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FREE: The Baseball Training Tool That’s Spreading Through The Big Leagues Like Wildfire?

To: Players, Parents, and Coaches…

If you want to increase velocity and command, hit with more power and authority, cover more ground in the field and burn up the base paths then stop what you’re doing and read every word of this letter carefully.

Here’s why:

I am about to reveal to YOU the most powerful and portable training tool that has ever hit the baseball world and why every player will have a set in their bags this year…

By now, you’ve noticed all the top players are using training bands in their day-to-day flexibility, strength and their mechanical work. 


Because band training is easy and allows you to strengthen your body AND strengthen YOUR Baseball Movement Patterns™ you’re making on the field every day.

…Plus…it can be used by players of any age

Baseball Movement Patterns are the way you pitch, hit, run and throw. Other forms of training can increase overall strength and endurance, but we’ve never seen anything that can strengthen and enhance the actual movements on the field more that bands.

You'll throw harder and have more command of the strike zone.

You'll hit with more power and authority.

You'll cover more ground in the field.

You'll burn up the basepaths.

    Other Forms of Training Can Be Ineffective and Can Even INCREASE Your Chance of Injury

    Think about the other training programs you have tried in the past

    They require you to stand a certain way, hold your body in a certain position and move in a specific pattern.

    But it can be VERY difficult to know if you are doing everything correctly.

    With other forms of training, if you are not hitting all the right Baseball Movement Patterns ™ – every single time – then you are NOT getting the most out of your training.

    But that’s not even the worst part…

    If your training movements are even the slightest bit off pattern… you are doing nothing but training your body to MOVE in an unnatural way. In other words, wasting time.

    When your body is trained to move in an unnatural way, what do you think is going to happen when you over-extend yourself on the field?

    You are going to land yourself a good ol’ injury.

    But with your Band Training Program, there are no unnatural movements because your body simply reacts to the natural resistance the bands place and your Baseball Movement Patters ™.

    You don’t have to think about your movements – or worry if they are right – because your Band Training Program uses YOUR Baseball Movement Patterns™ and natural resistance.

    You won’t have to think at all… you just move like you do on the field!

    That is why Band Training has become so popular.

    It teaches your body to use functional movements so you get maximum strength to hit with more power and throw harder, so you’ll be maximizing your full potential as a player.

    It strengthens your body by using Baseball Movement Patterns’s so you can cover more ground in the field. This way your natural movements will be faster and stronger.

    It forces your body to become more flexible, so you instantly reduce risk of injury. This way you’ll never end up missing out on key games.

    It increases your own, natural balance and we all know balance gives you strength and power and the ability to maintain control over your body this translates into power, velocity, and speed.

    It provides you with everything you need to become more agile so you can get out of the box quicker, take the extra base, and get the ball in the hole.

    It eliminates incorrect training methods and prevents injury so you can have peace of mind not worrying about if you’re potentially at risk that comes with other forms of training.

    Are you leaving power on the table?

    You know who get’s noticed these days…

    It’s Time for You to Discover The Most Effective Training Program Ever To Hit Baseball–and Get The Results You Deserve!

    When you order Load To Explode: Band Training today, you are going to receive a complete 4-part video series that covers every movement and every exercise.

    Skyrocket your raw flexibility

    Give your Baseball Movement Patterns ™ a major boost

    Add more power to your natural movements than years of weight training could ever give you.

    Teach your body how to handle any movements you make – and save yourself from injury.

    Become more agile, increase your balance and strengthen your core.

    And these are all results you are going to start seeing in only about 2 weeks.

    SUPER FREE BONUS #1 – Express Workouts for Baseball

    Normally $47 YOURS FREE

    Pressed for time! Not a problem for you anymore. You’ll notice that the best part about working with bands is that whether you have an hour or just a few minutes you can get a power and velocity boosting workout. Express workouts gives you a wide variety of workouts to put to work for you whenever you’re crunched for time.

    Express Baseball Workouts is yours FREE when you order today!

    And these are all results you are going to start seeing in only about 2 weeks.

    SUPER FREE BONUS #2 – Your Band Reference Guide

    Normally $47 YOURS FREE

    You’ll never get stuck on an exercise or movement. The Band Reference Quick Reference Guide is like your “cheat sheet” for your band training. Refer to it anytime you need to clarify an exercise, movement or program. Dave really thought of everything :).

    Your Band Reference Guide is your FREE when you order today!

    SUPER FREE BONUS #3 – Band Stretching For Baseball

    Normally $27 YOURS FREE

    Like nothing you have ever seen. Stretching made easy and effective. No more boring counts or static stretching. Wait til you feel and see how your muscles react when they are properly stretched.

    This 36-page guide is yours FREE when you order today.

    SUPER FREE BONUS #4 – Core Training For Baseball

    Normally $47 YOURS FREE

    Core training is nothing new to baseball….but, believe me, your core has never worked like this. You’ll be hitting muscles that NO core program hits. That means you’re getting more from your core…more from your core means you get more power, velocity, and speed.

    This complete 54-page guide is yours FREE when you order today.

    Get In On The Training That Everyone Is Using And Turns Into An Unstoppable Force On The Baseball Field – TODAY!

    This is the training program that can give you strength, speed and flexibility within your own Baseball Movement Patterns ™. This is the training program that can give you the edge you need to dominate your competition.

    This is the training program that can prepare you for the elite teams, the college teams and the scouts.

    Your success is guaranteed and the cost for Band Training Program is minimal.

    All you have to do is hit the order button, go through the 2-minute order process right now.

    You’ll begin to see the results in only about 2 weeks – regardless of your age, your physical level or your abilities. Order Now.

    You see now how powerful these methods are… I know how much this program is going to take your game to the next level… I know what Your Band Training Program can do for you.

    Can it get any better?

    Of course, it can…

    The investment is less than the cost of some baseball lessons and you get to use it forever.

    I also realize that having to pay for this program all at once might stretch your current budget a little bit. So I’d like to extend the offer I made earlier.

    Before you secure one of the 99 sets for yourself, Let’s wrap this up.

    You’re getting all of this:

    • The Complete 4 DVD Set ($199 value)
    • The Downloadable Version to Put on your Mobile Devices ($99 value)
    • The Band Express Workouts Bonus ($47 value)
    • The Band Reference Guide Bonus ($27 value)
    • The Band Stretching Program Bonus ($47 value)
    • The Baseball Band Core Training Bonus ($47 value)

    That’s a grand total value of $466, but you won’t pay anywhere near that.

    You’re getting the entire Load To Explode: Band Training program set delivered right to your door step for just one low installment of $197. You’re SAVING $269 over what others have paid for the exact same system.


    Let me sweeten the pot.

    I want to make sure you have absolutely everything you need to jump right in and get started the second your package arrives, so I’m going to throw in a complete set of bands absolutely FREE

    Yes, you’re also getting a complete set of training bands ( $49 value) absolutely FREE!

    The Only Bad News: This offer is limited to one set per household. No Exceptions.

    I could not POSSIBLY make it any more easy or low risk for you.

    When you click below, you’ll be taken to a secure order page where you can order your program – just use a valid credit or debit card for your order.

    Go through this program from beginning to end, you WILL see RESULTS. You are free to use the materials at MY RISK. If you decide that it’s not for you – for ANY REASON – just let us know you pay NOTHING.

    YES! Paul, I can’t wait to get started with my Load To Explode: Band Training For Baseball Package which includes my Band along with the DVDs.

    Please allow 7-10 business days for shipping.


    Normally $466 – You’re Saving 84%

    Yours For Just $197

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