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(NEW!) Give Your Son Something He Won’t Find Anywhere Else…
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Here's everything you're getting:


This is priceless.

Imagine your son's face when he sees a letter addressed to him from a prominent college baseball coach!

Every month your son will receive This "Trojan Horse" that teaches him the game and important value-based lessons.

The top college coaches in the country have stepped up to help your son every month.


Here's Everything You're Getting...

You'll get a second letter each month with access to a "ride to" session and a set of discussion points.

The coaches have created 15 - 20 minute audio lessons that take advantage of the focused time during the car ride to and from games or practices.

Put these on any device, play them in your car, and use the discussion points to anchor the lesson with your son.

These Letters Are Sent
To Your Son FREE!!!

The Baseball Dads Association is a non-profit organization. Your membership is free for the first 1008 Dads who join now.

All we ask is that you pitch to cover our costs of printing and postage for each letter sent to your son.

No strings attached. You can stop letters anytime.

Why are we mailing these instead of sending them digitally?

1. Our kids are spending too much time on screens as is.

2. These lessons are life-changing and they deserve your son's undivided attention.

3. We want them to be saved.

4. We don't want them sent to the "download" folder for later.

5. There's something about it coming in the mail, opening the letter, and holding it in your hands.

We Are Taking 1008 Founding Members This Month

These letters will change your son's career and life. These messages are not for everyone. We want these letters to go to those who will benefit the most.

We want kids who want to be great and parents who want to support them. If that's you, sign up as a FREE founding member.


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