"The kid is good,
but his Dad is a jerk."

-(Name Withheld) College Coach

Will You Say The Wrong Thing To A Coach And Blow It For Your Son?

Most Dads screw this up because they don’t know how to talk to coaches, recruiters and scouts so they say the wrong things and their son pays the price.

Some Dads say too much.

Some Dads say too little.

Some Dads say the wrong things.

Some Dads DON’T say the right things.

Up until now, there has not been a guide to tell you exactly what to say, how to say it and MOST IMPORTANTwhen to say it!

"I cannot believe all the wrong things I've said with my older son. My youngest son is coming up now and I now know what to say. Thanks!"

-Pete M, Baseball Dad

A Secret About Baseball Coaches Most Dads Will Never Know?

I've cringed watching well-intentioned parents blow it for their kids when they talk to coaches.

A parent can get nervous or anxious when talking to a coach and just blow their moment.

Here's the secret:

As coaches, any time a parent opens their mouth about their kids we're just feeling the parent out for "crazy baseball dad."

Say one wrong thing, and we'll file you into the column of wacko and we'll stay as far away from you as we can.

The sad part is 99% of the parents get wrongly labeled because they just said the wrong thing at the wrong time because, up until now nobody ever told them what to say.

How Saying The Wrong Thing To A Coach Hurts Your Sons Chances

No coach wants a parent around who he "thinks" might be a problem.

I've seen kids cut from teams because of their parents.

I've seen recruiting halted because the coach didn't want to deal with the parent for the next 4 years.

I've seen coaches send a message to the other parents by sitting a kid who's parent was wrongly labeled.

Don't make this mistake.

You’ve Got One Chance To Get This Right For Your Son.

Here's Another Thing Most Parents Will Never Know:


You need to prepare him with the right things to say…

Coaches want to see if your son:

1. can speak for themselves...

2. is mature and responsible.. 

3. is a leader or a follower...

4. is a player they can trust.

As he move up the ranks, a coach will always want to talk to your son alone.

Will your son know what to say?

Will he have the confidence to say the right things?

This might be hard to swallow, but it's honest...

When talent is equal, a coach will be looking for reasons to cut players and when they do, they start looking at the intangibles.

If your son doesn’t pass these tests, it could cost him.

We want to give you the answers, so you’ll be ready when the test comes.

We don't want any player to miss his chance when it's all so close.

I sat down with former professional player and professional recruiting consultant Darrell Coulter for a no-holds barred, candid conversation that takes you behind the scenes on the inner workings of baseball coaching, scouting, and recruiting.

In this Audio Masterclass, you’ll learn:

  • the steps your son needs to take before, during, and after a try out to make sure he stands out
  • how to make your son CUT-PROOF!
  • the questions your son should ask every coach that will set him apart from every players he’s competing with.
  • when you need to speak up for your son and when you need to shut up 🙂 The timing of this is everything.
  • the trigger words coaches are looking for to see if you’re a crazy baseball dad.
  • when it’s the right time for your son to speak for himself and when you need to back off and not say another single word. [WARNING: You’re going to want to talk. DON’T!]
  • the few critical moments that define your son's career! (The way you handle yourself during those moments is critical.)
  • how to learn the communication style of coaches so you’ll know exactly the best way to approach and communicate to give your son the best chance.
  • and much more…

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