ATTENTION Hitters and Hitting Coaches!
The Easiest Way To Guarantee Your Son Hits The Ball HARD & FAR!
The Launch Angle Hitting Target!
Finally A Way For Your Son To Measure & Improve Launch Angle Right In Your Garage Without All Expensive & Complicated Techy Stuff!

The TAP Launch Angle Hitting Target gives your son instant visual feedback.  When used with a batting tee, the device becomes a self-teaching hitting aid for power hitting practice.

It gives your son a way to measure each hit and make every practice swing count, this way the hard work he puts in off the field shows up when he steps in the box.

Not only that, The Launch Angle Target also…

  Adds variety and challenge to tee work, so your son can instruct himself through self-guided discovery.

  Provides instant feedback, this way your son know if he’s hitting the ball with good flight.

  Develops ideal launch angles to maximize your son’s power and production.

Provides objective measurement, so your son is never guessing if he hit the ball with good flight.

The TAP Launch Angle Hitting Target is a low-tech method of giving crucial launch angle information to hitters.  Developed in collaboration with internationally renowned hitting coach Mike Ryan, it is the only resource for those who don’t every day access to costly modern-day, high-tech equipment that can measure ball flight and calculate launch angles. 

Using this device with a batting tee provides the hitter instant feedback regarding how well the ball comes off the bat in addition to a visual of ball trajectory. This helps players take their practice swing into the game.


“Balls that leave the bat at a vertical angle of between 10 and 30 degrees lead to best offensive results. Hit it from 10 to 25 degrees at the proper exit velocity, and you've likely ripped a line drive. Find the 25-30 degree band (again, at proper exit speed), and you're in home run territory.


The Tap Hitting Target is made of durable vinyl material measuring 72” X 72” and ships with twelve bungees included for easy attachment to nets.  The device is designed for use when attached to nets, i.e. safety screens, batting tunnels, etc. and is not designed to be attached to hard surfaces or chain link fences.  Instructions for use are not included.

Yours in baseball,
Mike Ryan