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    • The .400 Hitters Workshop 
    • New Rules Of Hitting 
    • Truth About Hitting 
    • Awesome Batting Practice 
    • Hitting Hacks Report
    • 21 Things Every Father Should Know If His Son Is Going To Be a Great Hitter 
    • Hacking The Pitcher 
    • The Lost Ted Williams Hitting Secret
    • Battle Tested and Game Ready Hitter
    • Hitters Strength Drills 
    • Explosive Hitting Drills 
    • Wiping Out Hitting Flaws 
    • At Home Hitting Plan
    • Trouble with the Curve? Here’s How To Hit A Curveball...
    • Lacking Solid Contact?
    • The Top 5 Myths Of Hitting 
    • Too Many Strikeouts? Watch This! 
    • The Art of Scouting Hitters
    • The Mindset of Elite Hitters On Gameday 
    • Warm-Up Hitting Routine 
    • How To Track The Right Info For Better Game Performance
    • Creating A Dynamic Team Hitting Practice 
    • 5 Ways The Batting Tee Ruins A Swing and How To Overcome It 
    • Game Day Strategy: "Commit to Hit" 
    • Is Your Son A Pop-Up Machine? 
    • The New Age Hitter: What Every Player, Parent and Coach Needs To Know 
    • The Mentally Tough Hitter: Train The Brain Like a Game
    • Does Your Son Hit Too Many Ground Balls? Watch This! 
    • The Top 3 Drills Used to Create Exit Velocity 
    • The Magic Formula For Hitting Power And Pitching Velocity Masterclass 
    • The Truth About Opposite Field Hitting 
    • World Class Timing for Hitters Masterclass 
    • The Bullet Proof 2 Strike Hitter 
    • Every Hitting Problem Your Player Could Ever Have… Solved! 
    • Hitting Ugly 
    • The Truth About Bat Speed Exit Velocity Power and Launch Angle 
    • Ultimate Hitting Practice
    • Pre-At Bat Routine 
    • Hitting Power Summit

    PLUS: You're also going to get access to "Can't Catch Up? Problem-Solving for Hitters Who Are Too Late On Pitchers"... "Early and Ahead? Problem Solving For Hitters Who Are Too Early"... and more!

    41 Courses
    Value: $3977.00

    The Champions Chat đź“ť

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    But I asked him not to stop there.

    I wanted him to grill me…even try to STUMP me…and leave no stone unturned to make sure we glean every last drop of everything I know about this subject from 30 years of coaching players.

    If there’s even a part of you that still doesn’t “get it” after listening to The Champion’s Chat , this interview will answer all of your questions for you.

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