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Check out how a retired major league pitcher, 10 years out of the game and sitting on his couch, hacked one of baseball’s best pitchers….

By Chris Cotillo 

HOUSTON -- When Craig Kimbrel stepped onto the mound with renewed confidence in Game 5 of the ALCS Thursday night, he had a lot of people to thank. The most surprising member of that group? Former Red Sox closer Eric Gagne.

Gagne, who last appeared in the majors in 2008, had watched from his couch in Arizona as Kimbrel struggled through four postseason appearances against the Yankees and Astros. While watching Kimbrel walk three batters and allow a run in a tight Game 4 win Wednesday, Gagne picked up on something in Kimbrel's delivery. The Sox closer was tipping his pitches.

Gagne decided to text Alex Cora, who he had come up with in the Dodgers' organization and played with for seven seasons in both Los Angeles and Boston. Cora liked what Gagne had to offer and asked him to text Kimbrel. Soon, Kimbrel and Gagne were exchanging texts, giving Kimbrel something new to discuss with his coaches before Game 5 in Houston.


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  • How to know exactly what a pitcher has command over before he leaves the bullpen!(This way you’ll be able to neutralize the pitches he’s gonna come after you with.)
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  • The facial expression a pitcher makes when he’s throwing a fastball AND when he switches to an off speed pitch. You’ll never get caught off balance again. 
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  • The secret to knowing what pitches a pitcher can’t throw for strikes that day so you don’t get caught swinging at bad pitches.
  • The little thing a pitcher does with his elbow that tips his pitches. (Most pitchers never realize they’re doing it.)
  • How the catcher gives away pitches by the way he gives signs. Once you pick this up, he might as well tell you what’s coming.
  • Crack the code on the pitch patterns all pitchers fall into and use it to predict what’s coming next with scientific accuracy.
  • How one team picked up a “tell” and cracked a 92mph pitcher and sent him packing by the 3rd inning and won a championship in the process.
  • Know when a pitcher becomes a “1 pitch pitcher” and how you can dig in and tee off on him when he does.
  • The one thing every hitter should be saying out loud during every pitch that reveals how a pitcher is going to try and get you out.
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