ATTENTION Hitters and Hitting Coaches!

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Your Son Must Look At This Before Stepping In The Box To Hit…
Finally A Simple Way For Hitters To Learn The Power Of Launch Angle & Exit Velocity!

Hitters struggle to understand just how to put launch angle and exit velocity to work for them in the box.

Having this poster is the ultimate shortcut to understanding and implementing launch angle and exit velocity to increase power production and batting average. 💪

Having this poster, your son will know exactly how hitting the ball harder with better ball flight turns…

…ground ball outs into singles
…singles into doubles
…doubles into home runs.

Here’s why:
See all the lines on this poster. Those lines breakdown the batting average, launch angle and exit velocity for every pitch your son will face. Right in front of his eyes, he’ll have the answers to the “hitting test”

It’s a literal blueprint for power production at the plate.

A hitter who doesn’t have these answers will be left behind. 😨

Just putting this poster up, your son instantly understands how and where they need to hit the ball for maximum production.

Where will you put your son’s poster?

Here are a few suggestions:
His Bedroom
Locker Room
Next to the Batting Cage
Where He Trains or Practices

Your son will automatically start to hit the ball harder, hit with better flight AND begin to swing at better pitches. In the snap of a finger, he’ll will know what pitches he can hit hard.

Not only that, your son will have the confidence to lay off pitches that don’t produce hits. This alone transforms your son as a hitter.

Can you imagine how much better this season will be than last season once your son has this poster and is armed with the info to transform his hitting career?

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