The .400 Hitter Workshop
With Paul Reddick
Ill bet you...

1️⃣ Hit well in batting practice!
2️⃣ Crush the ball down at the batting cages!!
3️⃣ Absolutely mash in the backyard!!!

....But cant seem to take it into a game ☹️

Has a coach ever said…

“You’re over anxious up there” 😬
“You need plate discipline” 😓
“You’re chasing too much” 😖

Do you sometimes...

Hit weak ground balls ❓
Pop up too much❓
Strike out a lot❓
Not make solid contact ❓

I’ll bet your coach says things like…

“Get your reps off the tee”
“Get your time in the cage” ⏱
“Get your swings in during soft toss”

In a game, you probably hear things like …

“Be patient, be selective up there”
“Get your pitch”
“Let him come to you”
“Zone it”
“See it, hit it”

The same coach who told you to swing, swing, swing is now telling you NOT to swing so much? 🤔

How many did you answer yes to ❓❓

If you said YES to any of these, you need to register for the next .400 Hitter Workshop. ✅

Here's why… 👇

Are you really over anxious, lacking plate discipline, and chasing or have been trained by a Swing Based Coach rather than a Hitting Based Coach? Maybe you’ve just been training to swing, swing, swing and not to hit. 🧐

Are you hitting weak ground balls, popping up to much, striking out, and not making solid contact because you’re a bad hitter or have you been trained by a Swing Based coach who failed to teach you proper understanding of your hitting power zones? 🧐

Swing Based coaches confuse and frustrate hitters and shrink their potential. 😖

Fear not and worry no more.

I’ve got you. 💪

Here’s another reason I’m doing this workshop…

Join me for the .400 hitter workshop and we’ll knock out the confusion and frustration caused by Swing Based training and give you the understanding that will shift the foundation of your hitting your hitting and the tools and drills needed to transform you in to the hitter you know you can be.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • The drill you should do every time you pick up a bat. 👍
  • The drills you shouldn’t do, should stop doing, and never do again. 👎
  • How to increase launch angle in 3️⃣ rounds of batting practice.
  • How to increase exit velocity in 2️⃣ rounds of batting practice.
  • How to undercover every hitting flaw in 1️⃣ round of batting practice.
  • The lost Ted Williams secret that every coach misses. 🔑
  • Why a Swing-Based coach will never help your hitting (and how to spot one) 🙅

Pros can’t teach hitting

A special bonus, I’m giving you the hitting chart you’ll use for the 3 rounds of transformational batting practice. I’ll walk you through how to use this chart and you’ll have concrete evidence showing how his hitting has transformed.
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