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“A father can make or break a son.” -Paul O’Neill


You've Got
One Chance!

How You Can Maximize Your Son’s Potential Without Being Overused By Crazy Coaches, Pushing Too Hard That He Quits Or Not Pushing Him Hard Enough!

Dear Baseball Dad,

Imagine your son reaching his goal of playing baseball at a high level.

Imagine the pride on seeing your son maximizing his potential.

Imagine the feeling of pride knowing that you were the one who helped him achieve his dreams.

Imagine the respect you’ll get from other dads.

Now imagine how your wife and family will look at you knowing that you were the one who stepped up and led his family.

Everyone knows, the mark of a real man is the success and happiness of his family.

Now, even better….

Imagine 20 years from now and seeing the player, man, husband, father and leader your son became because of all you did for him.

Let’s face facts…

Being a Baseball Dad is hard. Really hard.

Here’s why:

The game is different. The game that you played and the game that your father played were pretty similar. It was a very structured Little League format. You played for a 3-4 months, there were  playoffs, a town championship, an all star team, everybody went on vacation in August and you did it again next Spring.

Our father could give us advice about baseball because they experienced the same game we did. We can no longer pass on that advice to our sons because the game our sons are playing today is radically different from what we played.

I routinely have discussions with fathers about whether their 8 year old son should be playing and training year round or take some time off. 

8 years old!

Do you think our fathers ever had that kind of discussion with the other Dads when we were 8?

Recently a dad said to me, "I played all the way to high school, but I never played the championship game. We had good teams, but it just never happened. Now it seems like my son plays in a championship game every week and I don't know what to say to him. I have no advice to give him. I don't understand the pressure he's under."

Another dad said, "My Little League team practiced three days a week during the season. Now, my son's youth team practices three days a week in the off season.  I don't understand the pressure my son is under, the practice time, the training time and all those games!”


The time investment has dramatically increased, but we also have to shoulder the financial burden, which is ridiculous compared to what our fathers had to endure.

I don't think my father ever paid more than $30 for me to play Little League. There were no hitting lessons, pitching lessons, training facilities, tournaments and certainly no travel  We've heard reports of players paying as much as $15,000 to play on a travel team and that doesn't include the travel to get to the tournaments.

To make matters worse. Are kids are up against a crazy world…

Your Son Is Walking Towards A Fire.
Will You Let Him Walk Alone?

Your son is facing a moving future. We have no idea what the next 10 years will hold.

But, take this to the bank…

You can be certain of two things, the next 10 years will be the most uncertain time in history and the next 10 years are crucial to the development of your son, in the game and out.

The forecast for your son is stormy.

Technology will change.

Careers will change.

Education will change.

Baseball will change.

If everything around your son is changing, what will he hold on to?

You, Dad! He’ll hold on to you leading him.

More than any other time in history, you have to step up to lead him.

Who Will Lead Your Son If You Don’t?

Put the pressures of baseball aside for a second. There are corporations lined up to compete for your son’s attention. iPhones, Xbox’s, Youtube, iPads, Fortnight and God knows what else…the list goes on and on.

When it comes to baseball, your son will deal with pressure no other generation had to face. He’ll be expected to train, play, practice and travel more and more each and every year. not to mention the fact that he’s also a student.

Let’s no overlook the pressures on you to make the right decisions, the right calls and choose the right people for your son to be coached by and involved with.

Don’t let this happen to you….

Here’s a cautionary tale of one Dad who got it all wrong. Don’t make these same mistakes.

My Heart Sank

On August 2, 2016, I started to make time in my schedule to take 15 minute calls from baseball dads every day for about 2 hours.

The first day I had 8 calls lined up.

They were 15 minutes back-to-back-to-back-to-back. I've since changed the schedule to allow for more time, but on that first day, they were all packed together and the first call I got was from a dad who, after a little chit chat, opened up with ...

"I think baseball cost me my relationship with my son."

My heart sank into my foot.

If I didn't have 7 other calls backed up right after another, I would have called my assistant and told her to cancel the rest of the calls because if this is what these calls were going to be, I don't know if I  have the heart to hear these kinds of stories.

He went on to tell me over longer conversations we had that his son, who was about play in college on a partial scholarship, came to him and said,

"Dad, I don't want to play baseball in college."

That sounds like  bad conversation, but for this father, it was actually a good conversation because it was the first time they had spoken in weeks. His son came clean, “I haven't been into baseball for a while and I was just going along with it because it seemed to be what you wanted. You seemed to be having fun and everybody was into it. But, I don’t want to do it anymore”

He did end up going to college but did not play baseball. The relationship is getting better, but this very well-intentioned Dad innocently did a lot of damage. Don’t jump to the conclusion that he was some crazy baseball dads, he wasn’t. This was a good man who got caught up. If it can happen to him believe me it could happen to you.

Here's the full story:

His son was a good pitcher. At an early age, he was labeled ‘elite’ (there is no such thing as elite, later for that) and had some early success. That early success led to more opportunities to travel and to play on different teams and to guest pitch. The kid was having fun, enjoying himself, and having some success so they kept doing it… and they kept doing it and they kept doing it....

A problem that develops slowly.

When a kid has early success, they can develop an identity with baseball. A kid can become so wrapped up in the game of baseball that, especially when the family is so into it, the family travel, and the family time spent together revolves around baseball.  All of a sudden the kid is put in a bad position because everything the family does revolves around the kid playing baseball and if the kid decides he doesn't want to do that, the kid is making a decision that would crumble the family system.

Not only was he not going to college, but he wasn't 100% healthy. He developed arm problems and was recovering from an arm injury at the time of the conversation. He had dealt with some arm injuries on and off the last couple of years that frustrated him, but didn't take away his chance to play in college.

Outsiders might think this dad got his kid to a chance to play college baseball and got a little scholarship money to boot. That's a win right? His son is living the dream, but for this dad it was anything but living the dream.

This Dad Made 3 Major Mistakes.

The #1 mistake he made was they did too much. He told me they could have accomplished everything they accomplished with 70% of the effort. His son could have spent that other 30% just being a kid, playing Xbox, going to the mall, chasing girls, and hanging with his friends. When our kids are early developers, (take this quote into your heart) a strength over extended becomes a weakness.

The second thing he said was he trusted the wrong programs. The academies and travel teams ran his son out to a ton of tournaments. The more they played the more they won and the more they won the more success the program had and they could attract more players to play in their 6U, 7U, 8U, 10U, 12U, 14U teams. He told me…

They built their business on my son's arm.”

The third thing he told me was he took advice about pitching from the wrong coach. The coaches from the different teams he played on overused his son and abused his son's ability to pitch so they could win plastic trophies and fake rings.

This dad trusted the wrong people to guide him through this new baseball model.

A Fathers Words To His Son Are The Most Powerful Force In The Universe

A fathers sets the beat and your son catches the rhythm.

Up until now, you’ve had to rely on advice from people and coaches that did not have your full best interest at heart. They are all looking at your son in terms of what he could do for them, not the payer he’ll become in the future or the man, husband, father and leader he’ll become.

A dad’s words and actions cut through all the noise, remove all the confusion and set a clear, confident plan for his son.

Introducing The Guardian Course.

The first only course ever created for Baseball Dads!

Just One Tactic Can Change Your Son’s Life Forever

You’ll see the course is loaded with gold nuggets that, any one of them could change your son’s life forever. Our focus group loved the entire program, but so much of the specific feedback always centered around a specific tactic that connected with the father and his son. Each one was different.

I can’t say which tactic will connect you and your son and make a life changing difference, I just know there’s one that will.

This course is kindergarten simple to follow and implement. The Guardian is broken down into six easy modules, each one with action steps and worksheets.

You just have to plug and play the proven system.   

The Man Your Son Becomes Tomorrow Depends On How His Father Leads Him Today

The alternative to passing on this opportunity is excruciating. I speak to Dads all day long who miss their moments. The worst sound I’ve ever heard, is the sound of Dad’s voice knowing he messed up. Especially if they thought they did all the right things.

The second worst, is listening to a Dad who has just realized that he trusted the wrong coaches and put his son in the wrong programs and now feels like an absolute fool in front of his whole family. I’ve had too many dads say to me “How did I not see that?”

You have a chance now to never have that happen to your son.

Your son needs a father who will step up and lead.

Imagine a year from now when your son is playing higher level baseball but is becoming a leader on and off the field because you stepped up and taught him to lead.

Imagine the pride you’ll feel when other dads ask you what got into your son.

Now imagine the new lever of respect your wife and family will have for you when they see the difference you’ve made in your family.

You’re About To Learn The Secrets Most Dads Will Never Know
Here’s what you’ll master in The Guardian Course:


All progress for you and your son starts with ___ _______. 

The 2 things that are on every Dads mind, but nobody ever wants to talk about. Just understanding this will relieve a boatload of stress.

A Dad who is _________, ________, ________, _______ will never raise a healthy, focused, energetic and mature man. 

The 6 letters every Baseball Dad must know. 

Did your parents do a number on you? 🙂 Maybe. Either way, you 'll never look at the patterns of the adults that came before us the same way again. 

The single question test that reveals the blueprint for the happy, peaceful and successful family that every Dad wants. 

The only thing that you should ever measure with yourself and your son.

The 5 quick shifts that you should make this week that will shift the focus of your family.   

SLEEP: The simple "Go to sleep fast and wake up refreshed" system that guarantees a Dad gets the best night sleep he's ever had.   


The single most important number that every Dad must stay laser-focused on. This erases confusion about what a Dad should do in any situation.

How to set what's important to your family and get your them on board so that everyone is pushing in the same direction and committed to the same mission

BIG ONE: The UF - OF - OF Formula that can create an unstoppable plan for continued growth OR be the number one cause of your son (and you) not reaching his potential 

Setting a standard of excellence for your son and how to  track it, so he's never distracted by the wrong things.

A simple formula for instantly understanding what your son is focusing on based on his emotions. This eliminates emotional moments for your son (and you won't get caught up in heated arguments)

How to be a "Hall Of Fame" Dad. HINT: The next step is always the same

How to create a set of habits that will install new capabilities in your son every 30, 60 and 90 days so that his growth is constant and continuous.  

  The one seed that is planted in your son that you must "water."  

Exact scripts and dialogues to use with your son, this way you're never searching for the right words (or worse, saying the wrong things)


The Michael Jordan decision - The one choice MJ made that put him at the top of the list of all-time great athletes and the best part is that your son can make the same decision.  

Casting your son in the right role. Missing this can cost years of delay in development.   

The 2-minute exercise every baseball dad should do with his son that will make a huge difference in his playing ability almost instantly 

The 33 questions every father MUST ask his son that no other father will ever bother to ask.  

How I landed my job with Yogi Berra. Best part is your son can duplicate the exact process. Nobody ever likes this answer, but you will. 


When to have father / son bonding time, so that you strengthen your relationship and not break it down.

When to have father / son fun time (it's different than bonding). 

When a father needs to back off and give his son space. Today's kids need more time to process things than we did. Knowing this will save you a lot of guesswork. 

When a father needs to move in and spend more time with his son, I'll show you the exact warning signs to look for, so you're never late to this

The 3-hour event you and your son must schedule at least once a month and he'll even start helping with the planning. 

How your son measures the time you spend with him, and it's NOT the amount of time. 

What to do when you don't have a lot of time to spend with your son, once you know this, you'll understand how to make the most of it. 

How much time should you spend away from sports? If our son is serious about playing at higher levels this is an absolute MUST. 


What every word means to your son, this one usually shocks dads (even Dads who think they've said the right things) 

What a father and son must base all conversations around, especially the tough, heated, and emotional conversations. 

Exactly what to say to our sons before, during and after anything they do. (Most Dads mess this one up) 

How to break a negative emotional pattern in your son. It takes less than15 minutes flat to turn it around.

The 4 things every Dad should say to his son after every baseball game they play. 

How to transform negative words (most of them we don't realize we use) into positive phrases that will motivate and energize our sons

The 3 letter plan used by one of the worlds top CEO's that you should use with your son and family. This is so simple, yet the biggest game changer. 

What a Dad MUST be saying to his son every morning that will connect him back to his highest values. 

EVERY NIGHT: What a Dad should say to his son before his head hits the pillow 

Why you should NEVER call your son a good boy and what you should be calling him instead. 

Why "How to" could be the two worst words your son ever hears


Understanding where success comes from and how the highest achievers in the world rely on this formula that nobody seems to adopt

The greatest lesson your son could ever learn from the Super Bowl and how it's the secret behind any long-term successful man

The one concept that Walt Disney and Steve Jobs understood that propelled them to success when a lot of their peers quit.  

Ted Williams simple hitting formula and how your son can copy this into any area of life.  

How to take any mistake your son makes and turn it into a victory by asking just 6 simple questions (We'll give you the questions) 

How to teach your son the right way to ask for help, this way he never feels like he has to go it alone.   

A father should NEVER walk by his son without doing this. It will make a lasting long-term difference. 

How your son can form a team around him that will support him in his dreams and goals. 

How to know if someone in your son's circle of friends is going to be a bad fit and how to gracefully separate from that person.   

1701 Other Baseball Dads Can’t Be Wrong!

I’ve talked with more baseball dads than anyone on the planet. In the last 2 years, I’ve spoken with 1701 baseball dads (and counting…I have more calls set up for today).

After all that experience, I’d have to be an idiot to not pick up on the common problems a dad can face. This course was created as a response to what Dads told me they needed help with most.

If you still need to know more about my credentials, here are some of the highlights my mom brags about:

📝 557,657 players, coaches and parents have subscribed to my daily newsletter.

🎧 3,621 people per day listen to my podcast.

💻 57,193 pitchers have learned pitching from me virtually through my online training programs.

⚾ For 15 years, I was Yogi Berra’s Camp Director and Resident Speaker.

📖 I co-authored the best-selling book, The Picture Perfect Pitcher with Tom House.

📚 I’ve written 3 other best-selling baseball books.

🇺🇸 I've served as a state delegate for USA Baseball.

👍 I started working in pro baseball in 1995 and most recently served as a scout for the Pittsburgh Pirates.

I Have A Ridiculous Offer For You

This is an offer you’d be crazy to even think for a second about passing up.

I’ll be honest I absolutely HATE what’s going on in the baseball world. I hate that you have to face decisions that no other father has ever had to face.

I hate the storm of devices, gadgets, social media and video games are tearing your son away from what matters most.

But, If you’ve read this far, I know you’re ready to step and be the man, husband, father and leader your family needs.

Because I respect a man who’s willing to stand up and lead his family, here’s what I’m going to do for you.

The Guardian Course normally sells for $999. For the life changing difference this would make for your family, even that price is a steal.

But, because you’re willing to step up and lead, I want absolutely nothing to stand in your way.


I’m going to knock $900 off the retail price and let only 108 Dads in on this course for just 99 bucks.

You don’t need to rub your eyes. You read that right. Just 99 bucks to change your family forever.

You’re getting this course at 91% of what everyone else has forked over for it.


As a FREE bonus, the first 108 Dads who get in on The Guardian Course will also receive access to download the audios so that you can listen on-the-go, anytime, anywhere.


You’re stepping up to lead your family, so you're getting the entire Guardian Course, all 6 modules, the worksheets and the follow along program for 91% less then it’s ever been made available.

You’ll get instant digital access to the course so you can get started right now.

Plus, you'll be able to download the audios absolutely FREE!


Only 108 Dads will qualify for this discount. I’m a nice guy and I care about all Dads but honestly, I want to work with Dads who are ready to move fast and step up to lead their families.

Why 108 because there are 108 stitches on a baseball. 🙂 


You can tell a lot about a man by his handshake.

This entire course has been laid out for you. For you, I held nothing back. Everything I know and and have learned in this course. I dropped the price by 91%.

I did my part for your family.

Will you do yours?

Let’s shake on it.

I’ll take you at your word that your not only gonna grab one of the 108 discounts, but your going to make the commitment to your family to use what’s in this course. 

If You Don’t Invest In Your Son,
Who Will?

This is your time. You’ve got one shot to get this right for your son. No do-over’s.

The clock is ticking. You have a very small window to instill your values in your son.

Don’t be the father that misses his moment.

Too dramatic?


I care very deeply for the growth of young men. I’m terrified at what they are going to have to face in the coming years. I know the only thing that will get them through the storm that’s about to hit them is their father.

So, I’ll make no apologies about pushing you to step up, be the man and lead your family during this crucial time.

Your children will thank you for the leadership you gave them.

Your wife will look at you with admiration and love.

Other Dads will respect you for taking the reigns with strength and pride.

I’ll leave you with one last question:

What matters most to you?

You can always tell what matters most to a man by where he invests.


Normally: $999
Yours Today for $99
You're Saving 91%!


P.S. Do Nothing!

You could keep things the way they are, but let me share with you one of my favorite quotes…

“You’re either green and growing or ripe and rotting. Nothing stands still.”

Are you willing to risk standing still?

P.P.S.  Remember!

You’re stepping up to lead your family, so you're getting the entire Guardian Course, all 6 modules, the worksheets and the follow along program for 91% less then it’s ever been made available.

You’ll get instant digital access to the course (and the corresponding audio program) so you can get started right now.


Normally: $999
Yours Today for $99
You're Saving 91%!

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