocity Program

Retail: $199
Sale: $99
Yours Today for One Payment of Just $10!
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*Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery of your Max Velocity Program workbook.
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Max Velocity Program

Retail: $199
Sale: $99
Yours Today for One Payment of Just $10!
You’re Saving 95%

Add To CartYes, I Want To Add 3-5MPH!

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