Exit Velocity, Launch Angle, Frozen Ropes, Screaming Line Drives And Towering Bombs

Hosted by: Paul Reddick & Nancy Newell

In today’s game, if you’re not hitting for power, you’re falling behind.

That’s because even a player who is slow on his feet can get on base when he hits the ball hard… and players who hit the ball hard consistently are worth more runs and more total bases to their team every time they step up to bat. 

If you’d like to know some simple ways any player can have more power and more production at the plate, this virtual crash course will show you the demystifying truth about how to hit harder as soon as today.

We’ve put together our very own Avengers of superhuman hitting heroes to teach your player the ins and outs of hitting, practice, training, and preparing for an at bat – in simple terms any coach, parent or player can understand. 

Meet Our Power-Packed Lineup:
Practice Design To Build The Modern Day Hitter
By: Bart Hanegraaff
9:00AM-10:00AM EST

A master at motor learning, skill acquisition and sport specific strength training, Bart Hanegraaff is currently the Athletic Performance & Hitting Coach of the Dutch Olympic Softball and Baseball team. You’ll learn some simple ways to design your player’s practice to quickly develop his hitting power and versatility for the modern game.

No complicated jargon, only:

  • Proven techniques for how to make practice transferable to a real game situation (Set up his practice how Coach Hanegraaff shows you and watch your player come through when it counts!)
  • Breakthrough solutions for avoiding burnout and overtraining
  • Key strategies for building the skills your player needs for success (You can’t control what the other team does.  But you can make sure your player comes ready to play.)
  • Simple ways to keep your player excited about practice

And much more!

With a degree from the Fontys University for Applied Science, Hanegraaff works as the athletic performance & hitting coach of the Dutch Olympic Softball and Baseball team, winning one European Championship. 

Previously, he was the hitting coach at the Dutch National U15 & U18 baseball team, winning three European Championships. Next to his work at the Dutch Baseball Federation, Bart also works as a consultant for skill acquisition for the Major League Organization of Pittsburgh Pirates

Simple Training for Bat Speed & Power That Can Be Done Anywhere
By: Charlie Nootbaar 
10:00AM-11:00AM EST

With the world of scouting and recruiting focused on metrics now more than ever, bat speed matters.  

A higher bat speed also means harder contact, so it should be a goal for almost any young player.  Coach Nootbaar is a widely acclaimed (and copied) innovator who understands what it takes to get young players to perform at the highest level – quickly and safely.

You’ll discover:

  • Simple practice protocols – science-based and backed by data – that have transformed many players into some of the best in baseball (Do these in your backyard, in your garage…even in your living room!)
  • Proven ways to quickly increase strength, athleticism, and endurance
  • Secret techniques to hone your player’s skills and reduce injuries (Developing players is only one side of the hitting coin.  It’s wasted effort unless you also know how to keep them healthy!)

A former collegiate-level baseball player, Charlie has been actively coaching for over 20 years, from Little League through to pro ball. 

With a degree in mathematics and a passion for research and science, Charlie was responsible for the National Pitching Association's 3D Motion Capture system. He has invented multiple training devices that increase performance – products so well-regarded they have been copied by other manufacturers!

The Lost Ted Williams Hitting Secret
By: Paul Reddick
11:00AM-12:00PM EST

Not only was Ted Williams the last MLB player to bat over .400 in a season and one of the greatest hitters in baseball history…but he was also the world’s first “hitting scientist”! 

Coach Reddick will break down a little-known Ted Williams hitting secret your son can use as soon as today to make every aspect of hitting easier.  This is must-see TV for all baseball players looking to improve their turn at bat, and for all coaches and parents teaching the sport.

Author of The New Rules Of Baseball Instruction, Paul Reddick has served as an associate scout for the Pittsburgh Pirates, a state delegate for USA Baseball and coached in the Montreal Expo farm system. His pitching course, The 90mph Club, is used by more pitchers than any other pitching training program ever created.

Eliminating Confusion: The Simplification of Hitting
By: Mike Ryan
1:00PM-2:00PM EST

According to Coach Ryan, hitting is often watered down and over-complicated.  

In the game, the idea is to simplify the approach and clear the brain. Anything that distracts a player will get in the way of his game performance. 

In his trademark style of blending old school concepts together with new school technology, Coach Ryan will simplify hitting mechanics and timing so any player can make quick gains.

Includes power-hitting secrets such as:

  • A scientifically proven way to instantly hit harder without changing the mechanics of his swing!  (Messing around with grips, feet, hands, for example, gets hitters thinking too much.  Here’s what to do instead) 
  • Coach Ryan’s #1 tip for a slumping hitter (Works every time…and it’s easier than you think!)
  • A common mistake most players make that destroys their ability to hit the ball hard (Just tell him to stop doing this and watch the ball fly off his bat like a heat-seeking missile!)

Owner and Director of Baseball Development at Fastball USA since 2002, Mike Ryan spent 16 Years as an Associate Scout with The Seattle Mariners.  

He is author of several books including Creating The 100mph Hitter (Amazon), 9 Clues To Pitching Health  (Kindle), Mike Ryan's Explosive Hitting (Kindle).

Preparing To Face The Best: How Big League Hitters Face The World’s Best Pitchers
By: Adam Rosales
1:00PM-2:00PM EST

A batter’s success is closely linked to the levels of confidence he feels at the plate.  

If you want to know how to beat the best pitchers and win at the highest level, this talk is for you. Adam will reveal how you can use the secrets of the pros to beat even the toughest opposition!


  • An exclusive look into how the world’s best prepare to play at the highest level (And some simple ways your player can use these same secrets to dominate his next at bat!)
  • How any hitter – of any age – can be better prepared at the plate (He’ll take every at bat with so much more confidence that you’ll kick yourself for not knowing this sooner!)

Adam Rosales played 14 years of professional baseball, with 11 years in the Major Leagues. In 2005, Adam was drafted by the Cincinnati Reds in the 12th round out of Western Michigan University, and made his MLB debut in 2008. In 2009 he was the proud recipient of the "Heart and Hustle" award. Adam played in the MLB for six different organizations: Cincinnati Reds, Oakland A's, Texas Rangers, San Diego Padres, Arizona Diamondbacks, and the Cleveland Indians. He is the current manager of the Oakland A's AZL team, and is the owner of Baseball Utility.

Hitting Ugly: How To Get Hits On Days When You’re Facing Tough Pitchers or You Don’t Have It
By: Mike Ryan
3:00PM-4:00PM EST

Even if you're great at hitting, you're going to have rough days.  Maybe it’s a bad game, or you come up against a pitcher who’s more than you bargained for.

Coach Mike Ryan reveals the method to his madness on what he calls “Hitting Ugly”.

Using these simple concepts, your hitter will be able to adapt faster and adjust to any pitch he’ll see in the box.  This is how you create a level of confidence not seen in many hitters. 


  • The #1 biggest mistake many parents make that robs their hitter of his power (Please…don’t do this!  Instead, do what Coach Ryan tells you to do and your son will be hitting harder in no time!)
  • The single, critical key to massive firepower at the plate (Coaches, parents, players…most have this backwards.  To hit harder today, you must put first things first!)
  • And much, much more!

There’s just a taste of the hardcore hitting secrets you’ll get in the BEC Virtual Hitting Summit.

You won’t find any theory or fluff in any of this either -- only “real life” training tips and strategies that are working at all levels of the game right now (for players of all ages).

The sessions can be easily viewed on any Mac or PC computer, even on your smartphone or tablet.

And if you can’t make it that day for any reason, you can choose whether you'd like to attend live and/or get access to the recordings.

Best part?

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