The Training Tool Trusted by Major League Superstars, Division 1 Programs and Elite Youth Players
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  • The Healthy Way to Gain Arm Strength and Velocity while staying healthy, durable and competitive... This way you have the gas in the tank to pitch deep into games, deep into the season and deep into your career. J-Bands will give you the strength and durability to be the pitcher at the end of the season your team calls on to pitch the games that matter most.
  • Join The 300 Ft Club! There are mountains of research that prove long toss length and throwing velocity are linked. The longer you can throw, the harder you will throw.
  • This is the band TRUSTED by Thousands of Major League Pitcher and Elite College Baseball Players who can afford and get the best, so you know you’ll be getting the most effective tools on the market guaranteed to get results.

  • Metal hook that clips on the fence making it easy to use anywhere.. You’ll probably only need 1 set of J-Bands for the rest of your career! (They don’t break like some of the other ones out there.)
  • Velcro cuffs are specifically designed to attach to your wrist so they never fall off during a workout (and you won’t have to hang on to the end of a band or a ball attached to the cord)...

  • Never miss a workout no matter where you are. The J-Band Exercise Program is Portable! (This can be done in your basement, living room, garage, etc…)
  • INDOOR LONG TOSS? Can’t get outside? No problem. Using J-Bands simulate long toss! (Perfect for cold weather climates.) You’ll get the same results as outdoor long toss.

  • Keep a loose and healthy arm all year round so you never miss a start and are always performing at your best. This way you’ll have the confidence to take the mound in August with the same level of dominance you had in April!
  • It fits in your bag, in your back pocket, in your locker….really anywhere. It’s like carrying a gym around in your bag. You’ll always be able to keep your arm healthy, durable and ready to go!
  • 30 years of nothing but consistent, predictable and reliable results! J-Bands have been trusted by Major League Pitchers and D1 College programs since 1991!


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Discounted Bands Available.

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