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America’s #1 Hitting Coach Reveals The Simple Hitting Fixes
That Solve the 4 Biggest Roadblocks Limiting Your Son’s Potential To Hit With Power And Authority!

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“It doesn’t matter if your son is ‘first team’ or still looking for his first hit…being armed with these fixes is like playing coach on ‘easy mode’!  If you can ask a few simple questions and follow step-by-step instructions, you too can become a hitting problem-solving expert!” 

From: Mike Ryan
America’s #1 Hitting Coach


Every hitter has several hitting flaws that holds him back. 

That flaw usually comes from ONE PRIMARY PROBLEM that is the root of all their struggles.

I like to call this… Hitters Kryptonite. 🧨

The challenge is….


Even if it was a green-glowing space rock…

Your son still wouldn’t recognize it!

So while he’ll spin his wheels focusing 100% on ONE swing technique…

My belief is you need 1000's of swing techniques in order to be a good hitter.

This is why…


1 philosophy.

1 thought-process.

1 approach.

However, because a certain approach may work with SOME players, many coaches have mistakenly learned to think of theirs as the right philosophy…

Even while they scratch their heads and wonder WHY other players they coach just don’t seem to get it. 🤔

You see, the human body is smart but we don't learn motor skills (like pitching or hitting) from verbal cues like “Get your elbow up,” or “Your arm is dragging.”

That’s why, too often…


I’m not even joking about this, either.

At Baseball Education Center we teach:

When you become too mechanical, you fail to use your natural athletic ability, and you become a victim of trying to conform to one coach’s ideal mechanical model.

Is your son going to miss his baseball potential because a coach is locked into an outdated model?

Is it possible he could be held back by well-meaning coaches who don’t know any better… coaches who “force” mechanics on him that don’t suit his body… or give him corrections in ways that never “click” for him?

I HATE saying this...

But it happens all the time.

Bottom line:

TO BE “COACHED” INTO A ROUND HOLE! matter how much some coaches want you to believe he is!

Until he’s clear on what his own kryptonite is and how to remove it…

He’ll never know what his potential COULD be.

What a shame it would be to look back and wonder if – with the right tools and techniques – he could have progressed through the sport faster… made the team he wanted… gotten more at bats… or been the guy who always comes through for his team in the clutch!

Or to think that a single, narrow approach, which is not a fit for his unique body and talents, can stall his career, let him struggle needlessly, and leave him frustrated without ever knowing why.

The good news is it does NOT have to come to that. 

🚨 I’ve identified the 4 most common roadblocks that keep hitters from performing their best.

And I’m about to show you HOW, using NOTHING MORE than a few subtle “shifts” his practice environment, you can…


It doesn’t matter if your son is climbing the roster, or still looking for his first hit.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never coached before, or never so much as leafed through a book on biomechanics.

If you want to help your son become a better hitter, all you need are my Simple Hitting Fixes and a little background information any lay person can follow.


Trust your son’s development to a coach and risk letting him be a victim of a philosophy that was never right for him in the first place?

Let seasons go by, with coaches shrugging their shoulders, wondering what to do for him?

...or would you rather learn the simple corrections he needs to (almost automatically) unlock his full hitting potential?


Simple Hitting Fixes That
Increase Exit Velocity And Launch Angle! ⚾️🚀

First, let’s get one thing straight.

There’s nothing fancy about this video. This is raw information for players who want results and not fluff. 

Another great part! 

We’ve boiled this down to a tightly packed, fast paced 25 minutes, so it’s not for people who judge informational content by its running time.

There’s no theory or fluff here. 🔥

This video contains nothing but hardcore hitting secrets that can make or break careers.

You don’t need any fancy equipment.

You don’t need complicated hitting routines.

You just need the fixes and my explanations in the video.

Not only are these fixes paint-by-numbers simple, but they’re based on making small shifts to the practice environment, such as inside and outside focus, tee height, pitches thrown, and the type of bat used, that are…


These are the tiny practice “hinges” that swing open BIG hitting doors. 💪

Your son will see changes as soon as his next batting practice.

And, depending on the problem, he could see improvement as soon as his next at bat.

Plus, with my simple tips for how to recognize feedback, you’ll always know if it’s working.


I’m a former scout with Seattle Mariners for 16 years, and the author of Creating The 100mph Hitter

Now the owner of Fastball USA, students come from all over the country, and all over the world to learn my Explosive Hitting System.  That’s not even including the THOUSANDS of students I’ve helped via my online learning programs.

My methods have created 23 100mph+ hitters and 178 90 mph+ hitters and counting, helped players play in college and get scholarships, and gotten several players to national team opportunities and professional playing opportunities.

What I can tell you in all honesty is this:

I didn’t get where I am today by not knowing how to quickly find and fix problems.

In the video, I leave no stone unturned to make sure you have the simple methods you need to help your player or players find that next level they never knew they had!

To help you decide if it’s for you…

Here’s a sample of what you’ll learn inside

Simple Hitting Fixes That Increase
Exit Velocity And Launch Angle! ⚾️🚀

  • The 4 most common constraints that keep hitters stuck and prevent them from reaching their potential! (I could probably name more, but these four cover most hitting problems and are the only four you need to care about) Starts at 1:54 in the video
  • The #1 fastest (and most reliable) way ever discovered to correct hitting mistakes! (Warning: this has nothing to do with a hitter’s swing or the standard mechanical approach)! 3:36
  • 4 simple questions to ask when a hitter swings and misses too much (These let you instantly “diagnose” swing problems.  Next, simply plug them into the ‘hitting flaws’ formulas and watch what happens)! 2:41
  • The #1 mistake even good coaches make when it comes to correcting hitters 19:16
  • The “target practice” secret that makes batting practice 2x, 3x, even 10x more effective! (This counter-intuitive tip is almost like having self-guided baseballs!  He’ll think you hypnotized him into hitting long, straight drives over the infield) 9:30
  • One simple rule that takes all the guesswork out of deciding on bat changes 11:07
  • Top two easiest ways to make a HUGE IMPACT with your hitter…without a lot of coaching! (This is perfect for busy coaches who wear a lot of hats in their teams.  Armed with this information you can quickly turn around your entire line-up.) 19:27
  • When telling a player to hit low line drives and hard ground balls is a GOOD thing!  (Do this and he could literally start getting more hits as soon as his next game) 8:46
  • The hidden dangers of hitting coaches (Don’t let your son be a victim of this)! 0.38
  • A sneaky way to correct hitting flaws by making it harder for your player to hit the ball!  (This may sound bizarre, but it works like crazy almost every time.  See 7:27 in the video.)
  • The secret of “angled BP” that cures hitters who are either early or late to the ball! (No more “scooping” or killing players in the opposite dugout.  Watch him almost instantly start hitting more rockets straight up the middle)! 20:21
  • Why forcing a hitter to exaggerate his mistake can help him eliminate it! 10:31
  • The surprising reason why you want to throw high fastballs, inside, at a guy who’s constantly late (The great Jim Lefebvre used to do this every afternoon with Jose Canseco and Mark McGuire .  Check out 17.46 in the video to find out why.)
  • How to improve a hitter’s ability to react by giving him less time to react (This secret lets you make BP feel faster than a game.  Next time he’s at the plate, he’ll be ready)!  22:47
  • The secret “2-second” adjustment that can help end a hitting slump 6:14
  • A weird (but effective) way to “trick” your player into hitting more line drives into the outfield (Over 70% of hits happen when the ball is batted over the infielder’s head.  Here’s a little-known way to put your hitter in the right mindset to make it happen more often.) 4:42
  • Why “environment” trumps mechanical approach to fixing swing flaws every time 8:40
  • The “75% Rule” for how to blend changes back into his regular swing to guarantee it’s having the effect you want! 15:40
  • The “slacker’s” way to becoming an expert psychologist! (Not literally, of course.  This is how you let your player know exactly how you want him to think from both an internal and external perspective)! 23:25
  • Clear and straightforward advice for coaches on how to organize your team’s batting practice so every player gets maximum results! (This is probably the #1 success tip I could share with coaches of all levels.  Yet almost no one ever talks about this.) 23:47
  • An easy-to-use “cheat sheet” for fixing the four most common batting issues hitters face! (Plus, you can do this without any fancy equipment or complicated routines.  Simply make these slight changes that anyone can make when setting up batting practice)! 3:12
  • 7:45 A little-known way – discovered by a Russian neurophysiologist – to

I know that sounds strange, but it’s based on some rock-solid science.

This goes way beyond the standard list of mental cues most hitting coaches teach their players.  Get this simple concept and becoming the “swing doctor” will be that much easier for you. 

But I’m not finished..


As a FREE Bonus, I’m also going to send you my Simple Hitting Audit video..

In this video I show you the simplest system ever devised for identifying your son’s primary “kryptonite”.

This lets you become your son’s “hitting whisperer” who quickly and easily matches hitters to their own custom practice protocol.

...and it takes what you learned in the Simple Hitting Fixes That Increase Exit Velocity And Launch Angle! video and puts in on steroids. 💣

Best part?

You don’t need to spend endless hours in a dugout, or watching batting practice to master every intricacy of the perfect swing.  

Here’s a sneak preview of the tips that await you inside the Simple Hitting Audit video:

  • Hitting simplified: how to transform your hitters in two easy steps 21:00
  • How to avoid the trap of “hyper-personalization” that intimidates coaches and prevents players from getting the coaching they need (If you coach a full roster and you’re worried about how to tweak things for each player, this is for you.  And you’ll probably never see this anywhere else.)
  • The exact type of pre-game work (and warm up) required for each player! 24:16
  • The single most important question you must ask every hitter to assess their primary hitting problem (It really is as simple as asking this question I share at 1:25 in the video.  And the answer to this question will tell you what you need to do in order to help them.)
  • A simple, 10-minute exercise you can do today to instantly make your job as coach a lot easier 3:06
  • The fastest known way to create a positive change in a players’ swing (You can monkey around with mechanics all you want, but until you understand this simple idea, results will come slowly.) 16:10
  • What to ask if a player strikes out a lot (Most coaches miss this important distinction.  Asking this question is the key to unlocking his natural athletic ability.) 10:11
  • Why most corrections don’t go far enough to make an impact (And exactly what to do instead.) 18:39
  • The only 3 things you need to know about a hitter to quickly map out a game plan for him to get better 11:07
  • The REAL reason hitters get frustrated (Much simpler than you think.  Yet not 1 in 1,000 coaches knows about this.) 14:10
  • A little-known way to instantly pinpoint what makes a player weak at the plate (Creating clarity on this is EVERYTHING when it comes to developing your players.   Here’s how.) 6:09
  • The single, critical key to personalization for ANY player (Most coaches over complicate this.  If I was to break down at its simplest level how we coach players to success, this is it)! 17:47
  • And much, much more!

That’s just a small taste of what’s inside these videos.

Both are filled to the brim with simple techniques you can start using as soon as today to help your son become a better hitter, with just a few slight changes to his batting practice and pre-game routines.

Okay, so what’s the “bottom line”?

This exclusive video training is short and to-the-point.

And it shows you nothing less than the most important fixes your son needs to solve hitting problems better than 99% of the coaches out there.

I won’t BS you by telling you these are “super secret ninja” techniques passed from generation to generation or any of that Hollywood nonsense.

Instead, these are reality-based fixes from years in-the-trenches of working with hitters that let you…


In a second I’ll even tell you how you can learn my Simple Hitting Corrections and Simple Hitting Audit methods at no risk whatsoever.

But first, check this out:


Players from Taiwan, The Philippines, Australia, Canada, The Netherlands, and all over the USA have each paid thousands to travel to one of our camps and learn these methods.

What would it be worth to you if I could RADICALLY simplify and streamline your son’s development as a hitter?

And for you to never have to wonder if he’s getting the right advice for him?

What would it cost him NOT to have these fixes?

Is it playing time… a spot on the team… or getting injured?

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Hit 💣’s!

P.S. So many young players’ potential RUINED…

All because they were forced to fit into a one-dimensional hitting philosophy and swing mechanics that are just plain wrong for them.

Don’t let this happen to your son.


P.P.S. If you start from today…and problem-solve using the simple fixes I show you in the video, you’ll have all the tools you need to “proof” your son’s hitting against the four most common roadblocks hitters face…

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